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is my tag "Graffiti" enough ? or am I a toy.

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Teek, May 7, 2019.

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  1. Teek

    Teek New Member

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  2. Qubic

    Qubic Senior Member

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    Graffiti = Any words/drawings on a public surface done without permission - So as soon as thats out of your book and on a wall then its graffiti :)

    Toy = rookie/inexperienced - everyone starts off as a toy. Dont worry about it
  3. Crimdaughter

    Crimdaughter Member

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    Dude just go do it everyone starts off new start small scale get well affiliated with it just get it done you got it, that tag looks good anyway
  4. Swul

    Swul Senior Member

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    Love it. you got ittttt. K's be lookin GUUD
  5. ArcticWolf43

    ArcticWolf43 Senior Member

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    Yeah the K is hella sick
    you might want to change one of the Es though cause 2 of the same letter in a row can be annoying to piece
  6. Swul

    Swul Senior Member

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    True true. maybe change it to an A bc it's said the same...?
  7. Novel_808

    Novel_808 Senior Member

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    The fact that you asked if your tag looks graffiti enough tells us your a toy. However your tag isn't bad. My advice would be to study the fundementals of graffiti and calligraphy as that is what graff evolved from. Just work on your handwriting, letter structure/unifromity, and name weight. Your K is very heavy so you would need to make your T capital to balance the word. Also loose the underlines.;)
  8. Stackss

    Stackss New Member

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    just keep practicing also try different markers too
  9. needmoremash

    needmoremash New Member

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    the doo dads on it dont look terrible, would suggest just going ham on practicing letters and create your own handstyles and flows:)
  10. NeVeReVeR

    NeVeReVeR Member

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    It’s a start bro. Just keep writing. You’ll be able to stylize your lettering once you’re comfortable with what you’re doing. Motivation to get better is 90% of the battle. And if you’re going to use multiples of the same letter in your tag, make them uniform if you can. 993D3D3C-7627-483A-8F73-DC34810F65D9.jpeg