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Music Production And Turntablism

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ekto907, Jul 14, 2006.

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  1. b SQUARED 08

    b SQUARED 08 Senior Member

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    It's all good man. I understand everyone's got different taste and 9 minutes isn't nearly enough time to even scratch the surface of all the different tunes I love to mix, but thanks for the input anyhow. Soon enough, I've gotta figure out how to record mixes through my laptop so I don't have to worry about a time limit and sound quality (recording through my camera's mic doesn't make for the best sound...).
  2. b SQUARED 08

    b SQUARED 08 Senior Member

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    So I recorded my first mix earlier today... Peep the tracklist and if you like what you see, give it a listen :) Feedback/ criticism is always appreciated.

    Mensah- N.S.G.
    Ginz- Boss
    MartyParty- My Lady Got Me Good
    Sam Frank- Simple Life
    2000F & J Kamata- You Don't Know What Love Is
    Joker- Solid State
    Deekline feat. 50 Cent & Justin Timberlake- Ayo
    SBTRKT feat. Drake- Wildfire
    Joker & Ginz- Purple City
    Kito & Reija Lee- Sweet Talk
    Joker- Do It
    Gemmy- Last Three Digits
    Gemmy- The Croft
    Gemmy- Maroon Chant
    Benga- 26 Bsslines
    Gemmy- Supligen
    Rustie- Tempered
    The Heavy- How Ya Like Me Now (Joker Remix)
    Kito & Reija Lee- This City
    Skream feat. Sam Frank- Where You Should Be
    L-Wiz- 4.42 Oz.
    Stinkahbell- Something In Your Eyes
    D.O.K.- Chemical Planet
    Zinc- Nexx
    Dirty Vegas- Days Go By (Mimosa Remix)
    501- Strings Attached
    Mimosa- Last Night In Town
    501- Unknown Enemy
    NiT GriT- Switch Up
    Emalkay- Fabrication
    NiT GriT- Babylon
    Joker- Milky Way
    L-Wiz- Fotbojan (Chasing Shadows Remix)
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  3. Tempo718

    Tempo718 Elite Member

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    try virtual dj @ that is what I mix wit and it has recording options included
  4. MAST

    MAST Elite Member

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  5. Fluffy Bunnies

    Fluffy Bunnies Elite Member

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    Does anyone here use Renoise?
  6. b SQUARED 08

    b SQUARED 08 Senior Member

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    Lol, I posted a mix right above your post... I'm just using a cable with 1/8" on one end and A/V cords on the other end- plugging directly into my mixer from my laptop. Recorded using Audacity and it's free too.

    That's my first mix, but I'm tryin' hard to get some feedback, so let me know people :)
  7. jape-the-nape

    jape-the-nape Elite Member

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    feeling the track mast, breakdown sounds fat
  8. ToxicAvenger

    ToxicAvenger Member

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  9. b SQUARED 08

    b SQUARED 08 Senior Member

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    Peep my newest mix- Promoting The Purple Volume 3:



    Wedge & Aesoteric- A Night On The Wonk (Gemmy Remix)
    Gemmy- Word Perfect
    L-Nix- Purple People Eater
    Adam Freeland- Do You (Joker Remix)
    Desto- Can't Take It
    Guttstar- Vapors
    Taz Buckfaster- Negative
    KOAN Sound- Coast To Coast
    Om Unit- Searching (EAN Remix)
    Kito- Electric Empire
    Slugabed- Mountains Come Out Of The Sky
    Rustie- Surph
    501- St. Ives
    Primary 1 & Riton- Radiates (Joker Remix)
    ∑NRON HUBB∆RD- She All Like
    Antiserum & Ill-Esha- Lightning
    Ill-Esha- Risky Rutabega
    Noisa- Split The Atom (Kito Remix)
    Nu:Tone, Logistics, and Other Echoes- Please Answer
    Gemmy- Grime Baby
    Marty Party Vs. MiMOSA- The Perfect Flaw
    Taz Buckfaster- Half Man Half Trout
    Zero 7- Everything Up (Joker Remix)
    Guttstar- Wow In The Now
    Starkey- Fresh
    Sinjin Hawke- Crusade
    Desto- Gremlinz
    Phutureprimitive- The Changeling
    Guido- Green Carpet
    Joker- I Think You Should Know (Instrumental)
    Jayglo- Where
    Terror Danja- Zumpi Hunter (Swindle Remix)
    Joker & Ginz- Stash

  10. $cUm0xYR1B0LuV

    $cUm0xYR1B0LuV New Member

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    how tf do u use a forum I'm new to this but I still wanna learn how to tag and learn how to do throw ups for now but can someone redirect to that forum or help me how to use it