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Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by imported_newz12, May 2, 2004.

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  1. kingofgraff13

    kingofgraff13 Member

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    i need to fuckin find out so i can start sum new topics
  2. koper

    koper Banned

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    no shifted is right

    all topics have to be approved by moderators before they show up.

    So if your topic was too stupid or there already was a similar topic, we're simply not going to approve it.
  3. kingofgraff13

    kingofgraff13 Member

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  4. speak_to_spawn

    speak_to_spawn Member

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    Hey guys, didnt knew where to post this shit!...

    do anyone knows how to do some etch or buy it it also named phosphoric acid
    this thing burns window, so it will be a lot easier and a lot quicker to tag the windows

    anyone got a recepie or a place to buy, let me know

  5. kingofgraff13

    kingofgraff13 Member

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    go to da other threads for dat
  6. sk8er6

    sk8er6 Senior Member

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    yall need to do something about definition by destruction..

  7. mar611

    mar611 Member

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    hay im new in da forums im jus introducein my self
  8. Rogue

    Rogue Guest

    If you don't know how, keep it that way. I'm not being an asshole, but etch shoudn't be fucked around with if you don't know how to use it.

    Why? What is he doing?

    Edit- Post 800
  9. rushoner

    rushoner Senior Member

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    speak to spawn....seriously...listen to rogue man. he is big into inks and paints and other shit you put in mops and markers to make it able to mark a surface.. if you want etch research and learn everylast bit about it before you use it and keep in mind when you get busted burning windows-you pay for the window.
  10. dumbshithead

    dumbshithead Member

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    Thank Goodness The Etch Thread Is Gone. Mods Finally Came To Their Senses.
  11. Rogue

    Rogue Guest

    It's gone?!?!?!?

    Finally, I've been trying to get that thing removed for a year.....
  12. Msfyt

    Msfyt Elite Member

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    anyone interested in being a tips and tools mod please fill out a mod application in the feed back forum
    pictures of your stuff are manditory
  13. Rogue

    Rogue Guest

    Sent you sme flicks, check your PM's
  14. smooth_nuts

    smooth_nuts Elite Member

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    Rogue For Tools And Tips Mod!!!
  15. CRN-one

    CRN-one Senior Member

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    ^^^ co-signed.
  16. harry

    harry Senior Member

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    yeh rogue should definantly be a mod hes helped most the poeple on in the tools and tips thread with atleast one thing
  17. ekimboi1

    ekimboi1 Senior Member

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    i thought rogue was leaving?? is hes not then hell yea ROGUE FOR TOOLS AND TIPS!
  18. ACE512

    ACE512 Elite Member

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    is there a stencils thread?????
  19. silentchaos14

    silentchaos14 Elite Member

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    theres a search button for a reason you idiot
  20. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    it NEVER works,
    i type my word'' genral descusion''
    press search and boom '' no matches''