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Freestyle Rapping

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fame, Nov 6, 2004.

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  1. vegimite on toast

    vegimite on toast Elite Member

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    gimme a break cunt, ill drop ya in a second
    slice ya face off and then see what ya reckon
    grab a shiney mirror to show ya the reflection
    then fill a hypodermic with the HIV infection
    shoot it in ya eyes, then sharpen the machete
    cut ya up slowly -- ya body's now confetti
    when i fuck with cunts like you, i dont do it petty
    i aint gonna stop so i i hope that you are ready,
    for my frenzied assault, the synonym for attack
    ya body parts dumped in acid vats in the back of my shack...
    now dont try and back track, cause i accept no apologies
    your only hope now is the advancement of technologies
    so cloned einstiens can freeze ya chriogenically
    honestly, hopefully...storing away ya precious DNA,
    skipping the funeral and all the pretty boquets
    to give ya poor mum the chance to see her son anohter day
    ... to kiss, to share love and spend time with
    a person to cook for and reminisce with
    ...the sad old song of a son dearly missed

    unless ya mother hates you

    im at work, so i cant have this be an extended battle
    and no, i dont want your e-friendship
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  2. G-Fat

    G-Fat Elite Member

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    somebody's a bully :(
  3. Fuhk5-0

    Fuhk5-0 New Member

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    yoh im the zainiest rapper ever escaped from haities baby
    my rhythems all crooked, but thats why i keep an asian lady
    lately i be hatein on these fake emcees that claim they gravy
    but i got the formula to warn em then you'll think im crazy
    im use to bustin skullz now i switch to this aaaangle
    now i bust brains, get mind freaked like Criss Aaaangel
    definin my abillity is killin you
    now tell me tell me tell me which crew keeps drillin threw
    dat be,
    me fillin crew me ninja goons we hotta den da sun an you forgot to get it done me'have much bread you got de crumbs ayo we gotta get it done be at de top we numba one anotha one anotha one another ehhh oohhhh

    check tha flow we got bad styles for em, bring it back another time we got bad styles for em, check the flow we got bad styles for em bring it back another time we got bad styles for em

    holy shit man, i brought it back one time, fuck a rapper up the cops is like "... another gun crime"

    fuck 5-0! thats what im yellin every minute im never finished, but im done with this rhyme so in your mind............. let the dj spin it
  4. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    yo im griping spliffs,
    flipin scripts,
    busting sickning shit,
    mcs rap bout flow but they missing it,
    in a battle they couldnt go the distence with,
    a legendery lyricsist,
    my styles like a hidden myth,
    people serchin thru forbiden scripts,
  5. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    i dont kno if ur gay or sportin that funny figure
    but wat is up with your signature consisting of anal fissure
    i dont even kno wat that is
    i guess i shouldve payed attention in health class and kept my eyes off of liz
    but yo that girl was fine, 1-5 i'd say a dime
    shes off the charts like my rhymes but she can walk in a straight line
    while ill fall off the side and catch a drunk and disorderly ticket
    shes a gymnastic girl, do flips on the beam and stick it
    no picket lines, no outbursts, dont protest my flow
    im just speakin on real, talk shit and get mowed
    im not talkin bout ya lawn but u will get hit with blades
    choppas choppin fades and diggin new death graves
    but back to my story about the girl with blue eyes
    her names elizibeth and shes got balance in her thighs
    shes got beauty in her face, but wat lies in her soul
    a personality so rich it'll put an end to mineing coal
    if we could fuel the whole world on the energy of just one girl
    then wed put an end to war and feed off this rare pearl
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  6. Hobbes

    Hobbes Senior Member

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    god damn endurance too often runs out
    need nourishment to keep on that cloud
    rollin' smooth til the pebbles hit
    like ah naw that shit just hit
    totally flipped up that switch trick
    like my dick almost got flicked
    but its all straight 'cause I ain't got played
    just found another way not to land that trick
    so I get up on it, the board under my feet like I'm groovin' to my own goddamn beat
    no body can touch me, gotta flip that like I gotta hit cats 'cause I hate fuckin' gats
    not tryin' to bust back, though I'd like to take that so step if you can
    but goddamn I'mma come through with a new plan 'n devastate you man
  7. Hobbes

