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Picking your spots

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Slaze, Jul 19, 2007.

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  1. Slaze

    Slaze Senior Member

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    what qualifies as a good spot? how do you weigh in safety, risk, piece or tag visibility. . .
    while walking around town today i realized how many stupid tags and shitty throw ups were back in alleys or on street corners while some of the best graffiti ive seen is far away from any sort of publics eye. only other writers and hobos will ever see any decent graffiti in my town, the problem is very few people are willing to take a risk to do something nice closer to down town. so the question im asking is when is a spot worth hitting up?

    ive yet to find this in any other thread, so if its been done just throw up a link to a relevant thread
  2. urbanpirate

    urbanpirate Senior Member

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    yeah in my town theres almost no decent stuff except for the stuff where no one would ever see it..

    i think i would rather hit one good spot than a ton of crappy ones... for example the electrical box in the center of the town or the electrical box next to the 4 highway ramps than the countless stop signs in the suburban area and neighborhoods of where i live.,.
  3. SPAZTiC

    SPAZTiC Senior Member

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    i think sometimes its good to have some good graff away from the general public. There a cool chill spot around here with amazing graffiti and not too many people know about it, so its cool.
  4. Atom1er

    Atom1er Senior Member

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    i mostly tag now
    but when i first started
    me and a friend found a huge cement electric box thing right off a road
    like 10 feet by 10 feet blank wall
    in perfectly plain view of a major high way in our area
    and we did throws on it
    some dude came and drew like a flourescent religious cross off to the side of it
    so i went back one day
    and covered it all again
    did a peice on it
    and the city stripped the paint off it just where my peice was
    it sucked
    but yeah i always go for tags or sticker in places i know are busy streets
    always hit the back of a few signs, electric boxes and dumpsters on the road
    but yeah some of the best is a way from the public because
    good stuff takes really fucking long
    and you wont be interrupted
  5. moze.2

    moze.2 Elite Member

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    well at first when i got into graffiti i was into just strait up bombing. i waould want to get my name out everywhere so i would put a throwie or a quick piece on almost every spot i could find. i would ushually have a friend with me and he would be the lookout. the spots were kinda risky and some where far off. now im into murals and doing quality stuff that takes time and effort so i ushually find wall thats under a highway or off somewhere so that i can take my time and finish the piece without the paranoia factor or the rush to get in and out wihtout being noticd. trust me try doing one under a bridge where there is old or running train tracks and theyll be a wall there. and you can take your time and put effort int the piece and itll surpize you how good it feels to put your talent as an artist to the test and expess your self through your art and style and not just your 2 color throwie or your tag.

    ushually if bombing the riskier the better(sortof)

    but when you want to do real pieces and wildstyle find a place where you wont be to bothered bby cops or people
  6. Bacon19

    Bacon19 Member

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    Yeah with the bridge thing, most of the well known artists here paint them. But the fucking super toy 12 year olds WRECKED the bridges and I know for a fact that cops check there often, people are more aware of it.

    Fucking toys.
  7. caffine

    caffine Member

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    Sounds just like my town, but I can't really do the thing I want to downtown until it's 1 AM.
  8. caffine

    caffine Member

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    Sounds just like my town, but I can't really do the thing I want to downtown until it's 1 AM.
  9. killtheugly

    killtheugly Senior Member

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    this thread was approved...?

    -you SEE a spot and scope it because you know you want that glory (call it homework)
    |_>you WEIGH all that shit you mentioned because you have that writers instinct and you know already what you want to pull off?
    -you GO FOR IT and hope you dont end up in a holding cell, getting your ass kicked by property owners, or both
    -take a pretty picture, feel real good
    -REPEAT until the world knows your name
  10. SOOF

    SOOF Senior Member

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    Go big or dont go at all..
  11. ZOT

    ZOT Senior Member

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    What a lot of bullshit dumb threads..
  12. b-townbomb

    b-townbomb Senior Member

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    i like roof tops cause they are non heat and everybody sees them.
  13. ZOT

    ZOT Senior Member

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    Think again, mostly they are so high nobody sees them, not overyone looks to rooftops while driving etc..

    maybe sum writers will see it
  14. sk8er6

    sk8er6 Senior Member

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    no, if its next to a light rail track at like 1 am...

    then its chill, and visible.
  15. toke_wdc

    toke_wdc Elite Member

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  16. EasyMac

    EasyMac Senior Member

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    Oh my god shut the fuck up to the people that stop fucking their mothers long enough to come on bombingscience to tell people to cloce random threads they don't like..... Like "close this thread"... why do you care? FUCK....losers...and i'm a loser for going out of my way to call you losers....
  17. backpacker

    backpacker Senior Member

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    ill bombing any good chill today im gonna bomb a bridge where the train passes thru where nobody will probably see it it but im still gonna do it.
  18. .jug.

    .jug. Senior Member

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    Last edited: Jul 28, 2007
  19. cast LI

    cast LI Elite Member

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    this thread is fucking retarded. walk up to a wall and hit it. not that difficult.
  20. g3zt

    g3zt Senior Member

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    Yah... that was a retarded statement...

    I rather hit pieces out of town, not that I dont like people seeing is my pieces is just that I really dont care.
    Cuz all this intown shit gets scraped off the next week I like my pieces to stay there for a while :/