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Legal Age To Buy Paint

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by tareme, Jun 20, 2004.

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  1. tense

    tense Elite Member

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    dude i have it so easy, where i live, in Surrey Canada, u can be any age to buy spray paint and they arent kept behind glass or in cabinets, they are in so easy too jack!
  2. SOB

    SOB Member

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    who buys? RACK.
  3. it3k>>>

    it3k>>> Member

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    in the az u can buy a can of paint for a dollor!!!!!!! its not to bad, at wallmart,
  4. it3k>>>

    it3k>>> Member

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    u dont half to be 18 to buy a fat marker!!! they have a jumbo marker called mark-alot there all so!
  5. CanalSt

    CanalSt Senior Member

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    That "go to a graff store" technique doesn't work in NYC, I go to this place called scrap yard and they dont let me buy anything. I hope pearl paint does though.
  6. Jwhite

    Jwhite Senior Member

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    just went down to home hardware in ontario today and bought some krylon, 16 years old.
    no limit im pretty sure,

    i had an old bitch sketchin if i was racking or not though.
  7. HaLo_07

    HaLo_07 Senior Member

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    Right on...It seems to me like graffitis balls have been cut...I donno about other people but I still got my balls.

    <B Let em hang...

    What happened to graffiti dude...
  8. SniffyOne

    SniffyOne New Member

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    In Pennsylvania, you gotta be 18. But I dont see why you wanna even buy paint in the first place, unless you're pieceing.
  9. SoZoner

    SoZoner Member

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    one word, "rack" ;)
  10. Hulk

    Hulk Member

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    Fuck paying, when you have Good old Racking! but in Illinois you cant buy paint unless your 18. or lie your fuckkin ass off.
  11. CRIS 3F

    CRIS 3F Senior Member

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  12. twisties

    twisties Elite Member

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    I've only reccently seen stores putting up signs saying they might ask for ID.

    I can buy booze online without needing send in a photo of my ID. But if you purchase paint online you've gotta send in a picture of your ID, otherwise they will refuse your order.
  13. Freshay

    Freshay New Member

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    anyone know the limit in Spain?
  14. "FrY"

    "FrY" Member

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    uhm, las vegas? i mean im 6'3" or 6'4" so i usually never hav problems but im just curious
  15. zachatnca

    zachatnca Senior Member

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    depends where you live. i live in new york and graffiti is VERY VERY big here so the mayor makes sure its a pain in the ass to get paint. however when i was younger i would always get one of my 18+ friends to buy it with me, but eventually i went there enough he just started selling it to me. now luckily im over 18.
  16. SMOETH

    SMOETH Member

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    yo i do all the graff up in my burbs (dont hate.) and theres like no cops and i could buy paint from the stores since i was like 12.................1 advantage to the burbs
  17. wolfgang2142

    wolfgang2142 Senior Member

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    MTL no one gives a fuck, they'll sell you paint anywhere fuck there are so many construction sites(that no1 works at) under the highways that if I need paint I go there and pick some half full cans up off the ground yesterday I found a full can of fluorescent paint
  18. Hrzy

    Hrzy Member

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    You...I like you...You'll die last
  19. Impulse

    Impulse Member

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    I just use MAGNUM Sharpies, easy to get.
  20. wolfgang2142

    wolfgang2142 Senior Member

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