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How does your Handwriting affect Your Handstyles

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by da_crazy_caucasian, Oct 29, 2008.

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  1. da_crazy_caucasian

    da_crazy_caucasian Banned

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    I didnt know if this was worth a whole thread or not, so delete it if you feel like it. I was just wonderring how your guys handwriting affects your handstyles. What carries over. Or are they the same? I have shitty handwriting and I think its affecting my handstyles.
  2. acereborn

    acereborn Elite Member

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    my handwriting doesnt affect my handstyle, its the other way around for me. my handwriting is basically my handstyle, handwriting, and printing all in one. looks even worse when im stoned lol
  3. TASR

    TASR Banned

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    I keep the two completely seperate, my handwriting is mediocre but then again so is my handstyle...
  4. wafflecakee

    wafflecakee Elite Member

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    my handwriting looks like i have Parkinson's.
  5. alexhate

    alexhate Senior Member

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    this is the best worded most suspect question i have ever read.

    i dont spend enuf time on either.

    asking about comparing ppls handwriting to the illegal graffiti,with FUCK TO POLICE next to your name,sounds like someones trying to get a warrant based on someones handwriting.
  6. TASR

    TASR Banned

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    ^ bump for putting it well
  7. Slushi

    Slushi Banned

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    My printing got alot better since I started teh graffz0r


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    my handwriting looks like i wrote it with my hand..and i think thats how it is with everyone else yo..u write with your hand....nothing else..maybe your mouth..or foot..maybe your penis..u dont know..and u shouldnt..not trying to start shit, but its true..i'm just saying...
  9. letsg0skate

    letsg0skate Senior Member

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    Handstyles and Handwriting have absolutely no correlation. Take that pig.
  10. COBALT

    COBALT Elite Member

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    they nothin alike if you use the same letters in your writing as you do in your graff your lookin to get caught thats your own dumbass fault other wise should have no connection
  11. Proper

    Proper Elite Member

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    Warrant based off of someones' handwriting, are you serious? That would be the biggest waste of time. I don't understand how this is a 'pig question.' You kids are tripping.

    My handwriting is very neat. I've been told on various occassion that it resembles that of a female's handwriting. I, personally, don't feel it translates over to my handstyle but that's just my opinion. However, my signature (real name signature) sort-of has a 'graffiti' feel to it.
  12. Fazed

    Fazed Senior Member

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    my handwriting is neat, my handstyle sucks.
    my handstyle probably sucks cause it's neat like my handwriting.
  13. atlok7

    atlok7 Elite Member

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    my handwriting sucks and so does my handstyle. but its all good
  14. basicked

    basicked Senior Member

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    lol i wonder if ja signs his tag as his signature when he signs something?

    i dont think in general thye have a real correlation, because most people practice their handstyles and the letters they use in them to make them as perfect as they can, while just writing something is not the same..... idk
  15. Rambooboo

    Rambooboo Senior Member

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    my hand writin is always smears caused im a lefty so i got watch that sometimes but i have shitty handwritin and ok hand style
  16. tha wite rabbit

    tha wite rabbit Senior Member

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    its really bizarre, because my handwriting looks like i have parkinsons,
    yet my hand style looks like i have downs syndrome
  17. Woven

    Woven Senior Member

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    Practicing my handstyle helped better my normal handwriting
    calligraphy est est
  18. mourn

    mourn New Member

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    After going to a technical school for drafting I learned to perfect the Simplex font for board drafting. I used this to begin simples and after practice I turned font into a tweaked hand style. As for handwriting, I use upper and lower case lettering whereas with hand style I use all caps mostly due to the requirements of drafting (no lower cases). By the way, my handwriting can receive comments such as, "You have girl's writing." That is why I generated my hand style from a trade skill.

    FLIP FLOP Senior Member

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    i have shit hand writing and a shit handstyle.
  20. Cesk

    Cesk Banned

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    My hand writing has been affected by my handstyle. It's sad cause sometimes my teachers give me work back asking what's this letter? and I feel totally gay.