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Getting A Blackbook

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Runk, Nov 18, 2005.

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  1. -Leski

    -Leski Senior Member

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    I fully agree with rots...

    A black book is a homemade sketch book. Get some unlined photocopy paper and some cardsheet for a cover.

    The hardest part is making book binding glue:
    You need some bleach and ammonia, and some woodworking or animal glue. A little red wax is nice too.
    You take a container and pour in about a cup of each ammonia, bleach and woodworking glue and a little wax if you want.
    Keep a eye on the mixture, its important to stay nearby and mix it.
    Keep stirring until the mixture is uniform.

    You will now have a strong thin glue, a little hint of red to it if you added the wax.

    Take about 100 sheets of photo paper and fold the card sheet around it as desired for your cover, then cut away the excess of paper.
    Paint the inside of the "spine", the middle of the cover were the paper touches, with the glue mixture then fold the cover around the paper again with the paper firmly pressed against the spine.

    Put a brick on it to press it down and leave it for 2 days, save the excess glue in your fridge with a cover over top in case you didnt bind the book right and need to try again.

    Have fun.
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  2. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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  3. maso1

    maso1 Senior Member

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  4. Duppy

    Duppy Member

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    A blackbook is a fucking book you draw in... They just tend to be black and hard... No pun intended.

    And yeah i agree with 80% of the posts, this thread is retarded.
  5. unreal180

    unreal180 Elite Member

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    i got a black book i racked from bannana book shop its wear i put my finished peices in
    and i got school text books that i rack like everyday and i just try out new styles and couler theams

    and aint there ment to be a mod that stops threads like this actualy going up?
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  6. -ShAmEE-

    -ShAmEE- Elite Member

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    blackbooks, yeh i like the idea of a black book, cuz of the way it is presented, but i fuckin hate drawing in them, so i stick the paper in, it depends what u like the look of.
  7. Crieg ya ya DIG

    Crieg ya ya DIG Member

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    goddamn woh comes up with gay ass threads like this 1 fuck a black book draw on everything
  8. harley.

    harley. Senior Member

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    i jus jacked my blockbook from an art store i live near
    its a5 size and made out of recycled paper
    sounds kinda wack but i like it, its nice and green and cute
    and plus im saving the environment
  9. Bah Humbug

    Bah Humbug Senior Member

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    my blackbook has a balck cover, paper in the centre and another cover.
    the second cover is black
    i sketch in it.

  10. SWIV3L

    SWIV3L Banned

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    why does this thread have so many replies if its so stupid?

    well i just got my first hardcover blackbook from micheals the other day

    its pretty sweet that i can do 2 page spreads now
  11. South-Pole

    South-Pole Elite Member

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    exactly what i was thinking
  12. Duppy

    Duppy Member

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    Because it's roughly about 11 pages of people saying how the thread is stupid and asking why there is so many posts in it. All we are doing by moaning is making it last lol.
  13. killalocs831

    killalocs831 New Member

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    i got 2 black books 1 were i put ma tags in an da other 1 all da people i ever meet tag in it is that good or bad
  14. fonone

    fonone Senior Member

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    man, if you dont have a book thats black where you put all your graff tags in you aint shit, you aint a real graff spray vandal, posers.
  15. ZeSTr ONe

    ZeSTr ONe Member

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    funny thing is you spelled peaces wrong its pieces retard :eek:
  16. Shiva.

    Shiva. Senior Member

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    i don't have a blackbook, i draw on normal paper, and when i like something, i keep it, and if not i throw it away.
  17. fonone

    fonone Senior Member

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  18. SlamInThePit

    SlamInThePit Member

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    I only read the first page so if the topic has changed, fuck it, but since when do blackbooks need to ACTUALLY be black?
  19. Shiva.

    Shiva. Senior Member

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    since never, as long as the pages are white

    H1TBYNUMB3RS Senior Member

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    shiiiit i just use a sketchbook with thick enough paper.
    wall mart, michaels ect