    Hobbes Senior Member

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    A gloomy theme, to who, maybe you but not me
    ‘cause I gotta groove to any beat like whatever beneath my feet
    ‘n twist it mold it malleable like I am the astronomical denominator
    freestyle cipher like a game player
    I play with fire ‘cause the depiction it creates is an envision I vision in crates like
    I can’t develop a massive blasphemic tree but I’ll burn one down with the clowns in it
    Like bit L said, fed up with the bullshit
    I’m comin’ through with new hits gonna finish whats upon me
    Because I can’t flaunt see, I’m tryin’ to gather the masses inevitably so if you see me
    Then just please believe I’m tryin’ to be discreet so don’t approach me in the street
    I roll solo only way I know to go, gotta follow my own flow with a dope growing
    Entity inside of me like I can’t be hidin’ see I’m constantly on the run with certain types of stuff but I get up no matter what, different ways to deviate from the norm I stray can’t always spray but I got a plan to come on a mission with a lung I am fishin’ ‘cause I’m hookin’ a sinker like I gotta be thinkin’ the thinker philosophical concepts make no difference when the evidence is lacking so always come backing
    With fat stacks I’ll be stacking -- dope beat so I did one to this too but not outloud just type, I been tryin' to record but it ain't always workout right I'm still practicing.
  8. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    like kin i go back like some throw back jays
    catch me in some rusty forces rockin an up-town fade
    not gay but ill still spit the sentimental
    say fuck that mushy gushy and pussy the instrumentals
    meaning ill beats ya beats like pussy between the sheets
    beat guts and rubber sluts cuz i hate to waste skeet
    waste meat, waste food, thats wat the government wants us to do
    go ahead, be the greedy fool to spit outta turn and drip drool
    you tool you aint shit but a mechanism of your own destruction
    mental deduction, antibiotic catastrophic fatal eruptions
    like suction, you suckin, a vaccuum to the game
    suckin brain like a leech, only in game for flashy thangs
    only in game to get some fame to your name so fuck the cause
    fuck everything our ansestors worked for, fuck your applause
    fuck anyone and everyone, my haters and my fans
    fuck the industry, the underground, p.diddy and his band
    fuck everythin your about if its only about the bouts
    i dont got time for petty shit, id rather help the seeds sprout
    so be kind and help minds develope and reach goals
    dont waste time on internet emcees unless they spittin free gold
    unless they spittin knowledge and spittin it right
    unless spittin it and spitin it and spittin it all night
    unless they spittin it from the heart and spittin it from the soul
    unless they spittin it from the start and spittin it from the old
    spittin it like its fresh out the golden era of rap
    or spittin it like its meth out the golden era of crack
    takin you to new highs and never fallin from tip-tops
    hip-hop forever rocks, even in drout it drip-drops
    it flip-flops and flows bringin peace to your soul
    bringin youth to the old, bringin timid to the bold
    im not sold, im not out, im not anysense of the phrase
    cuz im just me doing me, im not in a special phase
    im not following a trend, im myself without a doubt
    you just mad cuz you foney, like cellz, trapped in the box, no getting out

    get creative...
  9. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    no responce? ill get creative and ill flip another flow
    ill glow like the night sky with the moon at its whole
    my souls are worn, but i refuse a new pair
    even tho shoes come in toes, my one has run fair
    so stare into my eyes and peep wat i speak
    i speak of things that you seak like inspiration at its peak
    im meditation at its seat, ill clear you mind of the clouds
    ill bring blue to your gray, save the day and surf the crowd
    save the loud save the quiet, save the violent and silent riots
    save the inner soul, even if you like it or despise it
    arrise it outta of the mush and pleasure it with the best
    the nest of rhythme, the rhyme of reason, speak no treason im a seasoned guest
    i guess ive been blessed, healing power of a god
    facade of all thats good because my minds like sweeny todd
    i do have a dark and disturbed portion of the brain
    untamed like an insane migraine above an open flame
    like grain im the fundamental and foundation of your hip-hop diet
    if hip-hop was a seven-fourty-seven jet in the sky, id fly it
    meaning i would be the pilot, the master and commander
    conqueror of unconquered lands so call me king alexander
    matter of fact just call me PHAX cuz im spittin the truth
    deliverin years to your youth like botox when i inject into the booth
    seizing your troops, put em on plantations to pick the fruit
    pick to loop my voice, thats your choice to fruit my soup
    meaning ill follow my cannabolitic embeded roots
    and devour your flesh, wear your dog tags and your boots
    and your suit, button it up to the top, rock it to shows
    open your mind rewind time and pocket your blows
    pocket your lines, twist and turn em into my rhymes
    and my rhymes will be etched into your headstone with devine nines
    devine times, sublime rhymes, but i still hold meaning
    twisting your spine with each sign, my language is of a complex, entertwined and bleeding mind
  10. LAN3RTWO

