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Paint and Caps

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by trash116, Jan 27, 2023.

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  1. trash116

    trash116 New Member

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    I'm a beginner, done my first throw up. I used Loop Colors white with the standard loop cap that comes fitted, and Loop Colors black also with the standard loop cap.
    I found the two cans were totally different. The black can seemed way more pressured, the paint shot out real fast.... much faster than the white. When I was spraying with the black to do my outlines i was about the same distance to the wall as with the white can, but the black came out so fast i was getting runs, had to move further back then got outline which was too fat and not crisp...
    Is this normal? I probably just need loads more practice on technique.
    Do i need different caps?


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    use faster motion. try spraying some paint out of the can first before you apply it to the surface. you don't need expensive graffiti paint if you're a toy.