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Krylon And Other Name Brand Paints

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Payday_909, Jun 28, 2004.

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  1. kidkarl

    kidkarl Member

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    wut ever u wanna use i gueess if ur broke get 1$ cans if u just got a pay check get belton
  2. jersOneTIC

    jersOneTIC Senior Member

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    i use mtn for productions...but krylon and rusto for bombs.
  3. jalleyadikt

    jalleyadikt Member

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    that paint is horrible!
    in my town you can buy that paint for 1.99$ a can, and its covers horribly,really horribly or you can buy rusto for 2.83$ at menards, and let me tell you its worth the 83 cents.
    i have always rocked rusto or painters touch, i plan on trying some krylon soon because of tip options.
  4. acidconceptone

    acidconceptone Senior Member

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    okay first of all its just called TREMCLAD and its canadian rust paint. i hear its made by rusto but NEVER CALL IT TREMCLAD RUSTO PAINT you sound like a fucking goof-ass clown-ass bitch-ass cunt-ass son-of-a-bitch! but as for caps?

    rack the red stock caps found on painters touch. those are sick.
    the black stock caps found on krylon dont even compare to the red ones.
    and for fat caps TREMCLAD works wunders with RUSTO FAT CAPS.

    stocks for thins. rusto fats for fats. in my experience tremclad takes a little longer to dry but they have TREMCLAD QUCIK DRY shit that shit is the shitttttt.

    expensive but if u rack who gives a fuck.

    hope i helped. tremclad colonial blue is a sick colour. its like a steel blue, kinda cold and grey looking. my favourite tremclad colour. whats yours?
  5. 14nick

    14nick Senior Member

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    theres some construction at my school and i saw a can of krylon so i grabbed it. but its all fucked its called "quick mark" its has like a whip cream cap :blink: its usable but is it lik a diff kinda paint? like easier 2 buff or somehting?
  6. spc

    spc Member

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    that shit is marking paint it should be just like other paint but you got to use it upside down
  7. 14nick

    14nick Senior Member

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  8. tattooyou516

    tattooyou516 Banned

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    Ironlak paint shop coming soon to long (347)254-2988 for questions
  9. xBOTOMx

    xBOTOMx Senior Member

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  10. dirt diggler

    dirt diggler Senior Member

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    RUSTO 33%more cans are the way to go bigger cans fer tha same price but there all comeing out wit thhese graffiti proof type of nozzles but the older rustos with thhe ny fats coverage is insane
  11. Slur805

    Slur805 New Member

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    blubber colors, deff check em out
  12. sauerkraus

    sauerkraus Member

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    Don't use Valspar. Got that shit from Lowe's and it wouldn't spray probably clogged. Never happens with good ol rusto.
  13. dimmu

    dimmu Member

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    germans and shit fit on valspar though, better than using most other shit cans. if you can find em on sale or rack them i say use it, other than that. dont pay 14$ a can for shit.
  14. GV1

    GV1 New Member

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    $1 Cans

    I'm looking for a bit of inspiration on what can be done with $1 cans. The cans we get at our store are really difficult to work with, but I understand it's more about skill than it is about the can. I don't expect nothing magnificent, but anyone got any images of work they/others have done with $1 cans.

  15. Phat 2

    Phat 2 Elite Member

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    hmmm check my page out (click on my name over the avatar) nd go to photos then in the album pieces, 90% of what you see is done using shit dollar cans
    but i dono much about getting your inspiration from there, i dont consider myself to be good
  16. King BEZOE187

    King BEZOE187 New Member

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    New paint company's have recently launched new paint. anyone ever use Fresh Paint? or All City?
  17. Apse One

    Apse One Member

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    i havent used either. Every piece i've seen done with Fresh Paint, is garbage. That may be the artists' faults, but i dont have much care to ever touch one.
    All city? i'm curious about too. I've seen some basic suff put up, and i thot about buying some, but i'm happy with lak and beltons.
  18. Apse One

    Apse One Member

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    I got sent 3 cans of All City for free. I haven't done much with it yet, but so far it's similar to ironlak. It's worth tryin out probably.
    I'm still going to assume that fresh paint is garbage, tho james insists that's it's comparable to lak. If nothing else, the pathetic color selection ruins it.
  19. graffitiWISCONSIN

    graffitiWISCONSIN Senior Member

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    krylon sucks nowadays. color place is terrible. rusto is great. german montana fucking blows. spanish montana is the 100% best. fresh paint is ok. belton molotow is pretty good. belton hit color is good, dark colors of it are like rusto on roids.
  20. DRIG

    DRIG Member

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    Whatever puts a mark on a wall. Just make sure its not total shit. Theres one brand in particular where the can is white, and then theres a floral pattern underneath it in the color of the paint. Its shitty. Dont get it. It actually washed off in a rainstorm.