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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GeSuS_KRiST, Aug 1, 2008.

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  1. Fube

    Fube Elite Member

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  2. BIGel

    BIGel Elite Member

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    this argument gets me going because its bullshit.

    how can you argue that revok has less heart than those other heads you named. you forget that revok had to work his ass off to get to the point he's at, where he can actually make money to support himself. he put in work and thats why he gets respect. you're going to tell a dude who's been pushing it to the next level for 15 years that he's not representing "your" culture?

    not everybody's going to be bombing rooftops and living out of dumpsters forever. revok isnt a sellout, and ill guarantee he knows a helluva lot more about this "subculture" than you do. so before you bash on his lack of heart, think about where your going to be at 31...still painting and promoting graffiti? i doubt it..
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  3. garbage down tha way

    garbage down tha way Elite Member

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    almost any writer i know would gladly accept money for something they didnt have to finish highschool to learn.
  4. hammer_time

    hammer_time Banned

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    actually some people do keep it real, we are the ones who love our subculture and wont sell it, graffiti doesnt belong to anyone of us, and it is some sellout bullshit to try to.....
    i am 29, so yes i probably will, continue to write for another two years, and you know what? I still havent tried to sell anything graff related. I had my chance to go to design school, and be a faggot who learned about graff from a professor, and making money off something someone else before me built. Did I? No. i went to business school and opened my own business, i am doing ok for myself, i love what i do, i still paint alot, i didnt try to blow something up for my own gain, not careing who else gets affected.....he is selfish him and all his corporate writers, who kill graff, and dont care that they contribute to the death of a culture, graff survived this long because it was underground, out of sight. not all over the internet, bookstores and bubble gum pop television channels, you fuckers keep pushin it mainstream, and watch it die.....

    revok and all the rest of the Enron writers are money grubbing pieces of selfish shit, riddle me this...... if you take away their FREE paint, and all the money they makes from graff, and said ok, live a normal life with a good job, raise a family, and get nothing from graff besides, the simple joys, how much longer would the corproate slug writers do it? i guarentee you not long....

    he is dope, but getting paid to paint and lawyers paid for by boost mobile, and free paint, and not having to have a job, is totally sold-out and without heart, anyone could be just as up as him, I'm sorry you are brainwashed by corporate graffiti.......

    heart is still holding down a 9-5,a family, graff, bills, and knowing if you get caught your not getting bailed by your corporate sponser, being a poster child until graff isnt cool anymore aint heart
  5. (SoS)Viruz

    (SoS)Viruz Elite Member

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    Wow that fuckin sad. Now see that probably why the cops get on our ass cuase of Gang shit and dumb ppl like this..... Like It stupid give us a bad name. Yes we do write on walls or whatever. But never Mased a 6 year old boy. What the fuck.:mad: Like that make me mad. Like who has the sence to do that. The boy isnt a fuckin Threat. Mabey if it was Debo about to Wreck yo face then you do that but not a 6 year old boy......
  6. Kayone707

    Kayone707 Moderator

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    ZOMG R3v0K oNly PaIntS 4 Ca$H?!?
    dude. really.... just stop
  7. BIGel

    BIGel Elite Member

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    you sound bitter and jealous.
  8. hammer_time

    hammer_time Banned

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    no i sound like someone who is sick and fuckin tired of graffiti being sold to large corporations, and its said that a message board for graffiti writers is operated by a bunch of soft ass mods, who encourage the selling out of graffiti, and suck dick of anyone who is willing to get pimped for a small percentage of profits from an "incorporated". as i said if you dont have anything to lose, and nothing else to do with your life, you could be revok, him and saber came from rich ass parents who supported them, until someone started paying for them to live. the average writer doesnt have millions of dollars and corporations picking up the slack....
    he is nothing special, and you cock smokers dont have to ban me because i dont think ill be coming back.........

    this forum has made me realize how many of you dont understand graff, and whats worse most of you have no concept of what popularizing graf is doing to it, and i for one refuse to contribute to it.....

    im gonna go make a thread explaining in full why i want nothing to with this forum anymore, but i doubt you faggots will approve it...
  9. Mr yarbles

    Mr yarbles Elite Member

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    Yeah dude that little kid getting sprayed is mad fucked up reading that made me pissed off, wat the fuck kind of threat is a six year old kid
    What's the worse he can do go tell his mom?
    That's fucked up.

