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Other Illegal Interests

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Blak-T, Apr 6, 2006.

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  1. City93

    City93 New Member

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    Love car modding and some bud. Smoke. Drive. Bomb.
  2. kragtastik

    kragtastik Member

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    I dont get caught so I never break the law. If I do I just pull out my badge.
  3. Phonky

    Phonky New Member

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    Urbex (Urban Exploration), Off-roading, Getting ignant in public, Drugs (not heavy or often at all).
  4. PURP

    PURP Member

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    TRAPPIN! and killing kittens
  5. skilligan

    skilligan Member

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    Drugs, theft of all kinds, really anything that can put money in my possesion or get me fucked up.
  6. GaDGTum

    GaDGTum New Member

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  7. vandal12

    vandal12 Banned

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  8. Krav

    Krav Member

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    I enjoy gorilla growing. My trees look lovely this year.
  9. Krav

    Krav Member

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    You ever suck nitrous?
  10. B E E R

    B E E R Senior Member

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  11. Risk_Inicijativa

    Risk_Inicijativa Senior Member

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    DAFUQ guys?! DRUGS ARE FOR PUSSIES! Kill a fucking man or fight a cop. Motherfuckers. Im not from US and I can clearly say that u all live in a fucking dreamworld. Come here and see whats a survival
  12. ven0m

    ven0m or Phat2

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    anyone hear of the krokodil drug?
  13. Krav

    Krav Member

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    yes sir. addicts will literally peels their own skin off during withdrawal.
  14. Risk_Inicijativa

    Risk_Inicijativa Senior Member

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    ^ Yeh, i know how to make that drug. But it can burn ur skin with only 1 injection
  15. Oregon Donor

    Oregon Donor New Member

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    Making diy skate spots around my town.
  16. SneikT

    SneikT Member

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    Hahha, I'm pretty chill nowadays.. Of course I still break laws/rules almost daily but it's mostly just some stupid shit which really makes no sense being illegal in the first place. I used to be real fucking nuisanse.

    Aside from all the costs I've made through bombing, I've also vandalized (plain destruction) property worth of thousands of euros, I've stolen stuff worth of thousands of euros, I used to do illegal substances, alot of it. I've had illegal substances in my possession, in quantities that would end up in news and put me in jail for.. A while. I've had illegal firearms in my possession, been associated in violent crimes and.. Alot of other stuff, sickly stuff. Hell now that I started listing it up, for the first time I'm like "what the fuck, I sound like a criminal" ... O well, it's all in the past now, well for the most part ;)
  17. .:Nuke:.

    .:Nuke:. Member

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    Remember kids: If its not mac it's crack
  18. Nallz

    Nallz Senior Member

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  19. gears244

    gears244 Senior Member

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    DMT probably one of the craziest drugs I've smoked..... Was mad hard to find and only got a hold of some because my buddy found a guy that makes the crystals... Pretty expensive but definitely worth a try if you can get a hold of some.
  20. subcyde

    subcyde Senior Member

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