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Getting A Blackbook

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Runk, Nov 18, 2005.

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  1. Runk

    Runk Senior Member

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    What is your blackbook made of? Can you just like get a unruled composition mead book or somthing cuz thats what i use
  2. >AGORA<

    >AGORA< Member

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    it's a sketchbook, hardcover yeah.
  3. N0$1L'EARL"

    N0$1L'EARL" Senior Member

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    a blak book is your sketch book wer u practice your peaces...retard
  4. stigma 2k6

    stigma 2k6 Senior Member

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  5. City

    City Member

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    i will actualy answer his question, instead of bieng a postwhore :)

    I have 2 black books.

    My 1st one is just a composition notebook, i just scetch in it while im at home or where ever.

    Then Some guy gave me a Mini bible thing, and I cut out all the pages, and put some blank paper in it, and made a makeshift notebook kinda. And when i go out to tag, i just take a look at my mini blackbook. Its about 2 x 3 or 4 so its relitively small. I just put my tags in there.

    Thats what i use. And lol made of paper
  6. JadedSketches

    JadedSketches Elite Member

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    I just use loose paper,but whatever floats your boat.
  7. spray67

    spray67 Senior Member

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    dont even waste the moeny on a black book i just use paper thats layin around,
  8. Speq9

    Speq9 Senior Member

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    Yeah dont fuck around with books until you got a little skill, I learned this after $30 and 4 pages worth of shit ass skribbles. Just use loose leaf for now bro.
  9. B.H.K.

    B.H.K. Senior Member

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    i got this hardcover sketchbook in art class that we never use, i use that for sketches because its high quality paper(not that it matters) and has no lines and stuff.
  10. onfire

    onfire Member

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    ya my blackbook is black.. it a hard cover i thnk 8 1/2 by 11 im probably wrong.. it was 6 bucks at an art store near my house.. everyone i know uses the exact one,
  11. Nyc Sno

    Nyc Sno Elite Member

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    yup i have a black book good quality looks like a book i carry it around and when i get an idea i just dont keep it in my head i draw it but make sure u get good erasers and good pencils cause that can be a bitch ripping out a pice of paper it ruin the whole book
  12. i nuk all night

    i nuk all night Senior Member

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    got my blackbooks (two of them) from walmart.. hard plastic covers.. and i got one from michaels.. hard leatherish covers. rippin paper out is no problem. its spiral.
  13. Runk

    Runk Senior Member

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    cant u just use a black unruled composition mead book cuz thats wut i use
  14. nik

    nik Senior Member

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    just use whatever you want, theres no official blackbook.
  15. chas

    chas Elite Member

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    ya im getting a ''blackbook'' tommorow at an art store i need one badly tho there worth the money oh ya does anyone know how much they are?>????????
  16. N0$1L'EARL"

    N0$1L'EARL" Senior Member

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  17. shineONE

    shineONE Elite Member

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    half of my blackbook is half done sketches that im not happy with.

    dont buy a blackbook yet.
  18. FadeProof

    FadeProof Senior Member

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    just go to borders and look around at the art books. and they'll have a sketch book that's there with all blank pages and hardcover. mine's actually black. and has this dope cloth/hard (kind of like canvas) cover on it. BORDERS BIOTCH!!!
  19. Flow

    Flow Elite Member

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    What the hell is this? Since when was there an industry standard blackbook? Who cares what it is, use whatever you want. I had a blackbbok, I never drew anything in it, it was strictly for other people to hit up. Draw on toilet paper, who cares?
  20. -=AgA=-TrAnCe

    -=AgA=-TrAnCe Elite Member

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