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Getting Yourself Out Of A Cop Situation?

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Tha_Astig_Artist, May 26, 2004.

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  1. ebunny91

    ebunny91 Member

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  2. Im Mr Postman  also Mr Toastman

    Im Mr Postman also Mr Toastman Senior Member

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  3. Exodus

    Exodus Member

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    JUst join a crew or have a look out with you or maybe a getaway car
  4. Jroc1993

    Jroc1993 Elite Member

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    that last one made me laugh, im gonna try that shit if i ever get caught but i probably wont cuz im sneaky as fuck :ph34r: im a ninja BITCH!
  5. noam12

    noam12 Senior Member

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    arent u like 6 ft whatevr and 240 pounds, some shit like that whatevr

    ill be like david segal and pretty much kill anything that moves
  6. snap_pxc

    snap_pxc Senior Member

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  7. meRlin68

    meRlin68 Senior Member

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    hey, for all yall talking bout how the cops cant search you and dont have the right to hastle you w/out probable cause, thats bullshit. The cops can do whatever the fuck they want!!!!! and if u say "but u dont have the rite..." theyll definately book u cuz they hate smartasses, unless they know ur parents r lawyers or rich (that got my friends outta situations) then they wont care cuz if u were a judge who wuld u believe: sum kid w/ 8 cans of paint n his pocket or a cop trying 2 "better the community"?
  8. 2WICE

    2WICE Member

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    run your motherfuckin ass off bwoyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  9. Brian Peppers

    Brian Peppers Senior Member

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    Getaway car? NO. Never flee from a crime in a car, if you get caugh, its just a lot worse of punishment. If you run from the cops then like a while down the raod when the cop cant see you, get in a car then get your ass home. But never, i repeat NEVER hop in your car right away then try to get away. The cop can see your licenese plate and then you're double fucked.
  10. C-money fresh!

    C-money fresh! Elite Member

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    nah yo
    i was out late on the ave bombin
    and i whent up into a parking garge while a local club was getting out so mad drunk adults around at 2 am so a 16 yearold dressed sketch stuck out
    the copps rolled up im on the secound floor they asked the normal questioning shit while im smoking a cig...they they didnt say shit with smoke floating into the car. chill ass fat black cop was like just walk home safe kid this isnt a nice area especialy at night. i acted nice was like sure dissapearde into the stairwell started to walk down. befor i got to the 1st floor i got cut off by some white cop asked the same shit asked if i was drinking at "the party i was walking hoime from"
    then asked what was in my bvack pack"nothing" asked to look in it. here its a criminal offence to have permant markers or paint if your under 18. so i said no. he said c'mon whats in it/ i said school stuff. he was like ok get in my car in driving you home. i did and i got a convienent ride home and i had killed most of my cans.

    bottom line if you say no they cant search your shit without resonable doubt or a warrant.
  11. MoLD

    MoLD Senior Member

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    pull up to walls on a bike that way if you someone sees you you can be out faster
    but it might be pretty hard to do throws while on a bike
  12. Captain

    Captain Senior Member

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    fuck if i get caught i'm dead. the cops 'round this little city are hardcore. we've got a near zero crime rate or some shit so they just look out for kids with long hair and fuck with us whenever they can.

    plus i was walkin to the mall with a couple of my friends, one's cool, one turned out to be a pansy. this cop rolls up (cuz my skateboard has a skull & blood on it. really, that's all it takes. wearing black helps too.) and pansy freaks out and whips out his school ID and introduces me and the cool guy. feck.

    good news is the cops over here are easy to talk down for most stuff.
  13. HoodRichSucka

    HoodRichSucka Elite Member

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  14. BIGel

    BIGel Elite Member

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    sort of an unrelated question..: theres alot of talk about cops browsing this site 12oz and visual orgasm, but i wonder what the actual numbers are and if they get any proof positive out of it. im almost positive that US cops wouldnt go thru here looking for random kids, but the canadian writers probably. i know 12 oz has had several big publicized cases about cops in cali getting writers isps etc etc and searching their houses. well...just a thought.
  15. starbucks1

    starbucks1 New Member

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    I like to pretend I'm def and continue writing. untill he touches me then i fall to the ground and wet my self.
  16. Captain

    Captain Senior Member

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    paranoia sets in...
  17. capitol

    capitol Senior Member

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    I was flicken a wall i did(A week befor)And i didnt look around and i realized that one of the people who worked at the shop that i painted on stopped me and questioned me..
    He told me their was like 6 people lookin for the people doin this shitt..While hes sayin this im pointin at this terrible*A-Trane* tag on the side of the wall next to mine.
    I told him that the thing i did was art(Which he didnt know i did), but i clearly told him that that tag was not art...Not worth flicken..
    I then walked off and he left as well.

    Somehow this felt kind of wrong.
  18. CaMa

    CaMa Senior Member

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    If he caught you in the act, you might aswell be polite and seem innocent so he's not so harsh. If he didnt catch you in the act, just say you were walking to a mates house to do some canvas. Nothing wrong with that.
  19. arcRDK

    arcRDK New Member

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    MANIAK!! TOI dood jus fuckin run when u see em pull up or when u see tha car if the car stops then jamm, if it doesnt keep walkin like u dont know theres a cop behind u, and when u jam, try to get over litlle canals, feilds, i ran through a highway before, fences etc. trust me they wont fallow u if u start hoppin they will just be like fuck im tired i need a donut nd shit.
  20. Tagger101

    Tagger101 Senior Member

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    from first page...

    umm my first time i got caught, nine months probation 8 hours community ($35 to pay to get into community) $35 for cleanup and opology letter to city

    and there not even that hard in this city