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Other Illegal Interests

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Blak-T, Apr 6, 2006.

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  1. FOEone

    FOEone Elite Member

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    someone's been reading my diiiiiarrrryyyyy!
  2. PeeInTheShower

    PeeInTheShower Elite Member

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    i'm gonna get roped for shoplifting... like.. tomorrow.
  3. Fazed

    Fazed Senior Member

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    I think it's decent.
  4. ugotfdinthea

    ugotfdinthea Senior Member

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    i smoke alot of weed lol

    i steal

    and somone mentioned breaking into shit and skating , i do that alot,,

    and cops seem to think that skating boarding is illegal so i sakte

    and i do eat melted markers and spray paint caps
  5. TASR

    TASR Banned

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    you got fucked in the ass...OOOOH I get it now >.>
  6. wafflecakee

    wafflecakee Elite Member

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    word a//e
  7. JayAyDubZed

    JayAyDubZed Senior Member

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    Drugs. and mostly just vandalism of any kind.
    but I do love drugs.
  8. Siner

    Siner Senior Member

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    Shoplifting, dumpster diving, public drinking, drugs, vandalism, etc...
  9. CrustOner

    CrustOner Elite Member

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    All but the train-hopping.
  10. NZwriter

    NZwriter Member

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    me and all the other guys here send out massive txts to all the street racers and we all meet some where and race our cars, cruise, crank the beats, triple the speed limit, close off roads to race, illegal betting, illegal mods,drugs,underage boozing,bout 300-500 ppl usually its sick, also love breaking into abandoned places, weed, knw bouncers so can get into clubs, stealing road signs umm bout it
  11. provinT13

    provinT13 Senior Member

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    Smokng cannabis, oh and I took the catalyctic converter off my jeep, that's illegal lol.
  12. ESKiMO2

    ESKiMO2 Elite Member

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    Drugs, stealing, weapons (like homemade bombs) and sometimes I rob people...
  13. sloppy_assasin168

    sloppy_assasin168 Senior Member

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    i smoke a little weed but like who doesnt these days.
    im not into that robbing shit , cuz next dude who thinks theyre hood and tries to make me run my pockets is food.

    skating seems to be illegal or socially illegal where i live.

    shoplifting is fun.

    and lately ive found myself climbing up roofs,
  14. JustChillin

    JustChillin Senior Member

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    bud only a lil (who doesnt smoke that shit now adays?)
    shoplifting candy from 7/11 (I cant help that shit..its too easy)
    alcohol (only at partys)
    Giving fake info to cops who want to try to give me a ticket for riding my bike with out a helmet (yes its illegal where I live..i know)
    trespassing and then running and getting away cus the adrenaline rush is just so fuckin good and it feels so good when you get away that u just want to light a jay (we have to hop fences to skateparks after dark because they dont allow bikes)
  15. Nem

    Nem Elite Member

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    im a pirate! yarrrg
  16. CrustOner

    CrustOner Elite Member

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  17. Backalley Abortion Doctor

    Backalley Abortion Doctor Elite Member

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  18. me_is_are_of_yu

    me_is_are_of_yu Member

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    i work in a brothel part time.
  19. skull-e

    skull-e Elite Member

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    I'm the head mistress^^^
  20. Slant One

    Slant One Senior Member

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    I steal paint from hardware stores