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Otr (hard To Buff) Ink

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Ketamine, Nov 24, 2004.

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  1. ehobo

    ehobo Elite Member

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    try online stores n stuff
  2. D.J.7.D

    D.J.7.D Member

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    personally when it comes to black ink i only use hard to buff got it on my hands and couldent get it off for 4 days
  3. itzpyooo

    itzpyooo Senior Member

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    half otr h2b ink and half mixture ever...drips when u want em and permanent as nething
  4. bubsone

    bubsone Senior Member

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    otr ant mnt markers are both good but i like shoe polish mops more. just make your own ink and put it in the shoe polish mop and it makes a dope ass like and can be drippy as hell.
  5. Kraken

    Kraken Member

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    Mops are my fav.... never tryed otr and montana markers are nice... But I stick with my mop.