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Legal Age To Buy Paint

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by tareme, Jun 20, 2004.

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  1. tareme

    tareme Member

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    do you have to be a certain age to buy paint ? i know most of you are probably gonna be sayin go steal it and yes, thats what i usually do but i just need to know if there like an legal age or somethin
  2. I can tell for one that you don't steal it because you would know that it is completely LEGAL for anyone of any age to get it. Oh, and it may depend on where you live. Here in canada, it is legal at any age. Try different places. Most of them don't care. If they ask you why you want it, just say you're a legal artist, or you're painting a bike or whatever.
  3. imported_newz12

    imported_newz12 Moderator

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    There is a lot of places in the US (mostly in cities where there is a graffiti scene) where you have to be 18+ to buy paint. Anyway, just go to a local store and it will be written right in front of the cans if there is a minimum age.
  4. glue

    glue Elite Member

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    im not sure but in cali you have to be 18+ and you can get jail time for a first time offence. but in toronto there is no law :D
  5. RMA

    RMA Elite Member

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    Some places around here care, K-Mart are bitches about it, Wallmart usualy they'll just ask how old you are and don't want ID. Most of the smaller indipendent stores could give a fuck. But I look like I'm 25 so I usualy don't catch any shit.
  6. neurosis

    neurosis Senior Member

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    there is no laws in massachusetts that i know of
  7. oblong

    oblong Elite Member

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    as long as your not tlaking about bombig no one really cares, if they ask jsut say its for a school project. and anways the started of this topic, how the fuck are we supossed to know where you shop for paint? and even if we did why dont you jsut fucking walkt here and find out. its not like they are going to phone the police if your buying spraypaint. honesty use your head for fucks sake
  8. mano

    mano Senior Member

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    at the wal mart near me its 18 whitch sucks cuz they got more colors
  9. oblong

    oblong Elite Member

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    wallmart near me no one gives a fuck
  10. cbc

    cbc Senior Member

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    no legal age in toronto... and they honestly dont care even if they know you're going to do graff with it, i went to to a department store and i had my binder out and it was covered with graff...
  11. ACE512

    ACE512 Elite Member

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    in Texas i havnt checked all the cities its almost impossible but ... you have to be 18 + to buy it ...
  12. genome

    genome Elite Member

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    thats fucked up. here is a gun. spray paint is dangerous.
  13. SlickONE

    SlickONE Member

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    i went and bought 18 cans of krylon and all they said to me was have fun..ha :D
  14. Ravek

    Ravek Elite Member

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    the good people at Micheals don't give a fuck how old I am becuase ther poor as shit and they need the money to keep ther store open but one time i was on south street in philly for my birthday with my family, I went inside and tyred to buy a blue uni paint, and this old hag asked if i was gonna do graffiti and I said no but she said i have to be 18 or older any way, so my loving mom knowing that i was a writer came and bought the marker for me, that day i told her i was gonna go ride my bike and i forgot my brand new uni paint, and before i left she came out side and said u forgot ur marker, i said o thanx mom! i love telling that story
  15. slavetopaint

    slavetopaint Member

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    yeah i guess around where i am, they changed the legal age to buy paint at wal*mart to 18...
  16. Tony

    Tony Elite Member

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    there is a by law that says you have to be 18 for part of the city. rest of the city no one gives a shit
  17. oblong

    oblong Elite Member

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    there is the one native guy that always works the tils at wallmart when i buy paint and he is pretty old and he always gives me this crazy smile look and he starts laughing and tells me not to get caught
    i think he is on crack
  18. Notoroner

    Notoroner Senior Member

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    words there is no age minimum in Toronto....theya re just happy to get money....This art store's income relies on all of the writers in my area
  19. shaffer

    shaffer Senior Member

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    lucky canadians. I live in cali and the laws are a bitch but my dad will walk in with me to buy paint so its cool.
  20. /*BlItZ*\

    /*BlItZ*\ Senior Member

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    18 most places, but for me its not cause of writing, cause of ass's huffin an shit, they just passed a law for 18 and older to buy ducktape, how the hell do you smoke ducktape :p