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How to join a crew/requirements?

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by moSd, Feb 3, 2021.

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  1. moSd

    moSd New Member

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    i’m a new young artist from the atl/tri cities area looking for a crew to join.. or tips on how to join

    i can give anyone my socials if they wanna talk more in depth because i also just joined this website today and kinda confused on the workings

    lmk what you guys got for me! thanks
  2. Grym

    Grym Member

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    You don't meet/join a crew online, Spend a few weeks writing in yards or places where there's big pieces, You'll definitely meet a few writers, And depending on where you'll probably meet a crew, Exchange socials with them & with any luck they'll ask if you want to come bombing, They you're pretty much in. At least that's how it works up here
  3. Classic

    Classic Senior Member

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    Ideally you d grow up with your crew. Starting around age 12-14, surround yourself with like minded people. If youre not a bastard shit kid by 12-14 then you probably wont be doing this for long.
  4. Grym

    Grym Member

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    Ideally yes, But not necessarily , If you have friends that you can get into graffiti with, help each other out, go bombing together, etc, There's your crew.

    I'm one of like 20 crews in my city that aren't;
    Gang related
    or Just scummy, Like spraying shitty tags over beautiful pieces, shit like that
  5. Cunt

    Cunt New Member

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    Just get really good in sucking dick
  6. Orientoswitcho

    Orientoswitcho Member

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    Just gotta get up and eventually you'll meet other writers then one day you'll create one with friends or join one, to join one you gotta be friends with most of them
    If you're a girl def try the sucking dick thing tho
  7. Novel_808

    Novel_808 Senior Member

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    Your crew should feel like your family. People you get to know far befor you create or join a crew. Gotta be able to trust them, feel out the rules and stuff.
  8. StupidFag

    StupidFag New Member

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    Fuck yea i thought 12 was too young to start so I’m happy to see I’m starting at a good age for graff
  9. DvEnt1

    DvEnt1 New Member

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    Joining a crew is over rated personally speaking for myself. To each his own though. Just go mobbing and eventually you’ll find dudes who paint. If they like your shit they’ll invite you to paint more often. Don’t be a beggar be cool. Do you