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Krylon And Other Name Brand Paints

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Payday_909, Jun 28, 2004.

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  1. Payday_909

    Payday_909 New Member

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    Hey sum1 recently told me that wen ur graffin it's manditory to use krylon paints or montana or w.e i was juss wonderin if this was bs or not. Thx 4 da help
  2. the infamous one

    the infamous one Elite Member

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    you can use any kinda paint you want, but you get what you pay for, so the better the paint the better your piece is gonna come out.
  3. my-SaC-hurts

    my-SaC-hurts Senior Member

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    use watever paint u want man.... cheapo black paint is ok... vantage is crap but ultra flat black vantage is fuckin good.... painters touch is wat i use nice colours
    most people say krylon and montana are the best...

    krylon rocks...
    paintesrs touch is ok....
    montana is amazing

    use wat u want... just some is mor eliquidy or some is low pressure //high pressure man just learn bout ur paint and sayin that it's "manditory" to do anythin is retarded... do what u want always... jsut respect others

  4. geezpot

    geezpot Elite Member

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    %25 racecar
    %75 driver
  5. the infamous one

    the infamous one Elite Member

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  6. jurass finish first

    jurass finish first Elite Member

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    krylon's alright for bombing but a lot of its totally watered down
  7. payday909...the brand of the paint really doesnt matter...your goal is to make your mark right ? who cares about the brand as long as it's readable....
  8. Nikon

    Nikon Senior Member

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    why did no one mention rusto? its the shit
  9. Enygm

    Enygm Senior Member

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    Why does some krylon cans are this watery and some not ? It's always a guess when I buy some...Sometime it's just crap, sometime it's can I be sure that the cans I'm taking are going to be good?

    And other stupid question by the way... Where can I find rusto paint?... Are you talking about painter's touch? I always wondered?

    here is my list of favorite spray paint

    first; montana
    second: painter's touch
    third: krylon
    4th: some wal mart crown color vision are great
    5: I often use 1.39$ black and white spray paint that i get at Canadian tire...cheep but ok...I'm working there since a couple of weeks and I have to wait for three month :angry: before having my 15% off...
  10. The Most Sadistic

    The Most Sadistic Elite Member

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    use america's finest and painters touch
  11. glue

    glue Elite Member

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    colour vision is very good better than krylon but not as good as montana.
  12. jurass finish first

    jurass finish first Elite Member

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    i saw a couple cans at home depot the other day. only black white and grey though
  13. BullshitTantrum

    BullshitTantrum Elite Member

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    try walmart, some walmarts carry them.
  14. ViKn

    ViKn Elite Member

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    walmart here is wack, They have maybe 5 colors of anything, except in pocket cans, but there Way to expensive
  15. Ravek

    Ravek Elite Member

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    rustoleum is the best in my book, but flat black kyrlon with a german outlines is dope
  16. genome

    genome Elite Member

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    its called get whatever type of pain however you get it. some of the worst writers use montana and buy all the little caps and shit. i know some awsome writers who use 2 dollar homedepot paint with stocks that could burn all of you.
  17. panic

    panic Elite Member

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    it doesnt matter
  18. Havoc411

    Havoc411 Elite Member

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    i recently picked up a can of rusto professional, its really nice. its in a bigger can too. it stands out nice. but i mostly just use rosto and sometimes krylon. i cant find any montana in my state and dont wanna order it online.
  19. toy_ONED

    toy_ONED Senior Member

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    u better listen to them, caue they know what they're talking about...
  20. HeTaK-cac

    HeTaK-cac Senior Member

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    montana,krylon,true colorz and some u can buy at sub-v