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Played Out

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by _spetznaz, Feb 22, 2007.

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  1. noam12

    noam12 Senior Member

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    if anyone didnt know what me and fosale! were talking about heres the links to them



    both are eh and anyyoing so..yea
  2. G - Wahl

    G - Wahl Elite Member

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    you say bush is played out and yet your sig is bush with a devil head.
    so i guess your a little played out. [/b][/quote]
  3. Caikerrr one niinee..

    Caikerrr one niinee.. Senior Member

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    being 'dark'.
    street art.
    being 'original'.
    hating emos.
    homosexuality. i'm talkin bout adding random gay guys too tv shows for cheap innuendos etc.
    talkin bout sex.
    immortal technique.
    converse allstars (possibly the most hideous shoes ive seen. fuckin hate those things.)
    (im sorry. i know youll all disagree. ah well) vaughn bode characters.
    cope2, tkid.
    saying things are 'played out.
    social internet networking (myspace etc.)
    the internet.
    ehhh fuckit.
  4. cess!

    cess! Elite Member

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    Fuckin right
    im sick of seein these shits, a bunch of kids on this site do these shits too
    Fuck Em!
  5. MORE.1

    MORE.1 Senior Member

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    but thems things is straight up BALLLLINNN!!!! word to your mother homes.

    for real tho those have to be the ugliest hoodies ever. i saw some kid a few days ago wearing a red one with diamonds and money signs all over it...he was like 3'5'' and had a du-rag stretched over his 2' in diameter head...ugliest kid i have ever met in my life. he looked like he was the only gremlin that gangbanged...gizmo tried to be hardcore, but he couldnt keep up with this kid.

    i think gizmo is played out.
    i think all types fucking gangsta ass shit, whether it be all over pattern print hoodies, or pants that start at your knee caps, or wellfair and food stamps...they are all played out.
    also really dumb signatures where people put pictures of their favorite artist's cds....{looks down} :( [/b][/quote]
    lmao, i see those everywhere. The one the this makes me remember about is this arabian kid that think's he's "GGAAANNNSSSTTTAAAA!!!" and black. Lmao it's not even funny :)
  6. b3aT

    b3aT Member

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    the "peanut butter jelly time" video thats EVERYWHERE on the internet..
  7. Tode

    Tode Elite Member

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    BURRRRRRRNED! [/b][/quote] m talkin about BUSH as in snatch ..... :lol: if i ment dub ya bush then i would have said that

  8. Fore!

    Fore! Member

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    This thread? haha i'm just playing.

    Skinny bitches that think they are fat.
    Fat bitches that think they are skinny.
  9. ASB_ONE

    ASB_ONE Senior Member

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    cheese on toast
    bitches wid orange faces
  10. noam12

    noam12 Senior Member

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    wtf is orange faced...i spy sexual inuendo :ph34r:
  11. _spetznaz

    _spetznaz Senior Member

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    all of you are on crack!
    when i started this thread i ment visally, as in graffiti a.k.a. stickers, logos, stencils, sketches, pieces, tags, posters and that stuff.
    what is completely uncool, and should be avoided at all costs to promote further progress in this movement!
    startin to sound like some inspirational speaker <_<
  12. ShIfTeD

    ShIfTeD Elite Member

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    emos with ragged up converse
    emos with those shoes without lkaces
    emos with tiny ass skirts with leggings or w/e the hell their called
  13. Kayone707

    Kayone707 Moderator

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    Kids thinking krylon is the best paint..
  14. ShIfTeD

    ShIfTeD Elite Member

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    i like krylon...thers better out there tho
  15. Kayone707

    Kayone707 Moderator

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    like i said..

    kids thinkin krylon is the BEST paint...
  16. bosny

    bosny Senior Member

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    graffiti is played out.
  17. jelis

    jelis Banned

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    i'm going to fight this to the DEATH

    Hair straightners are my god given right to live. Not having your hair straightner is like not having a toothbrush ok? Its pretty vital but you won't die without it

    although if i was still 13-17 and i went to middle/high school i sure as hell wouldn't straightnen my hair in the bathroom. Thats over played.

    But i'm so sick of polka dots and stripes... it makes me angry and seizere

    and saying 'graffiti is over played' is SO overplayed
  18. -GEKS-

    -GEKS- Elite Member

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    lmao this happens every time i meet a new yong writer.
    they be like what paint yoo get?
    im like colorplace
    and they like krylon is the best owt there get that
    and i dont even argyoo, let em waste their money on that shit

    edit: and saying "like" in every sentence is played owt to the max
  19. jelis

    jelis Banned

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    saying to the max is played out

    and i like, i don't even know how to have a conversation without, like, saying like
  20. Sumoe

    Sumoe Elite Member

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    I don't like the guy but people saying they hate Bush is getting really old.