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Freestyle Rapping

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fame, Nov 6, 2004.

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  1. phaybelzwoner

    phaybelzwoner Senior Member

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    Random bars put together like patchwork

    Straight from the battlefield
    the knight in rusted armor
    strategize my downfall
    don't even fuckin bother
    it was a frightening sight I seen
    left a trifling guy to feind
    for those little pink tablets
    of diphenhydramine
    im just here to get bread
    like pigeons in the park
    head to toe in black gear
    like ninjas in the dark
    its hard to rock a necklace
    especially when your neckless
    ill eat that ass for breakfast
    both hands ambidextrous
  2. AcidOneK10

    AcidOneK10 Member

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    this is freestyle and i am gonna kill it
    just let me touch the sky cuz it is the limit
    scratcher and bonebreaker now on the mic
    when i see you i am askin myself: WHAT THE FUCK?!
    who is this guy, i really dunno
    my acid stuff still burn that rap sumo
    Ice Cube breaking all the barricades
    all you shitty pieces gonna be fallen angels
    K10 crew, Bosnia and Livno
    representing that, Acid killa yo
    let me tell you something on my language
    dont be mad cuz it is different
    stari zvuk u krvi kida ovaj vinyl
    hajde raja javite se pa ćemo nešto snimit'
    now i am leaving, you cant see me
    peace bros and sorry for my bad english :D
  3. writingis4life

    writingis4life Senior Member

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    Free style rapping is so ill
  4. actasavage

    actasavage Member

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    Bombing science, / palming pilots / coughing and choking, soft spoken, calming riots, / words read but bread speaks / office space but I spread cheeks like spread sheets on my polo bedsheets, / shining in cyphers since jansport back packs and Honda civic dorks in hatch backs, / really in the cut with the champion super zip flatblack, Chicago bulls snapback, running through this maze in search of cheese like a labrat, / I leave a rusto fat ejaculate, to a fill just that immaculate /
  5. Ghettopicasso

    Ghettopicasso Senior Member

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    Ghetto Picasso snatch ya nostrils/ act hostile/ fall victim to a 12oz apostle/ turn Dino's to fossils/ that black tar/ drips like bird tard on clean cars/ I scratch and leave scars/ message calm like massage with tiger balm/ off the gieger/ mixing uranium in cider/ creep while you sleep/ open mouth drop a spider/ made ya girls pussy wider/ this what you desire/ flow starts a burning pyre of blazing tires/ in Springfield I wield cans/ pop an Ollie yelling kowabunga man/ el barto my biggest fan/