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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SoBmoB, Dec 13, 2004.

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You like necro/non phixion...?

  1. I idolize thier "metaphoric" lines...

  2. Thier disgusting and I like fat dick in my mouth

  1. AoAssis

    AoAssis Elite Member

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    So i guess alot of people like big fat dick in their mouth. Thats cool.
  2. dcite

    dcite Elite Member

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    this is kind of an unfair because i dont really like necro but i hate dick too so i didnt really want to vote
  3. DC_Crane

    DC_Crane Senior Member

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    c' gotta love the dick B)
  4. Done4

    Done4 Member

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    what bout LA.COKA.NOSTRA
  5. _Dust_

    _Dust_ Senior Member

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  6. naps

    naps Senior Member

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    necro is fuckin amazing
  7. The Legacy

    The Legacy Senior Member

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    he's got mad skill ... if he didnt rhyme with spleen so much
  8. MFGrimm

    MFGrimm Senior Member

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    Necros alright, goes over the top sometimes, fucking some disgusting shit half the time, but his rhymes go right with the beat an shit so hes not bad. ill bill is the fucking shit tho.
  9. DJLotus

    DJLotus Senior Member

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    ive got 3 of necro's cds... hes tight... but listening to him gets old after about an hour straight for some reason. he's definately got talent tho i dig his shit
  10. TalibKweli

    TalibKweli Elite Member

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  11. Gome-tron

    Gome-tron Senior Member

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    at one point i liked ill bill and sabac
    but got out of that. shit is disgusting.

    "i have sex with female red necks"

    some shit by necro made me chuckle thou
  12. Natural Mystic

    Natural Mystic Member

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    necros shit makes me laugh alot
    h'es original, fat, jewish, white and drops the "n" bomb and no one says shit.
  13. DiStOrTiOn

    DiStOrTiOn Senior Member

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    hellz ya, i dig necro and bill, not a fan of big fat dick tho, thats why i dont listen to fiddy and the like....
  14. scr3w

    scr3w Senior Member

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    we all you know you like big fat dick, don't lie.
  15. DiStOrTiOn

    DiStOrTiOn Senior Member

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    not half as much as yo momma
    8lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllD :wub: <-yo momma.


    [cliche] BURN
  16. bigtakeover

    bigtakeover Senior Member

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    Lame beats, bad rhymes, and the complete absence of flow... nothing good about necro.
  17. SoBmoB

    SoBmoB Banned

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    shit, i remember starting this thread a couple of years ago...

    Suprisingly, the new necro... (well the beats anyways) they're pretty sick.

    really epic and well composed.

    Definatly not feelin him anymore though.
  18. Hask420

    Hask420 Senior Member

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    lol hes madd funny
  19. Typical Writer.

    Typical Writer. New Member

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    too sadistic after awhile it gets annoying
  20. phReak-a-NOiD

    phReak-a-NOiD Senior Member

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    one of the crews constantly bringin dope shit, tough la coka nostra im not too a fan of all tracks

    but necros beats are that kind hiphop beatz should be-in my opinion.
    also good lyrics, funny and sick.
    my favorite part of him are his verses at "youre dead" with ill bill

    those metal tracks i hate, its just not my music, and its allways hard hearing those nice beats and suddenly there comes a metal-track at his albums, he should put them on a own metal-rap album so dont have to hear them

    but its sad non phixion split up