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How To Meet Other Writers

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by imported_admin, Sep 30, 2005.

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  1. starkone

    starkone New Member

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    u know what u do is go to the(hot spots)places were there is lots of work (canals,train yards,big walls that type of stuff.when there is spots like that normally u can run into some krews or writers that got conections.well good luck!
  2. splash1

    splash1 Member

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  3. artcrime99

    artcrime99 Senior Member

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  4. Sluts_r_us

    Sluts_r_us Elite Member

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    someone ban that splash fucker...he made 5 fucking threads for a toy ass crew...this foo cant even make bubble letters

    BRAINE Elite Member

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    since 99% of all graf writers worldwide are on BS forums
    just post "this is my address, come over and well go bomb"
  6. TREP

    TREP Senior Member

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    don't meet a crew, find other ppls work and go over it, do it alot!!!! and when that particular person finds you or that entire crew for the matter, they will do one of two things...1 kill you and paint you red and green to look like old santa... or 2: ask you to stop fuckin up there shit and depending on your answer will invite you to show off a little or lead back to option number1

  7. Toy Clown

    Toy Clown Member

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    I ddnt kno any writers but i was interested in it so i got my friend into it and now we both like it and more and more of my friends are starting to come along, thats how I got together with other writers.
  8. RiddleNJ

    RiddleNJ Member

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    Wanna meet people, just practice wit a pencil and paper till you get good, then find any local train yards and go look there, just don't sneak up on anyone, they might get freaked that its the police.
  9. pase.

    pase. Senior Member

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    I highly doubt that. maybe close to 8% would be my guess.
  10. FadeProof

    FadeProof Senior Member

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    yeah? you could just go out and post up a throwie or something. then sit in the bushes or whatevers near all night long, wait for some other kid to come along and stop and check it out. then jump out and be like, what's up yo, let go bomb this fuckin town.
  11. newk_one

    newk_one Senior Member

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    u could wear a hat with one of ur tags real big on it so everyone knowsu write then when u see someone stare at it just jump him. that' ll work
  12. FadeProof

    FadeProof Senior Member

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    now that's a good idea, i might have to use that one
  13. ze jickerz

    ze jickerz Senior Member

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    im not gonna read all this so if its been said, blow me.

    just keep writing.

    youll meet up with someone eventually
    in the yard, at a chill spot, in a paint isle, at your job, wherever.

    once you get good other writers will find you anyway.
  14. BRAINE

    BRAINE Elite Member

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    i met some writers at a spot last week, i dont chill with them or anything, but they were cool.
  15. djsupreeme

    djsupreeme Elite Member

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    I highly doubt that. maybe close to 8% would be my guess. [/b][/quote]
    not even that. maybe 1% not even that
  16. Iamyourrealfatherbitchnigga

    Iamyourrealfatherbitchnigga Senior Member

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    not even that. maybe 1% not even that [/b][/quote]
    You gotta remember that most of the kids here probably dont even write
  17. kean!

    kean! Member

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    dont purposely try to meet other writers. it will only cause you to be disliked. just let it come naturally, it's the best way. to many friends that write only makes it more of a liability for you
  18. badsanta170

    badsanta170 Senior Member

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  19. z4k420

    z4k420 Senior Member

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  20. st3ve-ES

    st3ve-ES Senior Member

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    i'd laugh so hard if graffiti wear got into style