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Important! The New World Order..long Read

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PureSole, Dec 6, 2005.

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  1. ---CRoR---

    ---CRoR--- Elite Member

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    wat the fuck is that shit dude... that is the dumbest thing ive seen on this site! fuck NWO wrestling! stupid!

    ACTION NEWS... Elite Member

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    Makes sense, but you remind me of those dudes on the corner JUDGEMENT DAY IS COMIN HALLELUJAH GLORY GLORY AMEN
  3. st3ve-ES

    st3ve-ES Senior Member

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    i was gonna do the same thign diarrhea

  4. fannypack uprock

    fannypack uprock Elite Member

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    the things he says might sound crazy.. but its all part of the master scheme against the people. beleive it or not but that saying 'truth is often odder than fiction' isnt that far off. if you kids put some research into 9/11 and the current sociopolitical climate of the world, especially in the united states and the european union you would find some truth in the words the man spoke. dont let faux news control what you tihnk about how the world is right now. mainstream news industries will lie to no end because they are the only ones that have to keep an eye out for themselves. besides we the people. right now i see the media as nothing but a mouthpiece for the administration and even deeper into that as the administration is full of puppets and what we need to do is follow the strings to figure out whos REALLY pulling them. everyone blames the hardships of the world lately on bush when quite frankly the man just isnt that smart to think of all that himself. its sort of like the queen of england. shes more of the face of the royalty. doesnt mean she controls shit. look deeper into the equation before you start talking shit and dismissing things you hear that contradict your own beliefs. you might find some useful information along the way that might change the way you look at the world, our government, and yourself.

    thats my 2 cents.
  5. QuestionMark?

    QuestionMark? Senior Member

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    I read i think all of the stuff on this thread and, a lot of the points you make about the conspiracies, they all seem to be convincing. I just dont see a World War 3 coming, i dont recall you explaining about why there will be another War. Im not one to believe in all the conspiracies that people come up with but im still open to hearing them. Everyone always has these theories about the US government, i really dont see a whole lot of reasonable proof that anything you said is really true. That video of the state of the union or w.e. was just wack, i cant believe that shit it's too crazy. Your ideas basically sound to me like really, really well thought out IDEAS. ideas isnt evidence. I just dont want to get sucked into these theories and shit, you'll spend your whole life telling these crazy ideas then you find out later on someone was bullshitting you. My main point here is i dont see any evidence that there will be a World War 3, if you have even an idea i'd like to hear it.
  6. screw_loose

    screw_loose Elite Member

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    it's gonna flare up in the middle east, i can yell you that much.
  7. it-cant-rain-all-the-timelalala

    it-cant-rain-all-the-timelalala Elite Member

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  8. PureSole

    PureSole Elite Member

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    Nah, Im not those type of dudes action news but Im just trying to get it out on the net. Its good to know. And World war 3. This is many peoples logic...

    Right now, The U.S. and other world nations oppose Iran, North Korea and other nations. There is suggestion that the U.S. or Isreal may attack Iran. Weird shit. Also, the NWO thing is this: The U.N. was put in to become the world government. When other nations oppose it, that is war.

    War= 2 or more opposing forces and then a comprimise. The logic is that if the world government is true, Many believe it will abolish religion, freedom, speakeing out. Similar to George Orwells book 1984.

    The government is working on chips that are so small they can be injected without you seeing through a syringe. They can contain blood type, DNA data, tacking devices, Picture, fingre print, retina scan, dental records, etc. VIOLATION of the constitution.

    Some of you don't want to listen to this view, its your choice. I was expecting some constructive feedback from writers, a group of people thats supposed to HAVE culture and be open minded. Im not saying accept it...But argue with me, tell your beliefs.

    Basically, were living in NAZI-USA. Police state, martial law will be soon. And the world will follow. And the opposing nations will be crushed. Why do you think Russia had said "we are against the NWO"? And why has Russia claimed to be preparing for world war 3, and selling Asian nations weapons, and denying to join Europe? (read about it, its still in Asia beside what you heard in school).

    Legally, Saddam cannot be tried for violating any U.N. laws because there is no world court...that will soon change. Does the world give a shit? No. Corporate nations fucking making money of our blood. You, me, your families. The minorities and the poor and middle class are being fucked. They showed Buzz lightyear getting Retina scans and dna chips...Propoganda?

    Listen to the rapper Immortal technique and buy guns and ammo.
  9. rarl

    rarl Senior Member

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    How do you know this will not change in 4 years. The new president could take out troops and change shit. Think about that.
  10. vegimite on toast

    vegimite on toast Elite Member

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  11. Sir.Ogre

    Sir.Ogre Member

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    Every city puts flouride in their water systems. Notice that flavor change when you drink bottled water then tap water? The flouride is used to help keep your teeth fresh (i'm serious).

