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Official Sketch Battle v1.7

Discussion in 'Old battles' started by newz12, Apr 22, 2008.

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  1. Staff Member

    newz12 Administrator

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    Here comes the 7th official Bombing Science sketch battle! All the submitted sketches will be judged by Bates (COD, TNB, 156, WCA). This battle is sponsored by Tribal, so the winners will receive a lot of dope gear...

    Here's the breakdown of the prizes:

    1st Place:
    - $100 of Tribal Clothing
    - $50 Bombing Science gift certificate
    - 5 Montana Hardcore cans

    2nd Place:
    - $60 of Tribal Clothing
    - $25 Bombing Science gift certificate

    3rd Place:
    - $40 of Tribal Clothing

    And now, the rules of the battle:

    - Deadline: April 30th 2008
    - Word to sketch: DIVES
    - Colors: Any colors
    - Medium: Pencils, Pen, Markers
    - Backgrounds and characters are accepted, but not necessary.

    Sketches will be judged mostly on the letter structure.

    Send your sketch at the address below before the deadline:
    [email protected]

    Important: rename the image file with your artist name (example: yourname.jpg)

    The judge of this battle will announce the winners a few days after the deadline. All the sketches that will be submitted to us will also be posted online.

    Good luck!
  2. Staff Member

    newz12 Administrator

    • Messages: 562
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    The Winners!

    Here comes the results as choosed by Bates, for the sketches with the best lettering structure:

    1st Place: Tenz
    Bates' Comments: This one the winner because it has that Nyc flavour,good foundation of letter structure (that are moving),with the basic n classic elements of bits,drips and arrows,really fresh connections.. good ol' classic flavour, never goes out of fashion! I like the 3d aswell,the top of the "S" could have a stronger ending,but thats just me....

    2nd Place: Vectr
    Bates' Comments: This one is moving up and down,and has many small and good details,swirls and one arrow around the "E", really like the 3 bits on the "d" and "s",nice shadow effect,the bending on the s is fresh! Very clean outline,would probally take the small straightletters and 2008 away, looks better without!

    3rd Place: Die59
    Bates' Comments: Probally the one who put the most work into the outline, small "d" with the star as the hole, nice paper folds, organic splash, look through detail on the "E", funky crown, nice sharp letter combo's,w ould like to see some more arrows...

    Special mentions:
    - etips
    - lumos
    - mewt
    - mistix
    - rekal
    - mime
    - dyal

    You can see all the sketches that were submitted for this battle here:

    You can comment this battle but be respectful, constructive and polite.
  3. ACE512

    ACE512 Elite Member

    • Messages: 785
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    i like vectr better the winner just looks too plain (i guess for lack of color)

    not that i could ever reproduce anything on any level of these guys or most of you guys ....

    just my plain opinion.
  4. sinis

    sinis New Member

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    that Die59 is heat ...1st place in my book
  5. Riss

    Riss Elite Member

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    The winner looks like a half-assed quickie :/ Not feeling it too much..
  6. Ignorant_youth

    Ignorant_youth Banned

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    this is why I didnt enter this battle...the die piece is fuego the other pieces wouldnt have go my vote
  7. LuStErOcKs

    LuStErOcKs Moderator

    • Messages: 2,289
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    woot, 3rd place is better then nothing <3

    fezat,skape, and a few others, deserve a mention, so ill mention them.

    also i think that etips deserves a second place.
    Last edited: May 2, 2008
  8. TheDoctor_46

    TheDoctor_46 Member

    • Messages: 13
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    fuckin eh
    at least die got something


    sorry, this ones really sick
    caught my eye
    cool battle looking forward to the next one
    Last edited: May 2, 2008

    DECO ONE Senior Member

    • Messages: 336
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    I think Die59 should have won this.....he even through his Name into the peice...the D,I, and the top have of the I is an E with the 59 next to it....he should have Easily have won this..! but thats just my Opinion..
  10. crones

    crones New Member

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  11. LuStErOcKs

    LuStErOcKs Moderator

    • Messages: 2,289
    • Likes Received: 18
    so much flow on that tips...
  12. Backalley Abortion Doctor

    Backalley Abortion Doctor Elite Member

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  13. JAS1MEN

    JAS1MEN New Member

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  14. TheDoctor_46

    TheDoctor_46 Member

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    that etips sketch is fucking sick too

  15. atlok7

    atlok7 Elite Member

    • Messages: 1,659
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    hahahaha last battle everyone was saying that scien is wack and cant choose the obvious winner and when bates judges itll b alot better. haha. the first sketch shouldnt of even placed. 59 would of gotten my vote
  16. MoRpH

    MoRpH Senior Member

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  17. Proper

    Proper Elite Member

    • Messages: 4,846
    • Likes Received: 18
    I'm not fond of the winner but i'm not the judge sobeit.

    My favorites (No special order)
    Dyal(Kinda looks like Mewts stuff)

    A lot of good one and a lot of bad ones, I shall join the next one.
  18. kmrizmir

    kmrizmir New Member

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  19. MarOne...

    MarOne... Elite Member

    • Messages: 801
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    these guys right hurr-

    I personally think that this guy should have won-

    Just look at how hip-hop it is!

    Last edited by a moderator: May 2, 2008
  20. "Jinks"

    "Jinks" Member

    • Messages: 12
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    first place should have gone to vectr, just my opinion
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