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Freestyle Rapping

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fame, Nov 6, 2004.

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  1. crystalmeth and abortions

    crystalmeth and abortions Senior Member

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    i am soft, i am the softy. i hate the police, i hate the coppy.
    my flows are dope but this blunt is sloppy. so dont try n cop me,
    or ill lay u down and preform a live autopsy..... lol

    SBOMBS Elite Member

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    YEA....i wishhh....:):D:):D:rolleyes:
  3. Bumpin' this because I just finished it.
  4. GeSuS_KRiST

    GeSuS_KRiST Moderator

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    man i can not tell you how much i agree with that whole track im glad im not the only one who see hiphop as a way of life and a religion...
  5. GeSuS_KRiST

    GeSuS_KRiST Moderator

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    well you could just cut up a bunch of golden era hiphop for the hook

    came out allright, im not much one for reading hiphop to me the way the person spits it really is the only way fo me to jugde but over all i like the message
  6. Sewn

    Sewn Senior Member

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    It needs work.
    Not trying to hate but with long lines like you have, the flows off. I mean I know it's hard to tell the flow by reading, but the syllable count is off.

    Look at the first two lines:

    Get ready for my tale as I talk and my story begins
    I'll try to keep it brief and rhyme in sync to the DJ spins

    The second line takes a lot longer to say than the first, and even if you did speed it up and slow down the first, it wouldn't work together.

    I'll give a verse a go at school tomorrow to better explain.
    Or maybe idk what the fuck I'm talking about haha
  7. Nah I know what you're saying but when I spit it, it came off dece..Idk just my first attempt at a track, now I just need the hook and then hopefully I can record it.
  8. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    the hook shud be,

    creein up on *****s,
    u aint herein shit.
    the way deafs be,
    went to k f c,
    baught sum chiken
    but got caught slipin
  9. HoodRichSucka

    HoodRichSucka Elite Member

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    Drivin' down the street with a Heathen Parade,
    crash my car into a freezen lake, in need of aid.
    said fuck it, blazed weed that was laced with raid.
    Grade A weight but didnt stay in my brain .
    Strapped grenades to my face, a basket case.
    Sprayed an AK and hit my own face.
    Brains and veins leaking all over the place....haha
  10. HoodRichSucka

    HoodRichSucka Elite Member

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    No need to trace this call, you can see blood on the wall.
    I sprayed his face with mace, but thats still in the stall.
    I chopped his body into pieces and ate half of him raw.
    Cooked up the other half of it and conjured a bomb.
    Blew up half the planet, all thats left was a storm.
    Transformed the little rebels into an army of one.
    Im as evil as the Devil, you can call me his son.
    Gave each of them a gun and told them that its begun.
    Thats all i could remember being strung out on drugs...
    haha i dunno.
    -it rhymes if u say the ending words in the same me. sorta haha
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2008
  11. La Coka Nostra

    La Coka Nostra Elite Member

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    havent been on here in a while.
    but i've been recording.
    i really wanna collab with someone.
    i'm tired of rapping by myself.
    check out the new songs.
  12. MontanaPainter

    MontanaPainter Elite Member

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    i like the beat on 8 bars la coka
  13. La Coka Nostra

