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Official Sketch Battle v1.7

Discussion in 'Old battles' started by newz12, Apr 22, 2008.

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  1. jersOneTIC

    jersOneTIC Senior Member

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    fair dick riding.
  2. surfones

    surfones Senior Member

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  3. surfones

    surfones Senior Member

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  4. Kayone707

    Kayone707 Moderator

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    Last edited: May 3, 2008
  5. este_oner

    este_oner Senior Member

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    revok sketched it, bates painted.

    so its a bates peice.

    just wanted to clear that up.
  6. snielsgreen

    snielsgreen Senior Member

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    i think die59 shoulda got first...the elements his structure is based on is on point......vectr's piece is crazy too...his says dives twice....thats a sick ass idea.....there should be rewards based on more judgements besides letter a reward for someones idea or reward for color scheme...o well

  7. Staff Member

    newz12 Administrator

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    This was the rule for this battle. When participating in the battle it is important to read well the rules so your sketch is qualifying. Of course, letter structure may not be the most important point in future battles.
  8. injury

    injury Senior Member

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    MORE's throw was simple, but i liked it too. it was a nice change of pace. i didn't see as many straight letters as i was expecting this time
  9. ezo1

    ezo1 New Member

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    What up was wondering when they were gonna post up all pics I was wondering if mine was still received or not also 2 any 1 down myself as well as a couple of other artist will host a full on sketch battle the works names characters background theme pretty much like a real prod. Except on what eversize paper it takes 2 get the job done Right know were working on give away items 4 sure alote of montana paint probaly prisma marker streakers ect stuff along that nature keep u all updated.
  10. Backalley Abortion Doctor

    Backalley Abortion Doctor Elite Member

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    Use them

    I GOT CLOUT Elite Member

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    Future Elements piece is tighhhht. Other than the fact I cant make out the letters.
  12. steyr

    steyr Senior Member

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    ^ yeah thats a complete run on sentence. at least use a semi colon. jeez:mad:
  13. South-Pole

    South-Pole Elite Member

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    Not realy feeling the first one,due to add-ons and arrows.die should have ended 1st place,and mewt and neam should of been chosen
  14. kroc_oner

    kroc_oner Elite Member

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    does anyone no if swivel got banned?
  15. delliproof

    delliproof Senior Member

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    Good competition, but vectr and die burned the first place winner like a fireplace. Wuts up with that.
    Props to:

  16. geezpot

    geezpot Elite Member

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    Props for this battle, 170 sketches that made the cut is a great turnout for a contest!
    It surely increased more traffic and advertising revenue, if BS members can keep pulling in numbers like 170 entries maybe newz will give prizes to the top 5 contestants and possibly a "viewers choice" prize pack just for the democracy factor.

    Judging graffiti is not an easy task.
    Bates had so many different styles, structure, flow, tricks, composition, etc. to consider.
    IMO there should be 3 judges(guest judge, newz, and a mod to be determined by the board).
    I think it's crappy for the people that couldn't find the time to submit an entry but feel the need to become judge and jury, pony up a sketch or STFU.
    Shoutouts to everyone that found the time to scribble up an entry, some cool pieces entered.

    Now that there is a buzz and interest in the site I hope we see another battle with prizes shortly to keep the momentum.
    Now that I've seen the competition I'll be upping my game.
  17. seb

    seb Senior Member

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    yeah these comps really pull out some awesome sketches im amazed ey..

    but as for who wins its jsut like in a test lol, i dont care if i sound like a nerd here, but u gotta answer the question, its not about how many colours u put in or how many characters u put in, ifu read the criteria ts all about letter structure so theoretically colour shouldnt matter. aalthough personally i think sketches look pretty bland without colour and no i didnt think that 1st place deserved first place but thats why im not ajudge...
  18. seb

    seb Senior Member

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    og and one mroe thing lumos has the freshest style i dont know why he hasnt won anything yet wooooah, chek out his prox sketch aswell.. sweet stuff
  19. Ascendant

    Ascendant Senior Member

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    I really liked future elements but I guess it wasn't what the judge wanted.
  20. MORE.1

    MORE.1 Senior Member

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    didn't really feel the first place winner. but then again, it is what it is.
    Last edited: May 3, 2008
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