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How To Meet Other Writers

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by imported_admin, Sep 30, 2005.

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  1. "MONSTER"

    "MONSTER" Member

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    obviously the internet, local graff spots, skate shops and skate parks but you can leave a tag up next to other tags sayin shit like wassup from 132nd street or somthin and eventually meet them
  2. "MONSTER"

    "MONSTER" Member

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    graffiti dating sites
  3. Davis83

    Davis83 Banned

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  4. convert

    convert Member

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    hmmmm. this seems like a way to meet a toy under cover cop !
  5. MiDo93

    MiDo93 Senior Member

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    the best way to meet other writers is to find their best piece and write "i really enjoy your graffiti" then leave your name and phone number over it. and if they dont call you they probly didn't see it so just keep on doing it on all their pieces. eventually the person will see it and REALLY want to meet up with you. For your health
  6. 02Adams

    02Adams Member

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  7. rave316

    rave316 Senior Member

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    or in my case learn japanese and try to meet japanese writers...
  8. SKOG

    SKOG Senior Member

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    damn straight. happened to me twice
  9. doksu

    doksu Member

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    Go to a graffiti shop and wait other people and meet them :)
  10. FADE23

    FADE23 Senior Member

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    I could really do with meeting another writer to go out with coz I am the only writer in my neighbourhood, one popped up about 5 years ago called 'cerk' but he vanished fast, I know that my city doesn't have a graffiti shop so looks like I'm destined to be forever alone lol!!
  11. Mrseaitwo

    Mrseaitwo Member

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  12. Junglizt

    Junglizt Senior Member

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    There's only a handful of writers in my city cos it's pretty small, be cool to meet them but not too fussed, going on solo ninja missions is fun haha. Good not having to worry about other people and knowing you can bolt if shit happens.
  13. dirt diggler

    dirt diggler Senior Member

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    this isnt a fucking social networking site or facebook! if u need to meet people thats questionable!! if ure adout ure buisness then u should no whos who! its and anonymous art from wich is why its done at nite or without being seen! who started this thread should be shot! thank you and good night!
  14. GnarSlaughter

    GnarSlaughter New Member

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    get up nd out.That's how i found my homies
  15. toop

    toop Senior Member

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    watch a bunch of guys near the train/freight yard and then creep up on them make sure you got something to defend yourself they may at first try do something else but ive meet a few cunts in freight yards here used to have 6-8 ppl hitting 2-3 rows a night haha
  16. biblebeltbangerz

    biblebeltbangerz Elite Member

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    get a buddy and force them to learn how to tag and stuff. take them out with you at night to work on it. start a crew.
  17. SENDone905

    SENDone905 Senior Member

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    I usually just go into tunnels and train tracks and all that to meet others, sometimes I just run into other writers.
  18. KingPush

    KingPush Member

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    Just go to an exchange forum or thread. find someone tryin to sell shit in your area or meet you in town to sell/trade
    dont be givin out your real name and for fuck sure don't be tellin them your graffiti name.
    just hit them up ask if they actually write or just shit talk and figure out if theyre forreal... get up

    if youre a man you'll do it alone sometimes people just walk up on me if they got a face cover and arent runnin just be like "yo man you tag here?"
    tag beside other tags and put shit about crewing up or no toys on the wall. keep comin back to the spot and youre bound to meet...
  19. toop

    toop Senior Member

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    drug dealing can also do it depending on where ya live
  20. wolfgang2142

    wolfgang2142 Senior Member

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    Im in montreal lookin for fellow writers if any one wants to do a piece or two hit me up