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New "Beat" Paint.

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Kayone707, Jun 13, 2007.

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  1. Kayone707

    Kayone707 Moderator

    • Messages: 10,014
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    ^ "word". sounds good!
    you know whats funny? ever since i posted the price for the plutonium G paint no ones bumped it up
  2. IlikePie

    IlikePie Elite Member

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    Hot Damn! It's beautiful...
  3. mas$

    mas$ Elite Member

    • Messages: 771
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    Bump price for plutionim G paint:$7.50..(does anyone care bout the G? Beats where its at now..pity tho,wel'l probably never even sniff it here..)
    *edit* this was just to piss off Kay..just messin kay)
  4. Make•

    Make• Senior Member

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    the translated price from euro's to dollars is $4.68
    I got the information from a currency converter...
  5. AVID1

    AVID1 Senior Member

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    it's not that expensive at all, and I dont see why it should be.
  6. fnt

    fnt Senior Member

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    I like the compatability cap fits on any can, can can use any cap, but while the clear cap is cool, there are universal skinnies already on the market, also universal fats, it's nothing new
  7. Hask420

    Hask420 Senior Member

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    $4.68 thats a yummy price i want me some of this shit now
  8. ZEK*STL

    ZEK*STL Member

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    ya not bad of a price...
    but i might as well jus go rack some montanas...
    cuz these cans are probably gona be "unrackable" lol but they do look hot
    catchy phrase too, "try to BEAT these cans"
  9. fnt

    fnt Senior Member

    • Messages: 213
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    for most of us MTN is unrackable, there aren't any stores that carry it near me
  10. session-one

    session-one Senior Member

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    man i wanna check those green backs and purple black damn i really hope those are good cuz they sound pretty nice. now my spray can match my bus stainer
  11. backpacker

    backpacker Senior Member

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    that shit looks hot!anyone kno a website that might sell it?i want some now!
  12. Kayone707

    Kayone707 Moderator

    • Messages: 10,014
    • Likes Received: 42
    might wanna read the first page again junior
  13. SLiCC

    SLiCC New Member

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    da can looks bad and all but u think da fatcapz we all have are gonna work well with deze canz?????
  14. fnt

    fnt Senior Member

    • Messages: 213
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    why wouldn't they, it says it works with any caps?
  15. Rogue

    Rogue Guest

    Yes, the can works with any cap and the cap they make works with any can.
  16. fnt

    fnt Senior Member

    • Messages: 213
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  17. kog_throwie

    kog_throwie Senior Member

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    thats pretty sick man
  18. mc_mic

    mc_mic Member

    • Messages: 36
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    does anybodyknow when theese wud be hitting canada?
  19. plumbererer

    plumbererer Moderator

    • Messages: 632
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    i think it all depends on the vendors and who wants to bring it in man. im sure if you go to a shop and request it they may consider it.
  20. ADozenFuries

    ADozenFuries Member

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    looks sic, can u get it in canada...toronto?