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Getting Yourself Out Of A Cop Situation?

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Tha_Astig_Artist, May 26, 2004.

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  1. []RENT[]

    []RENT[] Senior Member

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    always remember you have the right to remain silent.
    Dont give them false information, thats a criminal offense and will get you in deeper shit everytime
    Dont fall for mind tricks, they wont come up and ask, did you paint that wall? they will come up and say, you just painted that wall. But they could just arrest you if they knew that couldnt they? so just ask them a question back, did you see me physicaly painting that wall? (be plotite) They will probly say something like, no i didnt see you firs hand, but i have reports of you or but its pretty obvious you did>
    Simply reply again, So you did not see me painting the wall?

    If they try to search you, tell them (politly) I do not give consent for you to search me. If they say I dont care Im searching you anyway, say "then that would be an unlawful search and any evidence that could incriminate me would be invalid" If they had the ability to lawfully search you, they would state why and just straight up search you. If you look/act drunk or high, then they have the consent to search you ONLY for narotics, have them state what theyre searching for.

    If they do find paint on you, a common mind trick they will do, is ask, "if you were me, would you take the paint?" that is basicly giving them the authority to take the paint. Just reply that spraypaint and/or markers are not illegal (unless you underaged) and you do not give them consent to confinscate them.

    Make sure they do these things, if they miss one of them, youll be scot free.
    1) Say who they are and show identification (in other words, show you their badge).
    2) Tell you they are arresting you, explain why they are arresting you, and make sure that you understand why they are arresting you.
    3) Touch you in a non-harmful way as an indication that you are officially under arrest.
    4) They have to tell you that you have the right to call a lawyer and that you can remain silent.

    And if it seems all good, ask if your going to be detained, they will most likely say No, so ask am i free to go? or I better be getting home, am I free to go? because not being detained is the same as being able to free to go. If they say no, repeat the process.

    Thats my lesson, based apon a thing that i got somewhere on bombingscience, but just shortened
  2. disobey.the.giant

    disobey.the.giant Member

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    wow do you really think you can do everything in that marc ecko game? i mean shit be real. just run if they catch up and ask why you ran just say you thought they were somebody else and your on your way home. you have rights keep silent, don't let em play their head games. listen to em clearly. they like to trick you by saying stuff like can i check your bag, do you mind if i check your bag, so you don't mind if i check your bag, don't let em check your bag no matter what they say. they get a real kick when they can trick you with their head games. i think the most they will do is use force, but you would think if they beat your ass over your bag that is pretty bad publicity for the pd. plus highly unlikely that they will.
  3. kurli

    kurli Member

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    Im a toy, but i have gotten cought with paint.
    A friend and i snuck out of my house at like 2am and my friend and i were keeping sketch ( i was about to do a thro-up) and an undercover cop pulled up,i had a can visible in my pocket so i just let him search my bag (like an idiot) and because we hadn't done anything he just took our names and said he would inform our parents the next day. He didn't and i later found out that them acatually informing your parents is very ireland anyway...

    so next time i guess i will just make sure he never sees me with the can up to the wall and my finger pushed down on the cap, because apparently in ireland they can't do shit (legally that is, they are legally intitled to get your name and call your parents at any time if they see you standing around with bags full of paint) without acatually seeing you do graff....
  4. SMiLeY-One

    SMiLeY-One New Member

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  5. Apoc Dozer

    Apoc Dozer Senior Member

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  6. Blix

    Blix Senior Member

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    bring a couple cans of graffiti remover and be like im just tryin to clean the community up
  7. WACK

    WACK New Member

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    most of those migth work but they will probally make stero types by your apperance and automaticaly guess exactly what you were doing.
  8. EsEyeKayBiotch

    EsEyeKayBiotch Member

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    You know what I hear you guys talking and i can't help but be thankful and sad at the sametime as to how lucky i am to be a writer in a city that is rich with graffiti potential...the laws are lax'd the police are lazy and sometimes crooked and graffiti really isn't that big of an issue only when it's in the suburbs and thats hardily ever or you do one of the "Graffiti Sins" enough times//But really we have no curfew and all this crazy shit about taggers getting caught by gungho citizens//So thanx you Detroit!
  9. TesT_NV

    TesT_NV Member

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    are they harder if they book you in the suburbs w/ a small graff scene
    or a city?
  10. EsEyeKayBiotch

    EsEyeKayBiotch Member

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    In Detroit we have a scene that could be great but like I stated in another thread we have literally only a hand full of cats that actually get up and most of them are fucking clowns...I mean don't get me wrong I respect the fact that they do what they do but it's fucking bombs and garbage...and hell their may only be all but 20 writers with a billion names each, I shit you not!And any piece that turns up are usually from out-of-towners never those clowns ever...they only tag and bomb...Detroit doesn't have much style to their shit only out-of-towners and suburbanites bring the style and pieces and something to look at!I'm from Detroit and I want to change that!

