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Freestyle Rapping

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fame, Nov 6, 2004.

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  1. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    shogun assasin,
    never load guns for action,
    still take ur whole fund for passin,
    thru my gutter,
    words i muttrer,
    make yu say good bye fucker,
    bust a shaolin deadly venom fly cutter,
    aimed at ur eyes bother,
    u flirted with death an shes a sly lover,
    cant battle me so why bother?

    same beat yo

    someone kick it to this next
    uk gwan bad it up
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  2. SAID

    SAID Moderator

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    thanks sketch!

    jockees dead, dont even ask why
    that fucken fagget stepped it to me and just straight up died
    me and sketch run shit so dont even try
    step it me mothafucka you'll die
    take your head, twist it back 360 degrees
    you'll be pleading for mercy down on your knees
    i do this for the respect, man, fuck the cheese
    the chronic smoke hits my brain, shits straight off the dome
    i can go on and on rambling about this world i own
    but shits gets boring like some Michael Jordan cologne
    and in the streets, damn right im well known
    even ask your momma, she'll reply with a moan
    off to the next beat, buckle in for another treat

    more than a man, death machine is right
    wrap my hands around your neck, ill squeeze real tight
    you fucken toy, why you on a graffiti forum?
    you think you all good, but you just a dickrider, so keep blowin' em
    if its god you fear, boy keep running
    cause this boys rhymes so hot its just stunning
    but if you wanna mess with god its you decision, go right ahead
    but the hatred wont be just on you, it'll spread instead
    you think you all tough cause your running your mouth in a freestyle thread?
    man fuck this shit im straight up ready for bed
    signing off, its me, its said

    UK !
  3. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    its said i spit that neurotix rich lead
    embedded in my words man that shit spreads
    like anthrax viruses that shit heads
    straight into your lungs n turns that shit red til that shits bled.
    shit turns from red to black now shits dead
    send my goons into get you now they shits fed
    now that shits said dont even jump on unconscious dick head
    cuz ull get fucked and left pregnant man that shits fed.
  4. -sense-

    -sense- Senior Member

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    wanna see a majick tyrick?
    mann thats sick
    you like little girls because thats the only thing that fits your little dick.
    blah blah blah deficate and sedate yeah yeah oh your just the gee wiz
    your best day ever was when your sister was late, and it was your kids
    man your really not that cool so stop smilin
    shouldnt you be at the playground lookin at the childs an
    yankin on your chubby,lookin pretty chubby and wishin you could get some real love like a real g
    life is what you make it, so make the most of it
    im basically bread, and yeah i like to get toasted
    i have my butter my jam and a big glass of milk
    when a m**ther fuc***er gets thirsty , he just takes a tilt
    its almost like silk so smooth and caressing
    why you tryin to look cool
    who you really impressing
    so regressing , just start to let it go man
    you not impressing no one, your your own biggest fan

    man this mexican chicken that im eating tonight
    couldnt be better if i ate it midflight
    its such a delight and its fit for a king
    my mouth is on fire/ but you know what i mean
    its so sweet and so tender/ so good so dont bother
    ill have you screaming around the neighborhood like your lookin for your daughter
    in the streets chillin with a head thats higher
    man this chicken is so g
    i bet it was killed by gunfire then put in a dryer and then ploped in a frier all in time before i had to retire.
    before it was on my plate i was in dier strights about to make a wrong decision that would take my leeggg and have it breaked baked shaked and serverd before a cake topped with a frosted flake at a pool house out by the lake.
  5. vegimite on toast

    vegimite on toast Elite Member

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    nice go, obviously ya brain is on the slow
    or the go-ey, affectin ya mind slowly,
    your unclean, your lines are jittery like caffeine
    right here im the green machine, not lowly
    verbally obliterate you like avocados in gaucamole
    leavin fundamentalist christians screamin like "holey moley!"
    your letting you game slip like an armless disabled goalie
    its only, a matter of time cause if you let me persist to shine
    they'll see ya not genuine, best give it a miss, become a mime
    silenced, cause you could never ever manage to string a verse,
    throw the herse in reverse and run over ya funeral procession,
    im not messing, coming at ya fast, leaving you last, gripped by depression
    never leaving the computer cause you're scared of real life gettin ya
    fuck the bourgeois,im in the parking lot shooting shots at kids in burqa 's
    your nervous, like ya just got served a time bomb on a platter by room service,
    since when is a sandwhich equipt with gelignite and circuits?
    quit real quick go out and join the circus, worthless, like the
    jordanian dinar, step to far, find yaself decomposing to funk in the trunk of an abandoned car

