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ironlak vs. montana?

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by 3ksta...c, Oct 8, 2009.

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  1. mtoscas

    mtoscas New Member

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    Montana spray cans and paint pens are pretty great, but i just found the sickest paint pens yet the large Posterman Paint Markers they are the same quality pens maybe even better for graffiti artists but there only 6 bucks at Hobby Lobby!! which is way cheaper than montana. You got to check them out its definitely worth it. PAINT PENS.png PAINT PENS2.png PAINT PENS3.png PAINT PENS4.jpg
  2. SevenStickers

    SevenStickers Member

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    I'll go for Montana, not sure why I just like them better.
  3. dangeri

    dangeri Elite Member

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    If the piece is gonna stand in the sun for any longer than a week its got to be montanna, Fade on ironlak is horrific! Some of the HOF spots ourways last less than 3 its whatever feels clever at the time.
  4. Scam

    Scam New Member

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    Everybody's going to have a different opinion and no one can tell another writer which is better for their style, their skills with can control, the environment that there spray painting in and the surface there spray painting on. I think for the money the best matte spray paint out is Spanish Montana 94 followed by Belton and then Montana gold. Ironlak has a variable valve and also it's glossy unlike most paints except for the Montana hardcore and the Montana White which are also glossy paints. Glossy paints do not work as well in the cold because of the resin that's used to create the shiny glossy surface.