    LAN3RTWO Senior Member

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    hot shit.. aint tryed thiss scence 4th grade haha...

    i look at old shit as i paint over it wonder 'bout thier times,
    paintin', colaboratin'.
    somehow dealin w/ the hatin' from crews.
    beef when they kick you with yo kicks.
    talkin' shit you had enough of it!
    they think your beat.
    jus wait untill you return w/ that teqneuqe that kicks thier feet.
    right out from under 'em watch em look twice.
    make 'em think twice 'bout that shit they be talkin' like
    "don't slow down keep lookin' down.
    maby he wont notice maby he'll forget..."
    SHIT! im on top of it! callin' me toy sayin' i bite?
    homie you aint the one to bring a knife to a gun fight!
    posed on the sketch. "I WILL ROCK YOUR SHIT!"
    your not even near my level. so why you think you some big bad devil?
    yeah i think its funny watchin you revel,
    on that shit you cal art *fart*
    see son thats a rhyme right thier,
    so you know what dude dont even think you can compare,
    to the B.I.G.L.A.N.E!
    i wont give out a name but you the one who flippin people off in the rear view car,
    thinkin' "oh they scared"
    you think you hard. wouldent talk shit to my face homeboy im the leader in this rar race!
    shit look at you face you cant even put up a pace,
    damn! its over I win! see ya next time, BITCH ASS "FRINED"!

    yeah let me know its the first time in 6 years.. peace.. oh and yeah its about beef..
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2008
  11. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    jus keep flowin wenever u get the chance, but it was good for not rappin in 6 years
  12. Hobbes

    Hobbes Senior Member

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    Urbanite dancin’ down the street light just might
    Hit it with a blight, bright discoloration of flavors so brazen
    It was boldy adjacent to the fucking cop station but the haters
    Couldn’t even be playin’ on this shit sayin’ its hot
    Like cop dicks were suckin’ dick to a lil kid like a lil bitch
    Ya’ know that shit got hit pretty quick because they used
    Some ill new kinda shit the spray came came with a stencil init
    Like so inventive, the kid was always creating while additionally devastating with his ways he’d never be changing ‘cause the attack was on the front he couldn’t give up had to attack mad tangible stuff like all the in animate objects that feel no pain must reign the wrath ‘cause its not enough to devastate the masses its your environment that is the actually acting you can’t believe how distracting the distress can be when their testin’ me
    like bitch I see more than you do so

    …..lost it
  13. (SoS)Viruz

    (SoS)Viruz Elite Member

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    Quickiez... Yo!

    I am the one that they call master
    I can hit stronger, better, and Fasta
    Knock yo girl so hard make here Delirous
    I know man make you fouirous
    Tell the truth make me curious,
    Never knowin why
    You dont say BITCH DROP AND A DIE!
    But know I cant Im the Greatest
    Im the safest
    The Hovasest
    Befor I knock it up
    I pray sayin lord give me one more day
    Im sorry you why
    Cause I made his word look like lies.
    I lay down knowin she'll cry
    Nothin I can do but let the time past by
    Cant help her for she is lost
    Tryin to save her at any cost
    Fuck'em I'll take the hit take, the loss
    No matter I'll come back Like Big Boss
    I'm never dead
    I live within
    Never forget who I am, or what i say
    Cuase you'll have to answer to me one day.
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  14. (SoS)Viruz

    (SoS)Viruz Elite Member

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    I see you talkin to the game
    But you couldn't be talkin to me
    I got enough to be
    And More ppl to buirry
    I know it just clicked in to make you realize
    Im so much harder
    You see that with your own eyes
    You on your way to choose type cause you gota
    I tell you right now man Im hotta
    I know you tryin so man just practice
    Challenge me when your ready pic your tactics
    My follow hit you like Karte Spin Kick
    But man I'll meet you in the air when i make yo back Flip.
  15. LAN3RTWO

