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Freestyle Rapping

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fame, Nov 6, 2004.

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  1. Asshat

    Asshat Elite Member

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    Everyone loves...

    Something, but it's certainly not babboon ass.

    (Mod's note; Quoting quotes of quots of quotes of quotes, nor giant blank spaces will be tolerated, in the future such posts shall be outright deleted.)
  2. whOaHT

    whOaHT Elite Member

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    Asen and Whoa bring all your asses to school
    Dont spill your milk kids
  3. ASEN

    ASEN Banned

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    uh oh asen please dont rap about me over the interent
    you no words do hurt and those hateful things you said about me, well they really hurt

    but as much as i ahte to say those still dope rhymes [/b][/quote]
    It's not about pissing you off. I just want you to write something back and maybe it'll be a good battle. It's called ''calling you out''.

    ''over the internet'' :lol:

    [Broken External Image]:

    yeah what, i'm stoned
  4. ASEN

    ASEN Banned

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    Can't y'all see that i'm an angry Mofo
    Lightin heads on fire from Montreal to Soho
    Oh so great Asen, leave you shriveled up like a raisin
    Season's greetings from my fist, don't bother changing the station
    End this threads life like snorting up too much medication

    Nation plunged in darkness for another four years
    Or more, organised moguls aimed at plugging your ears
    Warfare on the horizon, just be expecting more tears

    fuck bush, fuck the republicans and fuck you
  5. Atic

    Atic Senior Member

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    I own all of you.

    This kid's outta his league & I hate to attack this unknown
    So I'll abuse and molest him so he feels right back at home
    It's sad ... loftjweq siwdihq hajhahwq hwjhrtqw ... exciting & wild
    I typed ^that with my eyes closed & it looks like I'm biting ur style
    Everyone's contrasting our ability, well let's compare this
    I'm 14, you're 18 .. but we both still live with our parents
    If you even post I'll be suprised, and you can boast kid
    The first verse I didn't critique on AIM before you posted
    Your lines ain't close to my spits, unless I hock a lugee on his letter
    ^See, I even used a played/wack concept so urs would fit in better
    Always wanted to be gorgeous, but ugly's what the lot said
    My verse'll really help you though, when I make u drop dead
  6. SBQ-PK

    SBQ-PK Senior Member

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    freestyle raping... so you just walk up to her and do it?
  7. Car2nist

    Car2nist Banned

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    atic, verbally i hand you your lungs, catch-ya-breath
    lyrically i'll rip ya, i'll be your personal batch-o-death
    lyrics so sexy i gotcha girl havin twins, aint that nice
    havin twins because these lyrics just son'd-ya-twice

    fuck textcees.
  8. Jeffhole

    Jeffhole Senior Member

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    I shouldn't post this, it's a disgrace to my own kind.
    I had to kill some little kids, on riddelin. You know why.
    You're so fly, and the words you say faulsly bring hope.
    Not to get your hope's high, to crash down because your wing's broke.
    Why you dumb twats compare yourselves to kid's who have flow
    is a mystery, like why you take cumshot's in your asshole.
    You'd actually sell out at a busstop and blast blow.
    That's blasphemy, be glad I rap for free and no cashflow.
    Althought, I oughtta charge your ass, no card just cash, or a can of coke.
    For fucksake's, you suck face while bumping Barry manilow,
    and playing with butterflies, otherwise you love cock.
    I typed it out, I didn't stutter, guy. I said what I had to, and whatnot.
  9. ASEN

    ASEN Banned

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    Without a doubt, Jeffhole out-rapes all of our asses.
  10. whOaHT

    whOaHT Elite Member

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    im so temptated to fuckin battle!
    but then someone will respond, and it'll be a never-ending situation and i will have to spit back and not wuss out!
    but alot of people here have got some good rhymes!
  11. GeSuS_KRiST

    GeSuS_KRiST Moderator

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    what's with all the wackness? the lack of lyrical phatness?/
    would you even like an appetizer before i serve all of your asses?/
    maybe just school you all, like a teacher in college classes?/
    most of your shits more nerdy then pocket protectors an taped up glasses!/
    now assemble the rest of your terrible masses cas you'll never make it past this/
    yall should of had a power drank to make ya thank/
    them maybe you'd realize your shit does stank/
    your style is horrid yall should of been aborted/
    so while your at it kill yourself u people aint important

    eh wow its been a good year or two sence i did a keystyle so thats why its very rusty im a producer not a emcee
  12. Nikon

    Nikon Senior Member

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    wheres the raping?
  13. gilt

    gilt Senior Member

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  14. seckzoner

    seckzoner Elite Member

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    no.. seriously. wheres the raping.


    "bring your crew around me, i'll find bitches to rape//
    make no delay, wont hesitate to tape//
    have your fake shit, posted all over the internet//
    you wont know what hit you, like your girl saying "IS IT IN YET//
    now the whole idea, of an internet based freestyle
    makes kings of hiphop, go deep into denial"

    baah, that was wack. who cares, this isnt even a real freestyle.
  15. casperFT

    casperFT Senior Member

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    i cant really flow....its just not for me
    thing i know is called graffiti


    i would put some more but im a lazy guy
  16. gilt

    gilt Senior Member

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    here we go ladies "MIC CHECK 1 2 CHECK CHECK, IS THIS THING ON ?"

    its about fuckin time,
    someone comes up with some real shit, (like me)
    and start bustin on you and kill some shit, (you see)
    just face it / i blaze shit,
    your shit / is ba-sic,
    i make you / erase shit,
    im on / im dangerous,
    i came up with that language / its mad,
    its brain-less, (like you)
    you study at camebridge while im fuckin your main bitch, (who knew)
    my ebonics is full / of alch. and chronic,
    erotic / yeah i got it / hypnotic,
    theres not much you can do or say to faze me,
    people think im a little bit crazy / i get it from all angles,
    i say so many rhymes it may seem,
    like im going to fast cause my mind is racing,
    and i could give a fuck what catagory you place me,
    as long as im pushin off you daisies,
    im up at the heavenly gates,
    you see regardless of what nebody believes that hates me,
    you ain goni to make or break me,
    of my credibility or make me look fake,
    your only going to bein for a rude-a-wakening,
    cause sooner or later all you haterz are going to face me,
    and with all that shit youve been savin to say to me,
    you had all this time to think about,
    now dont pussy out and try to about face me,
    cause ive been patiently waiting to see.
  17. GeSuS_KRiST

    GeSuS_KRiST Moderator

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    not feelin it might as well said "wheres my snare?"
  18. gilt

    gilt Senior Member

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    lol i tryed :p
  19. joust

    joust Elite Member

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    whatever you say i'll say it 10 times faster,
    using my words like a lyrical jedi master,
    fuck this thread its borring ass shit,
    think i'll rip a few lyrical hole in it,
    bitches dont know shit you toy ass kids,
    im sorry for the outburst i forgot to take my meds.
  20. Jeffhole

    Jeffhole Senior Member

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    Thx, chief

    The trick is to take them to their place first, then just knock 'em out and giv'r.