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Graff Movies

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hasone, Nov 9, 2005.

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  1. yesyoor

    yesyoor New Member

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    I am looking for OVERSPRAY 1.0 - the movie that was released in 2006 by VideoGraf
    all the links to the movie in this thread are down, can anyone upload it again?
    Thanks already ;)
  2. Side_One

    Side_One Senior Member

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    I recently watched a documentary called 'Rolling Like Thunder' and I highly recommend it. Are there any other documentaries out there that are worth sharing?
  3. CraigRoy

    CraigRoy Member

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    I don't know what to suggest, but can you, pls, give the source of your documentary?
  4. Side_One

    Side_One Senior Member

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  5. CraigRoy

    CraigRoy Member

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    Thank you so much!
  6. Parracaesar

    Parracaesar New Member

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    Does anybody have World war 3 horse shoes and hand grenades? I have a copy but it's heavily censored and screen recorded. I have tons for trade! Shoot me a DM. Also interested in other videos (rukus,crime,skate,bmx,stunts) so i have a huge library of over 2tb worth of movies, I'm sure I can find something to interest you for a trade haha
  7. imeek

    imeek New Member

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    trying to find Terror in the burbs for a few months now, cant find it anywhere, if anyone has any AEROHOLiCS or other group releases hit me up, after DVDR and DVDRips SCENE RELEASES only, no YouTube or web player rips, i have 529 AHS Releases so far and trying to get it as close to complete as i can, also have over 200 other group releases full AHS mags/pdf collection and prob 400 more from other groups.

    Only people that have movies on old HDD from years ago will have what im after, anything searched for on the internet in the last 2 years id be safe to say i have it, dig up those olf dvds/vds/usbs/hdds yo!
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  8. Side_One

    Side_One Senior Member

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    I wish more people had that kind of mindset on graffiti..It gave me a boost of motivation to keep doing what I enjoy doing. Stumbled upon it and wanted to share. If you have something similar please let me know.

  9. slick dick willy

    slick dick willy Senior Member

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    the most graff movie i slept on was and still is : Street Soldiers for me.
  10. slick dick willy

    slick dick willy Senior Member

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    Cope 2 Kings Destroy: on vcr tape
    was a gem in my collection until
    some foo i let borrowed it, scrambled the film tape.
    I remember cope 2 saying ´.....´íts lit up like yankee stadium....

    Stations of the Elevated :was a library
    vcr tape i checked out back in 2000's. The video was neat due to the tune of
    Charles Mingous, jazzy,grassy feel that showed more
    of nyc subway trains swaying to the jazz
    of Charles.

    VideoGraff: volumes was a surprise for me
    cause of all the writers that made the level
    of professional bombing at the time of there
    career in the game, or more of a lifestyle
    that they present.

    Anonymous: a california based tape, again vcr.
    interviews were super inspirational with coffee.
    featured pieces incredible at the time and still are,
    for my consideration at this point.The soundtrack is great
    and superior for a teen, at that time, who was going through
    growing pain in graff,like everybody feels,The back cover of the tape
    shows a Ayer(R.I.P) floater.

    Sneak Attack vol. 2:highly influenced by pieces which were on walls now on the rails.back
    then more of a starter pack of style,not as glossy as now ,the pieces that
    roll on the fr8 system today.But that are gems now in the scene(pieces,throw ups and writers)
    that are old heads legends.most memorable film i think in my mind still
    to this day for its on youtube for new jacks and revivalist of the
    ´´...silver slate.´´¨as one describes in the film. this one comes in dvd.
    excellent in quality of graffiti.shows hows to rock trains right.
    Great soundtrack by Soe One(R.I.P),with a ad-rock entrance which is more better than fm radio today.highly recommended!
  11. mene

    mene New Member

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  12. imeek

    imeek New Member

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    cheers but i ended up finding it, you wouldn't happen to have any of these?