    New world order ehh? It's probaly true, wouldn't doubt it. I have no comment on the whole twin tower deal, but i'll tell you I do not, not believe it.
  12. PhAiS

    PhAiS Senior Member

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  13. vegimite on toast

    vegimite on toast Elite Member

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    Yeah, I watched that for 5 minutes and I really don't care. I am the perfect citizen for this "new world order". Viva New World Order!
  14. molotow_15

    molotow_15 Elite Member

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    to hell with the goverment fuck bush and fuck blair
  15. it-cant-rain-all-the-timelalala

    it-cant-rain-all-the-timelalala Elite Member

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    all bush wants is to be able to get hot water to wash his feets two times a day...
  16. []ASeR-ONe[]paint slinger

    []ASeR-ONe[]paint slinger Elite Member

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    :ph34r: ninjas rep tha CVC!
  17. PureSole

    PureSole Elite Member

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    im just saying. And kayone, i didnt say im some holy prohet some shit. But its better to know this. If we went into lockdown tommorow it would do you beter to know this.
  18. fuck_you_msfyt

    fuck_you_msfyt Banned

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    Just a heads up... Illuminati doesn't exist anymore fools. They failed and disbanded.

    Was there explosives to help drop the twin towers? Some say yes some say no, truth will probably never be revealed. Jet fuel did have enough heat to melt the metal inside the cement (armoured cement they call it, metal bars weaving strenghtens the cement structure) or at least soften it enough to cause a collapse. All you need is one story to drop, that amount of energy sets off the rest like dominoes. Thats how you knock down a buiding, you blow up the first level and the other levels falling compress each other.

    They already tried to blow up the twin towers some years ago, but the van with explosifs was parked too far for it too work.

    Fools saying us canadians don't give a shit. Hah nice bubble there dimwits. In modern society we are all affected to a very large extent. A nuclear, chemical or biological bomb set off in the nothern part of the USA will bring us fallout with the winds, our economy is strongly based off the states, things like internet are mainly based in the USA. We are all interlinked.

    And WW3 is a joke? You guys have to be fools... It could be tomorrow. No warning just bam. All it takes is one of the minor countries to get a nuclear war head... or to make one. And it's really not that hard... Steal one, buy one off russia, infiltrate a nuclear power plant and rob that, etc... The tension of a country willing to use nuclear power could be big enough to set in some serious beef and another world war... people are on edge lately... and media showing us the negative sides of USA haven't helped stabilize the political unrest.

    Something is bound to happen... and soon... poor people are slowly getting mass information... even in lil villages in africa internet is slowly getting installed... what will happen when these people see what they are missing out on? When they realize everything we are hogging away from them? What will happen to the uneducated chineese guy who works 16 hour days knee deep in water to feed us rice when he see's how we laugh at him for being such an idiot and when he realizes that he could be so much more.

    Knowledge is power, and any man who finds out about power he is being denied will yearn for it... And any man in power oppresing others as slaves will keep on denying them that power... And when the slaves get strong enough and wise enough they will rebel... and that's when war will really break out. When every poor dude says fuck your nike factory paying me a quarter a day, I'll slit your throat and take my dues. What will you do then eh? 300 million americans. Alot of those are poor anyways and dream of rebelling. So its not EVEN 300 million. Who will control billions of rebelling third world citizens? It's easy now because they have no real strenght, its like attacking a tank with a stick, but they are very rapidly getting smarter... and enough sticks inside the treads of a tank will stop it.
  19. S8nt

    S8nt Senior Member

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    And it's really not that hard... Steal one, buy one off russia, infiltrate a nuclear power plant and rob that, etc...

    HA o really u eva made a nuke ......steal one? lmoa rack a nuke? its not as if there a pack of skittles at a gas station its a fuckin nuke i think it would be pretty tricky to steal
  20. fuck_you_msfyt

    fuck_you_msfyt Banned

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    I didn't say it was easy for kids like you. Heck if you knock down the twin towers, you can put a country into a perpetual state of fear, you can get world wide attention in 10 minutes, you can probably steal a nuke. What would it take to steal one of those russians whose whole infrastructure is collapsed?

    It's just a matter of time kids... Only so long you can keep knowledge to yourself... If it's been invented once, someone else, maybe some1 with nefastious ideals, can reinvent it. Heck you could cause massive damage with any of the bombs used before A and H bombs. Plus biological warfare is very abordable for countries with less loot to get atomic power. There again you could get some vary rare diseases kept for scientific purposes up north in russia (its in the advent of a disaster, natural or otherwise, the viruses and such wont spread due to the area being in continual frost)

    Either way... they could win a war with pipe bombs and knives. Todays war is not about invading a country. It's about crippling the economy and scaring the people. Its psychological and economical (same thing in the end) warfare. Make people too scared to leave their houses for work, stop producing the raw materials and labor needed to keep the USA running smoothly.

    It's been done in other countries, that's what guerrilla warfare is all about. When you don't have the power to overthrow a goverment then you just cripple it and watch it rot.