    and hammertime the kids in msk put up ALOT of shit, who cares if he's sponsered and gets free paint,a lot of writers do.
    Selling out to boost mobile was pretty fuckign stupid though, so I'll give you that one.
    and alot of writers have also tried making their own clothing lines.
    Shit even irak sells t-shirts now, that aint gonna make a bunch of pussy kids go out and start writing, they'll get crossed once get butt hurt and stop tagging.
    but they might also encourage some kid to start writing who becomes the next big thing.
    and revok is still keeping it real, you tlak like just becuase he's done a few legal things for boost or some other shit like he aint a real writer, he's still catching tags and throwing pieces on billboards, so how the hell can you call him fake?
    and you're saying he's a sellout for appearing in some videos?
    Come on shitloads of writers go into videos and do interviews and shit, jsut look at infamy.
  10. hammer_time

    hammer_time Banned

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    and what happens when one of these pussy ass kids gets arrested? they are gonna blab everything they know, and help the police know what to look for and where....
    and movies and all that shit is for profit.....


    wasnt graff supposed to free?
    wasnt it suppose to be the voice of the voiceless? not ths voice of boost mobile spokesmen
    wasnt it suppose to be anti corporate?
    wasnt it supposed to be illeagal?
    wasnt it supposed to be real?
    should we just let anyone who wants to do it, do it?
    the reason people used to frown on toys is because 70% of them will do more harm than good, encourageing more writers, is encouargeing, more harm, our culture did fine for years, without movies the internet, and especially without commercials, and corpoarte spokesmen, have fun killing graff
    you fuckin losers.....
    those of you who rant excludes know who you are, and those that it is in reference to can start
  11. nero112

    nero112 Elite Member

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    hammer seriously this aint such a bad place man alot of good writers lurk around here n shit .. not evryones a sell out, n graff has gotten tonnes more writers who started out on the net just because its a place you can learn and progress with comments helping you improve .. i wouldnt say leave because from the shit iv read from you in the frieght n so on threads you seem very knowledgable and can help alot of kids ,

    theres alot of bullshit but most of the mods are too busy nowadays n the older mods are just droppin out one by one , i agree the forum needs to be cleaned up but its your choice you know but i personaly think youd do alot of good here and on the whole revok n what not issue simple as he got a bit sloppy n like most writers his ego got him who cares doesnt really affect anyone here so i think this thread should now be close,evryone gets caught someday if they get sloppy simple as moral is be careful cos theyr startin to get smarter so we need to stay 10yards ahead as always graff will and is changing as evrything does its inevitable they days of goin to a place n just chillin n paintin are vanishing, we should then feel pushed to go higher and bigger than those before us instead of dick riding em n thinkin the culture will never change... im thinkin too much
  12. weak0ner

    weak0ner Moderator

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    Hammertime for president.
  13. hammer_time

    hammer_time Banned

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    It's beyond just conflicting feelings about this topic. Call it the straw that broke the camel's back. I'm tired of watching more and more crap come out for graffiti, and everyone just eats it up....that kills everything, at first it seems like the culture is "expanding" but its killing it....

    look at hot rods for example, when it started it was people tweaking engines, chopping tops, swapping cranks from engines with a longer stroke, gear drives instead of timing belts, custom cam durations, boreing, porting.....
    now its bolt on fresh air intakes, and body kits....
    its all flash and no substance, anyone can do it, no knowledge required...
    and why? because it was found out to be a popular market and someone wanted to profit, so they got someone influential like Chip Foose, put his name on shit, because he had credability, then someone saw how rich that first guy was getting, and did the same, with someone, say, Boyd Coddington..
    and it was diluted over and over again, until it is what it is now....

    skateboarding same story, and so many other things, that started as something fun and inexpensive turned commercial and played out

    Graffiti has reached hipster status, why else would kids so young be doing it?
    because they think its cool..
    they are told by the mass media they see that its "heroic in our couch potatoe culture" and get "hip" thus the hipster

    graff is getting diluted, and commercial, how many graff specialty paint companies are there? how many clothes companies? how many movies? how many products? how many commercials use it? how many magazines? full of how many ads?
  14. Drakula

    Drakula Elite Member

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    Banksy is the worst sell out of them all! He even has a publicist and sells his work at posh galeries to movie stars.
  15. Fube

