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How to get Free Stickers

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Runk, Nov 8, 2005.

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  1. Ezur

    Ezur Member

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    Do they also send to the netherlands (Europe)??
  2. maumau93

    maumau93 Member

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    anyone know where the fuck i can get reasonably sized stickers for free in the uk?
  3. Semper

    Semper Moderator

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    Probably been answered before but I can't be fucked reading through the whole thread.
    Any of the Aussies on here know where I can get free stickers from WITHIN Australia?
  4. strongman

    strongman Senior Member

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  5. MrTrane18(NOCK)

    MrTrane18(NOCK) Member

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  6. Djnizzy Nick

    Djnizzy Nick New Member

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    Okay Random Question Im From Ontario Canada And I would like to get some priority mail stickers mailed here i do that thru usps right but when I go to send them they want me to select a state or province an a country but only country that comes up is United states and no provinces come up jut states.

    Any Help Or ideas Should I just leave those sections blank an the zip code and my Address should be enough right like London Ontario house # and street name
  7. uskam

    uskam New Member

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    Where could i get stickers to europe. i tried ups but i dont own a company so should i just put fake company in it?
  8. Wastelandwolves

    Wastelandwolves Senior Member

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    bump, anyone wanting to slap trade or blank trade should pm me
  9. Angelo De La Torre

    Angelo De La Torre New Member

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    Is there any of the smaller ones for free because I ordered some but they are bigger than I thought.
  10. Banok

    Banok Senior Member

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    then cut them..
  11. Angelo De La Torre

    Angelo De La Torre New Member

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