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ironlak vs. montana?

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by 3ksta...c, Oct 8, 2009.

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  1. Senior Member

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    When you use lak, start the can with a pink dot.. Then switch to whatever..
  2. ribcage

    ribcage Banned

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    umad bro? you didnt say it, but imply it with every1 of your posts. you wont take anybody elses answer into consideration but your own. Which make me think you think you know everything.

    I know EVERYTHING. So I know what you know, and what you think you may know but dont know
  3. H1P30N3R

    H1P30N3R Elite Member

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  4. Senior Member

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    Lol ^^ i take other ppls answers in to consideratio, dont mean i listen to them or agree with the

    SEWERRATS Member

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    ironlak kinda smells like candy
  6. PaintOnDeck

    PaintOnDeck Member

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  7. spiltink

    spiltink Banned

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    ironlak tastes like candy
  8. inpho_211

    inpho_211 Senior Member

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  9. maizy

    maizy Banned

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    Yeah it does but Ironlak has also made the fade protector. Which is only useful for legal pieces or small quiet fr8 yards.
  10. Jeffrey Inpho Daniel

    Jeffrey Inpho Daniel Member

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    i've never tried montana, neither spanish or german, i've tried a few old school krylons, alot of rust-o's, a couple of ironlak, and alot of off brand dollar paints, i'd say if you have to apply fade protector to make it last, it ain't worth it,
  11. snal

    snal Member

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    today i first tried ironlak,cuz in europe and especialy Bulgaria,ironlaks are rare to see in i bought myself one can of Ironlak to test it.My impression is that ironlak are not good paint compared with montata,because when i first sprayed it(shaked it a minute or so)it started spraying this thing like party cream or something like that...then i sprayed more and finaly it gave up and started the paint.The paint itself is not good in my opinion i bought white ironlak and it faded super fast nomater how many second i dripped like hell and didn't cover up well.So i will stick from this time to Montana,Molotow and other brand of paint :) And Ironloak smells weard fuck
  12. Hell2daNah

    Hell2daNah Senior Member

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    take this from someone who has been writing for more than 10 years. rusto is best. montana over ironlack for sure. ironlack fades why would u get it unless ur doing something thats gonna get buffed right clean trains
  13. OctoVenom

    OctoVenom Senior Member

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    both there dope also fresh paint is great.
  14. Jeffrey Inpho Daniel

    Jeffrey Inpho Daniel Member

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    never tried fresh, they're gonna have mad colors soon though,
  15. jaysim

    jaysim Member

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    Ironlak has a great selection of colours but in terms of overall paint and valve flow i like molotows. But i have nothing against ironlaks theyre a good brand of paint. So if you are looking for great paint and cheap ones ironlaks are the way to go. Molotows are expensive :/
  16. SHEARZ.

    SHEARZ. Member

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    Ironlak by far..
  17. Steez

    Steez Senior Member

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    It's supposed to first spray out like silly string. That's just how thick it is. You really gotta shake the shit outta it. I usually shake it more than I would montana, because of the thickness it has.

    coverage wise.. i like how ironlak can cover montana n other shit. as for whoever mentioned mtn 94 like 3 yrs ago, doesn't mtn 94 have lower pressure than ironlak?
  18. EroticPoliticians

    EroticPoliticians New Member

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    I like ironlak more, it smells better and's cheaper. At my local graff shop ironlak's 6.50 per can and montana's 10.
  19. R3bel1995

    R3bel1995 Senior Member

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    ^^dam that's some expensive paint, I can get lak for $3.50 and that's the pricey stuff. Dollar Cans!! FTW
  20. RaWs3kz

    RaWs3kz Senior Member

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    deffinetly prefer montana over ironlak...theres just something awesome about the way it feels coming out of the can when u hold it... the laks aright tho and its much cheaper....i just hate that silly string shit...honestly i wish that they still made rusto so u could put the caps on it .. cuz rusto beats all these fancy overpriced paints...