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Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by imported_newz12, May 2, 2004.

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  1. imported_newz12

    imported_newz12 Moderator

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    The "Tools and Tips" forum is the place to get info on graffiti supplies, techniques and general information. Post your recipies, guides and word of wisdom here. Let's build the biggest knowledge database for graffiti writers worldwide!
  2. Flow

    Flow Elite Member

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    People! Do not click [Broken External Image]: when trying to reply, this function is there for you to use to alert the moderators when somebody is abusing the forums or when a post has inappropriate content. Clicking this button sends an e-mail to all moderators. If you want to reply, click [Broken External Image]:!!
    It's not that hard, report=report, reply=reply.

    Thank you, thank me.
  3. Flow

    Flow Elite Member

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    Added rules for anywhere in these forums;

    Don't start introduction threads, there is a 'where are you from?' thread, search for it.
    Don't start topics asking how to do graffiti or how you can get better.

    When starting a thread in the photo section, you must start it off with a minimum of 10 pictures.
  4. Flow

    Flow Elite Member

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    Just because your thread gets closed, don't go starting new threads bitching about your thread getting closed, cause guess what! That one's gonna get closed too. You know why?
    Because w-e d-o-n'-t c-a-r-e

    Stop whining.
  5. joker00

    joker00 Elite Member

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    what about advertising alot of people do thAT
  6. skateparadise

    skateparadise Elite Member

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    You're not aloud to advertise. Simple as that.
  7. mizta

    mizta Senior Member

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  8. VAbomber

    VAbomber Banned

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    i hate when whenoever somene makes a thread these toys, all they do is say " +1 "
  9. kongo

    kongo Elite Member

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    +1 :D lol

    yeah i hate it when that happens aswell, and when people just say "close". If they don't like the thread then they shouldn't reply to it. and whats this about a warning? will it always be there?
  10. Aero

    Aero Elite Member

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    what means the warn it works?
  11. Flow

    Flow Elite Member

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    The discussion about the newly implemented warning system can be found in the Postwhores & Haters thread.
  12. Nasteboy51

    Nasteboy51 New Member

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    yo im new at graff any tips on tags and throwups and peices
  13. C3ZR ONE

    C3ZR ONE Moderator

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    Kid, if you're new, just start clicking on all the different threads and learning what they're about. That way you aren't posting ridiculously broad questions in all the wrong places, like you already have at least twice. No beef, just trying to steer you in the right direction. ;)
  14. spaz65

    spaz65 Member

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    Buildidng the biggest data base would be cool.
  15. mr.T

    mr.T Senior Member

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    im in graff for not so long now, and ive drawed few sketches, and if i wanna ask for tips and suggestions, can i make a new thread posting those pics asking for it here or no? :x
  16. gnarlatron3030

    gnarlatron3030 Elite Member

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    just post in "toy story"
    it's a stickied thread in the toy's forum

    I really don't suggest making a new thread..
    you'll just get flamed
    and nobody will help you
  17. mr.T

    mr.T Senior Member

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    thanks man just wanted to know that, because all that make new threade usualy get flamed ;x
  18. **MATEO**

    **MATEO** Elite Member

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  19. trance

    trance Guest

    this is a pointless reply
  20. sane013

    sane013 Senior Member

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    and i gues you're pointless to