    btw ya chicken sucks ya monghead
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2008
  6. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    toasts rhymes remind me of a ghost
    hes got some spirit but hes see through like waters on keys coast
    he floats for now but ill sink his ship with three blows
    my torpedos are three amigos that eagle ya bees post
    they swoopin down from the sky, im a mile high pilot
    i fire heat seakin riots at hives and permenetly seal ya eyelids.
    if u thinkin ur like a plane n ur flyin, ull get grounded
    ill beat you like mcdonalds, ur fryin and quarter pounded
    astounded by my rhymes, ur sour like nine limes
    mine climb to mountain peaks while u fountain them dry lines.
  7. GeSuS_KRiST

    GeSuS_KRiST Moderator

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    ill fuck you cute, with my butter lube...
    i spit the hot fyah like stubble on dudes
    rubbim up against a girls Vag
    its like that of a badge...-er, her, him
    its hot out gunna go swim=min... unstop able..

    Oh Noes there goes my N sixty -fours
  8. its all good till the cops come

    its all good till the cops come Senior Member

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    fuck pickin up the pen an jottin, real rhymes come from yo head
    keep the words flowin outcha mouth, dont think about wutcha said,
    set a beat in yo brain that you can spit a rhyme to,
    an unknown rhythm nobody can hear but you,
    commence to flowin with presicion, lyrics hotter than flames,
    dont stop till everybody in the room knows ya name,
    a clusterfuck of words builds up inside of ya brain
    keep goin mothafucka, gotta work thru the pain,
    anhilate your opponent with dope lyrical tactics,
    assasinate em with the metaphors, you better react quick,
    come back like you forgot to finish what you began,
    dont sleep yo, this mothefuckers a marked man
    vocabularys your ammunition, fire until your empty,
    give it all that you got, do not put em to sleep gently
    hammer on em like he cant touch it, use wordplay as your weapon,
    show this bastard what he gets for thinkin about steppin
    once the deed is done and you left em die'n of shock,
    ya get a shit eatin grin like "yeah i got it on lock"
    walk away with nothin else but yo pride and yoself,
    thinkin about the next time you take yo skills off the shelf
    gettin that glowin feelin, almost makes the memory hazy
    its like ya took some ego pills an you be trippin like crazy.
  9. GeSuS_KRiST

    GeSuS_KRiST Moderator

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    Sometimes i fill my ass crack with my finger
    i sit and reminisce while the stench lingers
    im a left winger, dick blinger
    i polish the knobb i call it butterin the cob
    now jizz in my throat and watch me fuck this goat

  10. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    im killin maffia goons an chopin minions,
    yo i wont stop till i cop a million,
    cold blooded like crocodilions,
    but i gott bigger fish to fry,
    *****s wish to die,
    being druglords in my block dominion,
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2008
  11. Sadistic.Child

    Sadistic.Child Elite Member

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    my boy chedda cheese.

    As soon as you called me out this battle was over,
    He’ll be regretting his actions when he’s finally sober,
    Like a long night of drinking, making out with your sister,
    “What’s the big deal, is it bad that I kissed her?”

    I forgot, that’s normal for you hillbilly type,
    So don’t be surprised when his mom is his wife.

    This guy’s just a snack, how can you call me anorexic,
    I eat Amiel for lunch dinner and breakfast.
    A no show from this homo was expected,
    You’ve got no songs on your page,

    Dyslexic kids could write better than this guy infact,
    Have you ever even picked up a mic and rapped?

    You’ve battled me now so run along, tell your friends,
    You got destroyed by cheese and he severed your head.

    But along the way you had a real nice time,
    Too bad this guy could hit a nice line,
    If he purchased cocaine from Peruvian merchants,
    And couldn’t spit deadly with the mouth of a serpent.

    Calling me a pussy and a bi***, well you are what you eat,
    So it’s clear you’re a dick, now get down on your knees,
    And continue getting raped by cheese.