    And yes TEST NV they throw the fuckin book at your ass if they catch you marking on a wall in the burbs///But it depends where and how the cop is feeling and what color your skin is when he busts you!And that is real!I'm no gangstar or ghetto whatever but I know how shit is done...

    PIECE~~~>FLAW Superior In Kreativity.Forces Of Evil. Relentless Vandals. Dirty Rotten.
  11. PaintThaStreets P.T.S

    PaintThaStreets P.T.S Senior Member

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    well i whould of probly made a good anser to the qustion buht i resontly got aressted for the first like 2 weeks ago and yes a run my ass off but i was a lucky one to get super cops and that buff mutha fuker ran me and my boy down and tackled both of us like noking us out so yeh...... tht was shit and soo he charged us and now i have 2 less laks and 4 burners chromes a sad nite tht was:(
  12. Kraken

    Kraken Member

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    I would run 4 it. Then Jump into sum bushes wait for 20 min. then walk home
  13. acidconceptone

    acidconceptone Senior Member

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    i was tagging something and the owner tackled me and held me in a bear hug until the police arrived i was piss drunk and managed to almost escape until the cops came then i had to run for my life.... i didnt make it but fuck running from the cops was the biggest fucking thrill of my life. i figured no way im gonna sit in jail wondering how fast i could have run.... long story but no charges
  14. whahappen?

    whahappen? Elite Member

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    alright what if a cop directly asks you were you tagging if he didnt see you
    do you just keep repeating am i free to go?
  15. Amit_Slay

    Amit_Slay New Member

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    I would:

    1.say "Im taking an art class and apart of our assigment was to get out and find art in unordinary places and take pictures of it, and i was taking a picture of this one and i brought some paint cuz i thot i was gona try it"

    which probabaly wont work

    2. "My sisters in a wheel chair and i have a brother due next week, this is the last thing my mom needs on her, i promise to empy out my paint"

    i know people who have done stuff like that.

    3. "Im not here alone...(silence)"

    which might freak them out into thinking you have some gang that your in watching you

    4. scream "im rick james bitch" and proceed to run. This has become a classic manuever which stuns the cop and makes him day dream at the same time.
  16. whahappen?

    whahappen? Elite Member

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    but what if its like 11-30
    say im a procrastinator...?
    and if he sees paint on me i'll just say i found it behind this building and need some for school or my bike or something
  17. ebunny91

    ebunny91 Member

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    i say, be polite and give no trouble when caught with paint in (and on) you hands. and don't fall for the "help me help you bullshit...cuz that's what it is. chea.
    oh, and act evasive and like you don't know anything during interogation
    ("flex ur rights" too. lmao). and don't make any huge lies like, i've never written in my life, just don't admit to anything that you weren't caught doing. that's the best way, in my opinion. their main goal is to get you in jail (or juvi), so, like, they're gonna say anything like, "i can have you arrested for every blah blah blah, so confess to what you did now". don't be intimidated. the cops and interigators(sp?) and d) all of the above are liers.
    DON'T underestimate your greatests foe!
    If you just so happen to be resting at the moment and the "catch you" w/o paint in you hands act like you know nothing, act evasive, and act like you have somewhere important to go, but again, be poilte.
    always ask, "Am I being detained, or an i free to go...?". you're basically saying "YOU AIN'T GOT NOTHIN' ON ME, BITCH!!!" politely.
  18. Tagger101

    Tagger101 Senior Member

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    when cops interogate you
    the try to pin everything thats ever happend in the city on you
    only admit to one thing
    and if you dont want to tell them something

    -and this is coming from my interogation-

    "I dont want to tell you that.... .... I dont want to tell you that either"

    you dont have to tell them anything
  19. crac

    crac Elite Member

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    if you get busted.. the best thing to do is remain calm dont act like a cocky asshole and after giving them your name say only.. im not saying anything untill my lawyer is present.. ohh
    and dont fall for there bullshit story like oh well you friend told me you did this bullshit.. they will always try and trick you into that shit i remember they interogated me and said oh **** said he did it all we need is your confermation and you can go.. when we left free of charges i later found out the fuckin pig played that trick on him.. alot of the time if you and a buddy get cought ... they will start by interogating you both at the same time and then say.. we want to talk to your friend alone then come back with some made up bullshit .... sooo just keep that in mind.
  20. Ares_23us

    Ares_23us Senior Member

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    smack him with the can and run like your going to get shot. because your more than likly going to