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Good Excuses To Give To Cops Why Your Out At 2am

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by onek, Feb 27, 2006.

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  1. FAIL 1R

    FAIL 1R New Member

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    i was looking for my cat because it ran out of my house.
  2. subcyde

    subcyde Senior Member

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    i was on a rely bad shrooms trip and woke up here
  3. marshall-uk

    marshall-uk Member

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    just say am comeing home from your wifes/gf house she loves it when your on nights ;)
  4. graffitiWISCONSIN

    graffitiWISCONSIN Senior Member

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    homie I wouldn't put it out there that u did a robbery lol if someone called the cops they could trace your shit all the way back to your computer & bust u. not sayin i'm gonna do it i'm just lookin out for a fellow artist
  5. Cider

    Cider Senior Member

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    I was coming back from a bombing run at about 3:00 in the morning, when these two cops pulled up with their sirens. They get out flaslight in my face, "Whats your business being out this late". I'm freaking out a little bit, I've got $45 worth of new paint in my bag and a black book and dont want to lose them. "I was gonna stay the night at my GF's house, we were watching a movie and about to go to sleep when her parents got home. I had to jump out the window", meanwhile you can hear the paint clunking around in my bag. The two cops ate that shit up "Alright then son, have a safe night". its easier to be nice to em than to act like a jackass and get searched for no reason, then get your paint confiscated and end up having to explain to the rest of your crew how you lost their shit.
  6. graffitiWISCONSIN

    graffitiWISCONSIN Senior Member

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    see I like you. most people just act like total jackasses to the cops & they get shitted on. if you're nice & u just bullshit your way through it they'll eat that shit up. it's not rocket science.
  7. ISmokeHerb

    ISmokeHerb Member

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    Really..if it's a guy cop.just an my girl walking away to calm down..simple bro...he know how it is..then u have a good excuse to not have ur ID on you (if it dumb ass didn't)haha
  8. DRIG

    DRIG Member

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    Theres a reason i always bring dohnuts on bombing runs... But seriously, be chill with them and they wont fuck with you.
  9. Faymos

    Faymos Senior Member

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    i think the best is like. i got ina fight with my paps, and i to blow off some steam i went out to walk.
    just dont CLUTCH ON YOUR BAG,\
  10. zachatnca

    zachatnca Senior Member

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    i just say im coming back from my girlfriend house, trick is to be very, very nice and not give them a reason to be able to search your bag or pockets
  11. writingis4life

    writingis4life Senior Member

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    Tell him that you are walking home from a party
  12. Wedu

    Wedu New Member

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    Cops do what they want, they'll search you illegally, and say they saw you painting if you have any on you. Had this happen, had to go to court and shit. nofun.
  13. oatmeal

    oatmeal Senior Member

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    give them none. you dont need to tell the police anything. the only way you'll ever get busted and have any consequences is if the police physically say you in action. unless of course there was a witness that called the police and they are there to id you. but if you live in ny its illegal to carry paint so you're screwed if they search you anyway. but I've been stopped and searched a few times every time tried to get me to admit i was writing harassed me and stole my paint. if you dont incriminate yourself you're golden. know your rights. typically when I'm out i try to just look like I'm on my way home from the bar anyway. so it works out.
  14. Ray of Today

    Ray of Today Elite Member

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    Basically, this. Say you're on your way home from banging his girl. Cop will forget all about that bag of paint on you, truth!
  15. Jonathan Seah

    Jonathan Seah Member

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  16. SuburbanTurban

    SuburbanTurban Elite Member

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    if they ask to search your bag just say you having really really personal and emberresing stuff in there that you dont feel comfortable showing. i used this excuse and it worked not even fucking around either 100% serious. if they kept pushing at it i was seriously gonna be like i have sexual shit in there like dildos and sheet minus saying the dildo part hahah. ofcoarse if your clothes/hands are covered in paint or if they see you painting then its kinda past that point, or even if when they get ur name and do a search and something from graff, drug or weapons charges comes up then they will have a reason to search you. i was literaly just grabbing my bag off my back and me and my friend were gonna walk into some knee high grass to hit a fence. we just got are stories right and checked out on there computer search and both of us played it friendly and went the fuck home after that.

    this one other time i was painting a wall on a hill with just a tall can out at the time and the other in my hoody pocket, doing a quick simple hollow and its pretty late and i hear a car coming down the bend up above on the hill and got a real eeeeery feeling so just started walking and realized i was holding a can and just kinda paniced and got anxious and started pretending my tall can was some kinda drink and pretended to take a sip and the car that casualy rolled by was a police car i coudlnt believe the shit. i just got really lucky and he probably took one glance at me and didnt even notice me "drinking" but who knows. i was just acting normal and didnt look around, this could backfire thogh if u were with a gruop of pple or somehist on a weekend night and if they thinkg ur drinking in public or something but it worked to my advantage that time. laughed about it after and was verry gratefull
  17. milfhunter

    milfhunter Elite Member

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    im high and i got the munchies.