    La Coka Nostra Elite Member

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    thanks...none of the beats are mine though.
    that one is a demigodz beat.
  14. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    my train of thought is long like the penis of a horse
    my potential on the mic is small, my voice is too hoarse
    its coarse, too many bong hits, my schlong rips
    pussy walls, my balls are wet, her cum drenches it
    her lips carress my soaked and pulsing creative thought
    you'd think id say cock but my mouth is too hot
    i bought EarDrum, honestly its the first purchase in a year
    i steal all my music, rip it, and never shed a tear
    i dont care about the struggling artist, he doesnt care for me
    if he did he'd rhyme, sing, and relate to stuggles I see
    i be the suburban white boy living in section 8
    dad left when I was 8, I hate and litigate
    dont care where he ends up, prison, dead, or on the streets
    he left us at a bad time, no sneekers on my feet
    but enough about me cuz im not looking for your pity
    im looking for some style thats perstigious, a little wity
    do the ditty, if ya want to, ya have to
    thats a command, obey it or ill have to smack you
    just kiddin yall, im no thug or gangsta on the track
    disrespect me in person and end up in a body cast
    no i dont pull triggas, no i dont wear rags
    no i dont kill *****s, no i dont sell bags
    i sold weed once in the 10th grade to make some extra change
    wasnt makin shit with schwag, found success inside the page
    opened a book, imagination took off and flew high like astronauts
    master plots leave me wantin to reach and perfect speech of master thoughts
    my topic jumps around more that children in hop-scotch
    i dont care wat you think, this is for my bros, theyre top-notch
    yes bros over hoes, ill be damned if one of cupids arrows hits
    im duckin and dodgein, nearly breakin my hips
    my shit is brown just like everyone elses
    i dont claim to be golden, people will point and laugh like nelson
    im more of a comedian, jokes and punchlines to get a chuckle
    heres a fact, my belt consists of a shoe-string, no buckle
    im broke, i wanna get paid and live the lavish life
    the fact is im lazy, no skills like travis rice
    i hate the snow but yet i live in colorado
    every other day the weather changes, sunny today -blizzard tomorrow
    im stuck for now, only hope for escape is through school
    bust my ass for perfect grades, my peers call me a fool
    they talk shit cuz im lookin to better my life and get out
    they pout when i swoop awards, i feel the glout
    but i dont let it get to me, haters will hate, thats wat they do
    its their job in this life, only goal to pursue
    watch anther man blow and throw dirt on his name
    some use to their advantage to gain respect and fame
    lets take 50-cent for an example, got big by dissin other dudes
    now hes a cocky unloyal bitch, who acts large and real rude
    he has no respect for anyone, claims hes the greatest alive?
    ill give him credit for being a business man, but skills on the mic, hes deprive
    i dont give a fuck if this flows, or makes perfect sense in your eyes
    if it sounds good to your ears, like i said before, i make this shit for my peers
    throw their names up, anthony your my boy, youve always had my back
    my right hand man, my number one fan, you even held that sack
    when the police rolled up, snatched it outta my pocket
    knew i couldnt get cought, moms would knock the eye out my socket
    you took the heat, almost got beat, you know im down, any place any time
    hit the celly if you need me, any face, any crime
    my boy seth, wat up kid, how you been all this time?
    its been too long since we chilled and kicked rhymes
    smoked dimes all the time, remember the chronic out the apple?
    didnt have a pipe, no papers, no stick, we heard it crackle
    as we hit, it caved in and nearly killed your breath
    i still remember performing heimlich, your girl screamin oh seth
    haha that was the shit and you know im down again
    so hit me up, well do it big and get to scratchin with the pen
    scetch up a track with the facts of our life long journey
    met you in 6th grade, when i stabbed that dude, said youd be my attorney
    haha ima hold you to it, if i ever get into some real raw shit
    ima hit you up and ill be expectin you to come swoop or perform some law shit
    mitch and jordon, i can stress enough how much you have impacted my life to this point
    i still remember the first time i ever hit that joint
    mitch you took me under your wing when my father decided to leave
    you taught me to man-up, to hold my own, bob and weave
    jordon you were like a younger brother, a family i never had
    you were the shit, remember the times we used to have?
    remember as kids we played cops and robbers, always resistin arrest
    got beat by your bother and friends but who would of guessed
    we'd stop talkin, both walkin away and down some different roads
    feeling weight on our shoulders, backpacks carrying the same load
    we both decide school is the way to make it out
    of the fucked up life and find the next route
    so far these are the people that have changed me as a person
    they saved my life, made it better, never worsened
    only cursin in rhymes to get my point across
    i owe too much, in debt, im destined to never floss
    not my teeth, ignorant fool, talkin bout the big money
    never taste the delicious fruits of wealth, im stuck in poor health
    either my destiny is blind or im locked in the stealth
    i dont know if ill live another day so i gotta live life this way
    value more than material things, no rings, no ice, my skies are always grey
    i pray but should i trust god, should i beleive to feel releived?
    is it right that i might just live a life of deceived?
    even though i tell the truth, im caught in my lies
    i wish theyd all burn up like the asses of fire flies
    or light up and never go dull, exposed to ever soul
    see me for who i am, dont judge me by the size of my hole
    i stay confined to my rhymes, im locked in and the key has been swallowed
    i retract my tracks so my seeds in need cant follow
    if i become a fucked up father, ill fail at my lifes greatest ambition
    permision, use ammunition to riddle my brittle figure beyond recognition
    seriously though, i can never let it happen
    i promiss ill be there, never let their ego flatten
    the day he becomes a man, her a woman, my job is done
    ill look to the skies with open eyes, knowing inside ive truely won
    for fun i flow freestyles and tell stories, acknowledge those in my life
    it helps, even for a few minutes to escape feeling of trife
    critize me, diss, and make beef outta this
    but im just speaking my mind, i find peace and cant resist
  15. As my soul leaks outta the pen onto the page
    I'm curious to see my story comin' of age
    Got arrested last month, had court today
    Paintin' of course, lead from fun to dismay
    I wasn't out on the corner buyin' or sellin'
    Apparently though now I'm a convicted felon?
    I'm not though, luckily I got away with probation
    100 hours community service, I can't be patient
    Need to get this shit over and done with quick
    Get my confiscated shit, do it and split
    But look, writing graff and rhymes are my only expression
    Gets shit off my chest and keeps me out of constant depression
    And not to mention, helps relieve a lot of stress
    4 hours of sleep a night, school and work, I'm a mess
    But I do my best, I'm always gonna strive to win
    Do a lot of stupid shit, so at night I repent for my sin
    And by no means am I boasting or braggin'
    It's not cool gettin carried in a Paddy Wagon
    Being stopped, cuffed, and then harassed
    I hold no respect for a faggot behind a badge
    Drunk with power, majority of them are corrupt
    I'm thinkin a lil fast, I don't mean to be abrupt
    What they say is true, the pen is mightier than the sword
    Verbal murder and homicide, forgive me lord
    You can feel it now, lyrics so hot, causin global warmin'
    Not givin' any of you a shot, nor a verbal warnin
    I'll always only give you the truth, never bullshit ya
    Although I'm not gangsta, piss me off I'll have to hit ya
    The only clappin' you ever done was to give applause
    You fake wannabe rapper, you lost without a cause...
  16. HoodRichSucka

