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Good Excuses To Give To Cops Why Your Out At 2am

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by onek, Feb 27, 2006.

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  1. simple zen

    simple zen Elite Member

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    go chew on a god damn urinal cake.
  2. CT08

    CT08 Senior Member

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  3. mai87142002

    mai87142002 Member

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    well out here in the hood of flatbush, brooklyn i once told a officer (over-seeer)
    when he saw me with me travel kit at 3:30 am, and accused me of in process of vandalizing property i just kept saying "no habla englishe" lol :p "por que?????" "el mia nada" i plead the fifth officerer .
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2008
  4. Shiva.

    Shiva. Senior Member

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  5. Baron

    Baron Moderator

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    "Officer my dog is sick. I was staying the night at a friends house but my mom called me to tell me that he is at the vet now. He has HGE and apparently he has been having bloody diahreha and puking all over the place. I'm sorry officer I really need to get going."


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  7. Baron

    Baron Moderator

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    Says the kid with the "I FUCKS WITH THE POLICE!!!!" signiture....
  8. RE5MA

    RE5MA New Member

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    tell em your nocturnal

    and your goin on a walk

    oh the backpack
    just food
    since theres no restaurants or stores open
  9. TheMuffinMan

    TheMuffinMan Senior Member

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    just say your dog got out and then say you just saw him a minu... THERE HE IS! point and run as you dash of say hold on one second.
  10. Baron

    Baron Moderator

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    Claim insomnia. Or you work the night shift at the grocery store and tonight is your night off but you can't force your self to wake up in daylight. When the cop asks you why are you walking around ask him if he has any better ideas of what to do at 2am.
  11. bountyhunter113

    bountyhunter113 Elite Member

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    lol what me and my buddies did the last time we got caught by cops at 2a.m..... was hilarious, well my buddy always carries a first aid kit in his backpack and some seizure medicine(he don't even use that shit he jus stole it all), so wen the cop asked if he could search his bag my buddy just said go ahead and then the cop saw his medicine for all of a sudden out of nowhere my buddy starts faking a seizure and i'm all like wdf?????, coz it was soo unexpeceted but it looked so believable. But then i realize my buddy is setting me up so we dont get caught and then i just start hollaring at the policeman, "MAN, I GOTTA BRING MY BUDDY HOME"........and the fucking cop buys it so the cop just drives us home and like 10 minutes later we go back out to paint :)
  12. FRZ

    FRZ Member

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    Say that your head is fucked up and you needed to go for a walk to clear your mind
  13. pixy

    pixy Member

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    lmao, you mean no habla "ING-LES"
  14. damm scotty

    damm scotty New Member

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    ill juss saii that im going out for some fresh airr. lol
  15. hammer_time

    hammer_time Banned

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    i'd be careful how you say that, im not from europe so i cant say, but here if you tell a cop that he can take you into custody if he thinks you might be a danger to yourself or others, and telling a cop you feel depressed or whatever hes probly gonna pry into what your doing

    honestly if your asked why your out at 2:00 am just ask the cop if your under arrest, when he says no, tell him you have to go..... they really cant do much after that....
  16. chafed__nuts

    chafed__nuts Guest

  17. MEH2

    MEH2 Senior Member

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    its between home, work, school. after curfew.
    but whats the odds they'll catch you and not notice that you have cans or a backpack or something,
    but i dunno some cops are dumb or just don't care.
  18. TMR

    TMR Member

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    no restraunts open?
    thares a fucking mcdonalds around every corner.
    and those fat ass pigs would know that.
  19. TMR

    TMR Member

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    they cant arrest you unless they see you tagging.
    so when im out like at 3 (in chicago).
    even on a buisy street i wait till i got enough time to throw up a tag.
    before a car passes.
    thares alot of narks in my hood' so like 1/4 cars that pass is a pig.
    thats just me, mabey im just parinoid?
  20. TMR

    TMR Member

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    i atchually walk my dog.
    so i have a reason.
    i only carry a can or 2.
    so i dont look suspicious.
    but it kinda sucks kuz my dog always wants to smell shit.
    and talke a piss/shit.