    817 12/JUN/19
    468 Hardknocks.Berlin.Trainbombing.1995-2008.2010.PAL.DVD9-AEROHOLiCS 04/FEB/11
    439 12.01.AM.Part.II.2010.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 18/NOV/10
    431 Innapau.Russian.Steel.2009.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 12/AUG/10
    427 The.Killing.of.Brisbane.2004.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 23/JUL/10
    425 PTR.Filmen.3.2009.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 22/JUN/10
    421 Steel.Smash.2009.NTSC.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 20/JUN/10
    419 07/MAR/10
    417 Quality.Control.4.Video.Machine.2009.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 07/MAR/10
    415 Constructive.Destruction.Volume.2.2009.NTSC.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 07/MAR/10
    413 10.Minutes.DVD.Issue.2.2010.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 01/MAR/10
    411 Next.A.Primer.On.Urban.Painting.2005.LiMiTED.NTSC.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 31/JAN/10
    408 Hamaz.3.2009.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 19/JAN/10
    404 Prokaza.2.2009.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 19/JAN/10
    402 Papas.2008.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 06/DEC/09
    400 The.Move.2006.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 06/DEC/09
    398 Aevus.2009.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 18/OCT/09
    396 Night.Play.2007.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 18/OCT/09
    377 Bombers.4.Life.2006.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 11/MAY/09
    374 Fuk.Graff.Vol.4.2008.NTSC.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 29/MAR/09
    372 Fuk.Graff.Vol.2.2006.NTSC.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 29/MAR/09
    370 Endless.Illusions.2008.iNTERNAL.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 29/MAR/09
    366 Balkan.Round.2009.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 11/FEB/09
    360 The.Glory.Days.2000.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 11/FEB/09
    335 iPaint.Fresno.Graffiti.Documented.2008.NTSC.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 15/NOV/08
    297 Flashback.2.2006.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 07/FEB/08
    295 Reefer.Madness.RSF.02.2007.NTSC.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 30/JAN/08
    293 We.Ride.By.Train.Vol.1.2007.NTSC.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 29/JAN/08
    291 Barnstormers.360.2005.NTSC.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 29/JAN/08
    287 Bench.Warmers.7.2007.NTSC.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 30/DEC/07
    285 Bench.Warmers.6.2006.NTSC.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 30/DEC/07
    283 Bench.Warmers.2.2005.NTSC.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 30/DEC/07
    281 Art.Inconsequence.Advanced.Vandalism.2007.iNTERNAL.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 10/DEC/07
    279 Bench.Warmers.1.2005.NTSC.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 10/DEC/07
    277 Stolen.Coats.2004.NTSC.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 10/DEC/07
    269 No.Ticket.2007.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 21/OCT/07
    267 Cant.Stop.Fanatics.2.International.Targets.2007.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 26/SEP/07
    265 Night.Warriors.The.Video.Vol.1.2007.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 26/SEP/07
    252 Paper.Rad.Trash.Talking.2006.NTSC.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 23/JUL/07
    232 Hard.2.Burn.3.2007.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 17/MAR/07
    213 Transit.Rapetape.2006.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 03/JAN/07
    178 Teenagers.From.Marz.2005.NTSC.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 23/SEP/06
    158 Prokaza.2006.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 28/JUN/06
    155 Quality.Control.3.and.Cant.Stop.Fanatics.2006.iNTERNAL.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 28/JUN/06
    150 Ya.Basta.2.2006.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 27/MAY/06
    148 Flashback.2005.iNTERNAL.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 27/MAY/06
    146 OverSpray.1.0.2006.NTSC.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 11/MAY/06
    144 The.Forgotten.City.2005.NTSC.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 11/MAY/06
    142 CCTV.Closed.Circuit.Television.2004.iNTERNAL.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 11/MAY/06
    138 The.History.Of.Videograf.Productions.Volume.Three.2005.NTSC.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 25/APR/06
    136 The.History.Of.Videograf.Productions.Volume.Two.2005.NTSC.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 25/APR/06
    132 Not.Guilty.Vol.2.Capitol.Punishment.2006.NTSC.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 01/APR/06
    130 Bench.Warmers.Vol.3.2005.NTSC.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 01/APR/06
    124 From.Spray.2.Screen.Vol.2.2004.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 22/FEB/06
    121 Eyecandy.DVD.Mixtape.2005.NTSC.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 08/FEB/06
    119 L.E.Gends.The.Video.2005.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 29/JAN/06
    115 Monaco.Nights.2005.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 27/DEC/05
    113 Sweet.Dreams.2005.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 11/DEC/05
    111 Botten.Vol.2.2005.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 10/DEC/05
    109 The.History.Of.Videograf.Productions.Volume.One.2005.NTSC.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 04/DEC/05
    106 Graf.Core.2000.2004.NTSC.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 22/NOV/05
    104 Show.Must.Go_On.2005.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 09/NOV/05
    101 Playground.Vol.2.2005.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 08/NOV/05
    099 The.Second.Route.666.Brink.Of.Armageddon.2005.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 31/OCT/05
    096 Meeting.Of.Styles.2002.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 31/OCT/05
    087 Bajo.Tierra.2003.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 24/SEP/05
    083 Daily.Operation.2005.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 16/SEP/05
    075 Disko.Polo.2005.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 05/AUG/05
    073 Transition.RSF.DVD.01.2005.NTSC.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 15/JUL/05
    071 The.Art.Of.Storytelling.2005.NTSC.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 21/JUN/05
    062 State.Your.Name.2005.NTSC.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 22/MAY/05
    056 Symphony.Of.Chaos.2.2002.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 21/MAY/05
    053 Transit.Australian.Train.Carnage.Vol.1.Issue.1.2005.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 15/MAY/05
    040 Men.In.Black.3.Cops.Aint.Shit.Magazine.2004.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 09/APR/05
    032 Terror.In.The.Burbs.2004.Remastered.NTSC.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 07/MAR/05
    019 Rush.Hour.3.2005.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 24/JAN/05
    009 Write.And.Unite.2004.PAL.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 05/DEC/04
    007 The.Lines.Toughest.Vol.4.2004.NTSC.DVDR-AEROHOLiCS 15/NOV/04