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Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by imported_newz12, May 2, 2004.

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  1. SeagerOner

    SeagerOner Senior Member

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    You should be able to add to ANY empty markers, Molotow, OTR etc
    Also mops and you can use it many ways, with brushes. Sponges whatever you can think of
  2. SeagerOner

    SeagerOner Senior Member

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    If you racked it from School im going to assume you're young and in High School? If so look thru your parents stuff, seek some shit they might have.
    1. Black Paint Enamel.
    2. Paint Thinner
    3. Brake Fluid (if 1 Is not available)

    Ok so add 1 to your ink and mix it, if it's too thick for your markers or mops just add a lil of 2 to make it thinner and find the consistency you're looking for. 3. Is only an option if 1 isn't available. Just add 3 with the ink. However it eats thru plastic over time so if you're storing a lot of ink at once than use a glass jar. And the inside of markers you use will begin to rot after time. But yeah it's basically up to you whatever you feel comfortable. But be safe and use proper health equipment. Those Chemicals are not to be fucked with or breathing in. Plus do that outside! Not Indoors please.

    Id recommend to add Rustoleum Black Paint Enamel to your ink. And maybe a lil thinner. Peace n be safe
  3. Brøndby if

    Brøndby if Member

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    thx. sounds a bit too dangerous for me. i made some homemade ink from sharpies and rubbing alkohol, but the vapours nearly made me vomit. i my country sadly we dont have rustoleum.
  4. Eulentier

    Eulentier Member

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    So i put it in a molotow empty pump action marker and it seems like the pigments get stuck up in the felt-tip. The tags look super watery and not even close to the bronze colour i recieve with my mop. I shaked the hell out of it before filling it in and pumping. I tested on paper, concrete, metal and wood.

    Edit: i just tried again and again and it got better slowly to the point where the bronze colour comes out pretty much perfectly. Thanks @SeagerOner
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  5. Eloeloeloelo

    Eloeloeloelo Senior Member

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    What marker to draw an outline? It's about drawing on a sheet of paper. How many mm should the tip have? Time to finish drawing with a pen. Sorry for my English
  6. Matt Wrigh

    Matt Wrigh Elite Member

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    I like Sharpies or the the Molotow 127s and 227s. Ive heard the Gellyroll 10s are nice too!!
  7. ajan9r

    ajan9r Member

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    dye based ink
  8. Depictions Of Life

    Depictions Of Life New Member

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    best ink recipe is cut up ink refills from shit pens with 50% methylated spirits and some nail polish remover also a bit of shaking and this shit stains i got it on a wall and it took me an hour to get off a lil bit
  9. stover

    stover Member

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    Definitely not the best ink recipe, but it's a classic.
  10. Napo

    Napo Member

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    I feel you bro
  11. Don!

    Don! New Member

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    im 14 and have a budget of 30 a month for paint with the occasional job here and there so ive resorted to racking my shit. I'm from DC and i buy sum of my stuff from the blick near me id rack but i know all the people that work there so i feel shitty for stealing shit. Staples has jack shit but easy to steal (white out pens mainly) anyone know spots where it would be easy to rack half decent shit? Specifically markers.
  12. noahenholm

    noahenholm Member

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    My favorite is Krink K-60 paint markers, I like how there are protection caps for each of the bottles in 15 pigmented shades. The large round tip of 15mm would be ideal for applying permanent paint on smooth surfaces like metal, coated paper and glass, etc. All you need to do is squeeze this bottle for a moderate amount and spread it out to start painting.
  13. refktrustno1

    refktrustno1 New Member

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    Hobby lobby and Joann fabrics would be the best to start racking at. Hobby lobby has ironlak and little packs of caps and Joann has unis and other markers. Once your comfortable there u can work ur way up to stores like home Depot and shit. Or jus do a push out with a cart with some cans in it then throw your coat on top and leave.
  14. Novel_808

    Novel_808 Senior Member

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    I'm loving this OTR 007. I put some 12yr old smash ink in and it writes smoooth

  15. CBW88

    CBW88 Member

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    Any tips for using the rollerball? Just got one in this week. Still learning how to use it.

    Also has anyone tried or heard of Forney oil based paint markers? If so any thoughts on them?
  16. CBW88

    CBW88 Member

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    Was curious if anybody had tips for using homemade ink in a dollar general marker? Specifically it's the "artskills" jumbo permanent marker. Took the ink sponge out and added my own ink but leaks like a dead hooker on a Sunday morning... noticed there's a gap between the nib and part of the housing, would hot glue be a good fix? Or any suggestions really, essentially it's now gravity fed like a jumbo pilot. The gap is on side of nib in 1st pic if that helps any.


  17. bad boy

    bad boy Elite Member

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    I made diy marker. I put paint from paint markers to jumbo marker. I will see tomorrow, that was it good idea, to make marker.

  18. crimsion wolf

    crimsion wolf New Member

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    hello i am new to this community can someone recommend a good brand to start with?
  19. bad boy

    bad boy Elite Member

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    I like to use solid markers. it costs maybe 8 euros in here Finlamd, but I don't know the price in America. You can use it maybe in every walls. Solid marker drys fast, and it is permanet, you can use it in cold weather, drys also in wet places ( not so well). I can say, that solid marker is the best graffiti marker.
  20. bad boy

    bad boy Elite Member

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    You can also buy common permanent marker, and put marker paint to there. But be careful, it will be very messy work, because paint drains to cap, if you dont keep the marker in vertical position. I say to you try different ways to make the best and the most practical marker. I like also to use old empty paint markers, when I can put ink to there.