    HoodRichSucka Elite Member

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    freestyle off the dome, a chrome in my hand, meant to unfold. im really spittin this fast like the blast from the gun when i pop u in the ass. you can tell im making this up, as i go. cuz its some wack as shit, no homo. not taking time to think of words, just blurbs from herbs i smoke out on the curb. haha i dont know what to do now, maybe ill leave. lace the weed pcp and take a trip oversea. once in europe ill tour the place, spray ur face with mace with no trace of disgrace. im done for now, i might look like im bad, but i had to do this, to prove im mad.....
    haha srsly off the dome haha
  17. GeSuS_KRiST

    GeSuS_KRiST Moderator

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    back up from the mic man the levels are way off... sounds liek your spitting on a computer mic or somthing that can handel when you get loud... but shits not bad if u want some beats holler...
  18. I'll Write an intricate and compelling story in lead or ink
    Something' that is ponderous, make you have to think
    Sometimes I get into a slow and akward mood
    Feelin' like my emotions are bein' chopped and screwed
    This life is full of trials and tribulations, a constant struggle
    Mine feels like it's in bits and pieces, nothin but rubble
    And fuck, I'm on probation but I usually don't get into trouble
    Read my shit twice it's so nice, you think you seein' double
    Have you ever been short of cash, and had to skip a meal?
    You'd resort to anything to survive, constantly rob and steal
    Give all the cake you make, just simply to pay a bill?
    You can't afford children, so you save few bucks for the pill
    It's God's will, so you consistently stay on your hustle
    Don't rely on a gun, stick with the hands and muscle
    Have you ever been fucked up so bad, you thought you would die?
    Hooked on morphine in a hospital bed, thinkin you could fly
    Or gotten completely trashed, drunk and equally deranged
    Driving off the high-way doin' a over a buck and change
    Dodging traffic quick, swervin cars, and switchin lanes
    Having a hard time ridding of all of life's pains
    Bustin' ass doin' a nine to five, yet supporting your daughter
    All she wants to know why mommy is gone, why you fought her
    Movin' in then next month you are being evicted
    The damage on your child's life, pain inflicted
    This life is the one, a son from my mother
    It's a fucked up life, the one of my brother
  19. lololzheffer

    lololzheffer Senior Member

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  20. NEKEL1

    NEKEL1 Senior Member

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    im brutal, sadistic
    the onlyway to rip shit
    ima stay criptic
    to the end of time
    the only day ul b doper than me wiv a rime is wen i quit this shit

    itl neva go down like that
    il stil b around from the ground il rap
    as a corpse on the verse thats strivin 2 tell all demons on earth how survive in hell