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Freestyle Rapping

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fame, Nov 6, 2004.

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  1. i BE LETHAL

    i BE LETHAL Member

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    sittin back wit an oe
    chillin wit your shortiee
    she gettin ready to blow me slowly
    jus a prowler in the night
    comin off sayin my shit aint tight
    yo grew up a felon
    makin bills by sellin
    get me pissed iill bust ya melon

    hahahh im drunk kiiiddd

    DOUG FUNNY Banned

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    yo check it ,you can sit back with my shorty
    drinkin an oe
    do whatever you want dawg ,but don't test me
    i walk around with a syringe containing dd's
    leave ya salivating out the mouth like you got rabies
    i could care less if your a felon
    or u stay rebellin
    n if you bust melons
    you must have meant your though process
    u lack skill,your hopeless
    your a true e rapping mess
    don't reply back till you think of some dope shyt
  3. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    all 4 of u are poo
  4. NoHero13

    NoHero13 Senior Member

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    go smoke a blunt and come up with some real tight shit like sketch.
  5. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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  6. Tampering With Evidence

    Tampering With Evidence Senior Member

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    You killin fiends?
    I'm killin microphone scenes
    Runnin the stages and the freestyle thread show
    If you don't know Tamp then you must not know
    I ran this thread and the diss one too
    Y'all been here for a second pay your due
    Sketch he been here as long I can remember
    Most of y'all won't even make it pass December
    Half of you don't even rhyme your words anymore
    If it does rhyme it sucks and your words are poor
    So don't tell someone to step they game up
    Until you've taken a second because they came up
    They been here longer than you and rhyme much betta
    Nasir said it best we rock the hoes and you rock the fella

    Some quick whack shit.
  7. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    someone needs to tell the youth the truth,
    that cracks the reason daddys tooth is loose,
    and why ghetto babies choose an abusive route,
    got mad potential but loose pursuit,
    of there goals, now they only roll,
    in crews and shoot,
    eachother over some drug users loot,
    we need to speak up no one lisstens to the veiws of mutes,
  8. Kali

    Kali Member

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    did you reply back at me or what cause these randoms just posted next shit bro
  9. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    no, if u want a battle set it off
  10. chingon

    chingon Member

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    dark days,
    a crooked mind in blurry haze,
    liquid neck jet exit wet you feel my flurry raze.
    im caught so let me unworry ways, an ponder the diaster that
    they captured me to the test the maze.
    the greatest test lies inside,
    mr hyde infact i am the demon,
    removing what is mine from your spine
    cant stop unless i get a reason,
    spilten twenty cops like astronots stuck inside and
    wheezen. and forever i will pop untill they drop
    like its open season.
  11. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    its open season,
    i leave noses broke and bleeding,
    ur just a fag, go choke on seman,
    im on another leval and ahead of my times,
    like the pope to heathens,
    kill mcs and leave producers to cope with greiving,
    all hopes receding,
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2008
  12. chingon

    chingon Member

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    the only seman we discussing is whats stuck
    deep inside your throat,
    the quanitity is such that your body would now probly float
    and the villagers row you daily up and down their moat
    hunting for the villans, i pick you off,
    with my hammer scope,
    and yet you profess to be the pope.
    you like small children
    telling me im a fag
    when your the only one whos dealin.
    your brains peelen, infested with hard slugs.
    so when you die we all gunna write rapist upon
    the coffin hub.
  13. brainlord

    brainlord Senior Member

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    i start rapping slow because i havent gotten used to the flow
    my words are hard and have a nuclear glow
    not to be cocky and only talk about me
    thats why i only rap on computers and in my privacy
    honestly i couldnt stand on a stage and a crowd
    my ear drums would pop because the place is too loud
    id get thrown out before the end of my second verse
    because by then i lose steam and they start to get worse
    really i think i need to study more before starting a war
    maybe go out and buy a generic flow off at the store
    naw just jokes ill pick up a pen and keep writing my rhymes
    but ill probably never be anything with rap and lines
  14. JESUS*fuckin*CHRIST

    JESUS*fuckin*CHRIST Senior Member

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  15. mmmburgers

    mmmburgers Elite Member

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    ...your rap, is crap

    DOUG FUNNY Banned

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  17. JESUS*fuckin*CHRIST

    JESUS*fuckin*CHRIST Senior Member

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    listen, most yous kids isnt cut out for this shit so just dig it from a distance
    whilst acknowledging your consciousness, as its lifted
    i sip the the liquid, actin like you dont know, quit it, h2o
    and my head's fixed residence is the cosmos

    ehyo its N to the mutha fuckin O - N - E
    or also known as, the epidimy, of anything anyone ever wants to be
    and fuck poetry yo, we tryna eat
    writin raps over tracks thats right badass please yall pussy
    so go do your thing, stabbin kings like me in the back while i laugh
    at the fact that i feel like im livin ina chinese zodiac
    city fulla fuckin pigs n rats
    dragons n dogs
    take them half backwards brackets off sobeys n whata ya got?
    OBEY, yea unh hunh, just keep eatin n shopin out your masters laps
    nah waita minute i take that dog bit back
    presidents choice, masters choice, there is no choice
    no competition like when it comes to the listenin
    although im kinda gettin boreda only hearin my own voice
    come to think of it....lookin back...
    god i wish my parents where pro choice
  18. JESUS*fuckin*CHRIST

    JESUS*fuckin*CHRIST Senior Member

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    ehyo while yall mount your male buds im bombin mountain summits
    but first catchin tags at the top NONE i dont front
    in rich neighbourhoods but still ill truck fuck ya bitch what?
    ollyin on cars, your skull, would get like this hood crushed!
  19. JESUS*fuckin*CHRIST

    JESUS*fuckin*CHRIST Senior Member

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    ehyo fuck a demo i go straight ta sold out shows
    platinum n gold, records rated diamond stone
    but fuck those also its all about whats inside ya dome
    most is like my fake chain, hollow, i rock the ice as camo cause yall shallow
    imagine i didnt come with flows when i spoke and was clothed normal
    yea yas wouldnt listen "YO" the lord knows
    the fucking C.I.A. runs google facebook and myspace
    which is composed mainly of high ranking freemasons
    some of the most mystical muthafuckas imaginable
    but hey whats so super about the supernatural?
    they engage in, for example:
    training to enhance the sensitivity of supposed extra sensory perceptions of members
    to be a member ask a member
    and by the way i quit spittin about the internet in the first line
    a.k.a. world wide web...
    say whats the point of makin a web anyway?

    p.s. check it...
    give each letter of the alphabet its number
    you know 1 through 26
    now multiply each by 6 spell computer and add that shit
    whatcha get? yep...
  20. JESUS*fuckin*CHRIST

    JESUS*fuckin*CHRIST Senior Member

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    fuck timbs, NONE johhny cash style stomps heads
    not often of fellow graff friends but cops n feds
    so to those listenin in...
    i reccomend yas dont get me ina position where im tempted ta do what i said
    yep, till your half dead
    but then give ya a lift to the hospital ta help ya check in
    so i can chill by your bed till ya get better n do it back again
    while laughin man, damn test this kid and enter the viscous cycle that never ends

    [Broken External Image]:

    haha nah i dont promote violence
    but i might haveta knock half you kids out to write "wake up" on the inside of your eyelids
    it sadens me to see so many creativly intune dudes who dont know what time it is
    i mean, atleast "toys" dont take pride in wastin lifes time makin pointless designs, nuff said

    signed N.O.N.E. the only O.G who isnt yet dead