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Krylon And Other Name Brand Paints

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Payday_909, Jun 28, 2004.

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  1. GooberOne

    GooberOne Senior Member

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    they dont sell belton or montanna in store were i live so i usually use rustoleum

    jfk stencil.jpg
  2. zachatnca

    zachatnca Senior Member

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    before i got into actual bombing i would use rusto's with some different caps and it was cheap and worked great
  3. Walleeto

    Walleeto Senior Member

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    General Paint


    and any spray paint on walmart really
  4. PHREEone

    PHREEone Senior Member

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    NOW ,all city paint. fresh paint.flame. sabotaz paint.. all great but the FLame is alright to waste paint on its about 4.50 a can but all city and fresh paint. they run on 3 to 4 a can works great better then flame for sure,,,FLAME CANT FIT NY FATS. thats the major blow to the balls!! :)
  5. dangeri

    dangeri Elite Member

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    German Montanna Blacks (or the synthetics for going on Brick) MTN 94, Hardcore's or Kobra for me. Coverage on most others i'v tried is weak. Not had the plesure of playing with Rusto's as I'm a UK bumpkin n we dont get that stuff, that im aware of anyways.
  6. triphippy

    triphippy Senior Member

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    Ive used some rusto but I preferr the krylon since they are like right next to each other at ace Hardware and krylon comes with better tips and it sprays stronger
  7. Nfarren

    Nfarren New Member

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    Krylon isn't the very best because unless put on a very large amount of paint. Your art will come out very faded.