    LAN3RTWO Senior Member

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    thanks for the advice
    i can use it.
    deffinetly try not to abuse it.
    keepin that flow for the show
    of skills
    on the real
    its been six whole years
    scence thin thiers been alota tears
    flowin, showin,
    growin... up
    thats when i got into graffiti
    throwin up.
    of this shit called death
    you know when you run outta breath
    like the way you drop on stage when you battlin
    a dude thats bringin that rage.
    like he in a cage.
    locked up
    animals be clocked up
    on time at the zoo
    monkeys waitin to fling shit like you.
    nothin but paticance
    the calm waitiness.
    perfect way to end the day
    is chill with a rhyme and it ends this way.. hey...
  16. Tampering With Evidence

    Tampering With Evidence Senior Member

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    StORy TiME fReeStyLe!

    A seventeen year old boy grabbed the Benz car keys
    He was stuck in the trees, everyone listened to Killa Bees
    Wu-Tang, Nasty Nas, L, B.I.G., Pac and Big Pun
    The kid took a long drive, a nice drive for some fun
    He stopped at his boy's crib and picked up his friends
    He thought he was looking fly cruising in his dads' Benz
    As they flew down the highway enjoying a DJ Premo beat
    His boy in the back seat said get off the exit and turn up the street
    As the driver pulled a left and stopped at a ghetto's 7-11
    A thug with a swagger and a smile looked like he was in heaven
    As an alarm clock went off ringing in his head
    The thug slowly rose from his broken futon bed
    He was fired from his job and wished he was dead
    He picked up his protection gun and filled it with lead
    He knew he had to make some money real quick
    On his stereo he listened to the stories of Slick Rick
    Next came Dead Prez which gave him an sly scheme
    He would use the Steal a Car theme to make the green
    Other than he was broke he was also a drug fiend
    He put the gun and clip in his pants because it was his team
    As he approached the local 7-11 to buy himself another 40
    He looked over at a Silver Mercedes, thought it was his ex-shorty
    So he ran up to the car, opened the door and jumped in back
    But instead it was 4 teenage kids ready to have a heart attack
    He was freaked the fuck out, but saw this as his chance
    He pulled out his clip and loaded the gun out from his pants
    He told them to drive before anyone caught them at first glance
    He understood that what he was doing was stealing cars
    He didn't think about the consequences until he...
    was behind steel bars
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2008
  17. vegimite on toast

    vegimite on toast Elite Member

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    a stroll is when your walking
    not driving in your dads benz
  18. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    u can try to fight,
    the fatal spiders bite,
    venoms still blind ur sight,
    rooms going dark like the sky at night,
    so wave goodbye to light,
    dont matter cuss they cant save ur life,
    body probly end up in a grave tonight,
    so you start to pray despite,
    god wont lissten cuss u betrayed the mic,
    hes sittin on clouds with a lazzer site,
    aimed to smite,
    all u slaves of hype,
    wack rappers that get payed to write,
    for this new age of shite,
    nearly killed hiphop an slayed its wife,
    crank dat was like a bladed knife,
    if u think its dope ur braids to tight,
    u must like that mtv's full of gays n dykes,
  19. LAN3RTWO

    LAN3RTWO Senior Member

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    fo' real
    if you gonna
    post en ere
    it better be some rap
    cause nobody came in here to read your crap
    so you got somethin to say
    say it in a rap
    any way
    it was a pretty relaxing day
    just chilled out
    wasent at work no need to clock out
    and i havent rocked out
    in a while
    you know rapin free style
    well ima go
    dont post in here to be
    a post whore...
  20. La Coka Nostra

    La Coka Nostra Elite Member

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    i cause catastrophes when you battlin me
    people see the dentist more for me then for cavities, see...
    don't even speak to me, positively or negatively
    because when it comes to battle rapping competitively
    there isn't many MC's who are better than me
    you're left trailing behind a white boy, like eminem's jeans
    you're gay...with all your make-up and your feminine creams
    in a dirty ass motel room, crying, left on your knees
    fuck what you heard. you faggots better check on my steez
    i incite wet dreams, i get you hot, like ninety-seven degrees
    you a veteran? please. you couldnt kick raps if you were chuck norris
    i'll leave you deceased. with four stiff limbs from rigormortis
    so fall back if you're threatened, or wake up in the forest
    tied up and blind folded, asking "where am i?" like a tourist

    quick shit. off the head for once.
    not about anyone...again...just how i rap.