    All dressed up in tighter clothes than Batman,
    You claim your straight, but I see right through you like cat scans.

    I put your pal dispute to rest, now I’ll do the same,
    To your putrid flesh, as I spew the flame.

    Right into your grill like a barbeque,
    I guess my pillows just about as hard as you,
    I created this battle just to spark a fuse,
    I’ll put this hoe in the dirt like a garden tool.

    Burning burgers is the only time your smoking the cheese,
    Killing Calgary emcees like a local disease.
  12. -sense-

    -sense- Senior Member

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    l to a to m to the e
    whats that spell
    all ya'll.
  13. HëRbN

    HëRbN Elite Member

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    Aight ima get back in on this,

    My mic skills be so illin,
    Theyve got a permanent prescription fo amoxicillin.
    Now i aint no joker but i am a villain
    so i wont think twice before i uppercut you through the ceilin'
    No match, you rhymes are wack
    and your flow lacks attack
    N your styles more un appealing than rosanne smokin crack naked in the sack
    Face it you couldnt come up with a badder rap if you had the time to walk the whole map
    Yo breath reaks cause all you spit is crap.
    While your busy mumbling and stumblin i run lyrical laps round metaphorical tracks settin many a mind trap
    That lead you to collapse, droolin and dumb. you battlin career is over son its done..
    you gave it your all while i was just havin fun.
    But if you liked the abuse ive got more so come back when you want some.
    N ill put yo rap game in a noose
    or you can jus respec the skills n well call it a truece, chuck the duece n on my way out ima peep yo girls caboose....

    Damn! that shit looks loose! ha hah

  14. Vice(Tre)

    Vice(Tre) Guest

    lemme rhyme for this shyt
    idk wht Herbn talkin bout,roseanne resembles the finest of chicks.....?
    .........when im high from the piff
    wit this rhymin, dog im just sick
    have you bobbin to my lines,like silent bob in his sig^^
    this is offa the wig
    otha rappers be talkin bout "blastin the tools"
    i'll just get them buttraped till they asses is bruised
    or take the brakes from the wagon you use
    crash when you cruise
    and get a scar on ya face like tht cassidy dude
    cuz they lyrics is poop and suck
    youza chump, braggin bout you usin pumps
    when a syringe in ya arm the only time you shootin up
    useless fuck, quit the rappin
    just anotha fuckin toy talikn bout you sick at graffin
    cuz you did a tag in, ya hood and needed permission for the shit ta happen
  15. Sadistic.Child

    Sadistic.Child Elite Member

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  16. Hobbes

    Hobbes Senior Member

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    A seclusive recluse I’m quite elusive to the societal norm like
    Abort the boards board it up with hoards of whores
    Surely you'll score some scorage with scars to scour hour by hour
    If the time was irrelevant you were surely on a sedative but that shit is
    Relating to the relations the statement was made in not but a station
    Just waiting with patience
    Trickle the drip would riddle your mouth for months but something else was up
    Triumph the bounce if you could pounce out loud it would surely shout
    So don’t cloud your clout with clouds that disperse the scene because the
    Inebriated perception was something to see with a reflection of the inner..He would not be something to be left a lone with a lonely bone to stone the stogs ‘cause when temptation arose the grave would grace shades of grey for days but the hint of contrast was a blackboard with white chalk outlining erasers, fuck men who think they buff the buffer will not be the buffer between me and the stuff ‘cause no matter what the tangibility is something to touch fuck manageability when your on top of the bluff because you gotta front like you know your stuff when you don’t show a nut that can’t be cracked ‘cause you tossed at your friend named jack
    cliché but hey its his name so don’t stray ‘cause hes got power, okay? Respect that shit and blood-up your face because if you don’t shut the fuck up they won’t leave a trace not that it matters anyway ‘cause the place was way too grey the shade was black now because the back down was a loud shout from a whimpering whine withering with time because the exponential wait would increase the taste like great…but the slate was wiped clean so the day was too mean to have meaning with the medium losing its meaningful meaning, meditate the alleviation of stakes because the steak would eat itself if the mouth could open but the designated meat was nothing but a notion to be quite lopid in its inane existence like mundane linguistics depicting inner visions of redundant missions not that inhibition was contingent but the continuous left over’s were yet to be settled cliff hangers meddled with metals like those damn kids winnin’ medals Scooby where are you?

    i'm not cleaning this up...if you can't read it right, good.
  17. -sense-

    -sense- Senior Member

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    Why you frontin, your wack style you cant hide.
    Its obvious in plane text that shits a lie.
    You know my style is like when atoms collide.
    Ill have you fuckerss clueless like your way to high.
  18. "Riot"

    "Riot" Elite Member

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    hobbies lead to habits,habits lead to addictions.
    suspicions lead to arrests,arrests lead to convictions.
    *****s become fam,fam help ya bail.
    now they got my key,im almost free to leave.
    hang up my suit,they gave me the boot.
    out on bail,with the heat on my tail.
    think they hidin,like im readin in brail.
  19. Tampering With Evidence

    Tampering With Evidence Senior Member

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    In my life I guess I seen a whole lot
    I know what it takes to get to the top
    A lotta hard work and a lotta dedication
    Self promotion and a lotta motivation
    You gotta actually listen really hear me
    Flow so sick I'm hooked up on an IV
    It sucks going to jail and bein arrested
    To me that poses a question
    I like Hip Hop did that help me get cuffed?
    Why is it if you're not a suck up you get snuffed
    I may not be A.I. or maybe I'm not the answer
    But when I talk it's more than childish banter
    Half of you don't even have a flow it's just stagnant
    Rhymins just a gift I have one in which you haven't
    Somethin you'll never have or get
    Trust me in these words I spit
    Time to give it up, time to quit
  20. Hobbes

    Hobbes Senior Member

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    1. This isn't the "diss the cypher above you" thread.

    2. You ego trip like that in real life 'n you probably gonna' cause more trouble for yourself than what it worth, you're rhymes ain't so hot either buddy. (just friendly advice...)

    3. Strapple isn't a fucking word

    Grasp the gravity like gratify me with your discouraging hatred
    I love it I'm bakin' with encouragement, hate it?
    Shit I'm a blade thats serated sharp like your mothers face when shes hated
    grin so loud you could think out loud with sounds like you ever even talk
    about rappin' out loud?
    Nah get down if you wanna’ clown around like a gracious pig
    eatin' the lazy figs
    because your Newton was lost,
    like genius of cost
    because you could only raise enough money to steal the rest,
    and if you wanna catch an arrest
    then I'm sure you'll be blessed
    with the contesting contestant to not contest,
    plead guilty yo 'cause when you finally get a show you know that no one is gonna show because they won't even know who the fuck your talkin' to,
    like is you talkin' to yourself, reflection in the mirror, talkin' to you?
    'cause that shit that you spew was like a dope-fiend gettin' sick like you know me? Don't act slick 'cause I bet you on that ego trip with white powder, like eat chowder 'cause you spend too much time on acting louder than your voice really is
    Mines got mad timber, its mad limber, with rhymes to forever linger
    I'm just comin' up quicker than you, bet you like 10 years older than me dude
    probably wasted time in -high school- tryin' to rhyme -to be cool-
    but the truth is you get schooled by 'fools' who just left school

    (unwanted intermission)
    but yo I ain't finished untill you are finished like a finishing on a finnish scale
    redundant so you can feel the pale contrast between you and me, got that?
    Learn fast so you can see that you be on some shit that is but a lil wee
    like your prick you see, not to big because the deceit was exceptional
    the exception was only for retinal’s like is you blind because you got no sentimental to group with your fundamental building blocks?
    I guess you just got a lil too big in the head the knot would twist up like you
    thought you was fed, but rather
    the slow release would never increase your knowledge flowed too slow for you to see, sorry I don't have to make my shit look fine, I'm more about using my voice all the time, no matter how loud, whether I whisper or wither my voice to a diminutive nothing, I'm never gonna be frontin' so you might as well start huffin' 'n puffin', blow my house down, you wanna get down?

    'Cause I challenge you right now.

    What? Jealous? Or you just doped-up, 'n needed evoke some of your "e-ego"?

    Oh, but whats most ironic "I'm not even gonna waste my time" ha...okay buddy, like you didn't just type a freestyle for me.

    Maybe you actually spit some shit if you accept the challenge? I just recorded somethin' quick but it sounds like shit, maybe transcribe it later...
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2008