    Fube Elite Member

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    u are reading this post of a mod that supports the living and letting of graffiti to thrive. may that be whatever means possible to make this shit bigger and better then ever imagined. who the fuck are u to tell me not to make money doing something i love. no matter how u look at it the streets will always be. your "graffiti" will always be illegal because theres always some guy that dont want your shit on his building, street sign, highway bridge, store window, side walks, and trains. i see nothing wrong with taking money from people that want to just give it to me hand over fist. please take your communist way of thinking ass out of these forums.

    your not going to tell me how to think, or what is right in your eyes because your views are not my views.

    thank u and goodbye.

    your friendly mod Fube.
  16. hammer_time

    hammer_time Banned

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    until its gone in 6 years because everyone was retards and tried to capitalize on something that was never meant to be.......
  17. Mr yarbles

    Mr yarbles Elite Member

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    Yeah I realized that after I posted it
    and hammertime I do agree with you on alot of stuff

    But graffiti is already becoming a sell out thing just like skating or anything else
    You can blame people liek marc ecko for that.
    But I don't think you should call out young kids on it
    I'm young (15) But I don't go around to everyone going "hey I write graffiti yout hink I'm cool now right?" I could care less.
    I'm not turning my friends on to graffiti just becuase I want someone to write with or some other bullshit.
    But yeah you're right about the commercialism and stuff
    I watched some dumbass mcdonalds commercal with some kids scratching a turntable with graffiti int he back and that shit made me sick
    And look at this shit
    all designed by adidas to sell some dumbass cope two shoe.

    I guess your right about it hammer.

    But I don't think we should blame revok or msk or irak or any off them for trying to make a living off what their good at
    YOu should be pissed off at people liek boost and addidas and mcdonalds for tring to capatalize on this hsit.
    It dosn't mean that in five years everyones going to accept graffiti, this is just osme fad to them, it'll become uncool in a matter of time just watch.
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2008
  18. hammer_time

    hammer_time Banned

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    watch what you say about McDonald's dont knock a homies hustle he's just keepin it real.....
    them taking the money knowing what they are doing are just as guilty as the people who con them into it.....
    better watch it or youll be labeled a communist too
  19. Fube

    Fube Elite Member

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    heh, whatever man. things go in a circle, whats hot one year aint the next. they will back off when its no longer the "in thing" and the precious "golden year" graffiti u speak off will be back. there will always be underground. u act like this shits gunna make u quit writing. labeled communist? if u read correctly i said communist way of thinking. your entitled to your views and opinions just like everyone else. and i respect u for that and i also believe in some of your views to an extent. but your like the mormens that come to my door and try to convert me into believing that they have the best religion. thats why i throw ice cubes at them and tell them to get the fuck away from my door step. no one said u couldnt say what u want here. people just have different views and u should respect that. if u feel u dont have the need to post here and express your views then u sir have failed. not me. i like u dude, u got balls. there needs to be more people with straight up balls to speak up for what they believe in and just not give a fuck about anything else.

    stick around hammer there will be haters everywhere u go.:cool:
  20. Hobbes

    Hobbes Senior Member

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    Man, I think that no matter what, there's always gonna be some assholes who sell out their subculture.

    And it really sucks 'cause it makes it harder for those who try to keep it real.

    But hey, at least revok was still doin' illegal graff, its fucks like Mark Ecko who I really hate. That fuck NEVER fucking painted, and what the fuck has he really done? He let some kids use their lawyers in a law suit about shit...okay thats cool, but hes for 'legitimizing' it I think. I don't know, I think the dude is a punk and I wouldn't show him no fucking respect for that shit.

    The thing you kids gotta that all of us, at one point at another wanted, or still want that 'fame' that you get. Its unlike any other fame. Its the fame where no matter what, certain people know your name, certain people see it every day. Its an infamous type of fame that gets you respect from some groups no matter what. Even if you don't tell people, you still wanna hear people talk about it, "oh yeah that dude is mad up!" or whatever. It lets people know your out there...

    And for people who go through a lot of shit for graffiti, I can see why it would be hard to not cop up to that fame when given so many chances.

    Like shit, if someone asks you to do an interview for graff, its probably better to not do it. Either way though, I think regardless of your answer then every writer would have the urge to say "yes" because they want people to know about them, of their accomplishments, why they do what they do, and how they feel.

    People like that shit, it lets people relate and be like "oh hey this guy is doin' the same shit I'm doin' for the same reason" or whatever

    I think its pretty lame to hate on that, but as for selling out...depends what you consider selling out. People always look at it like "making money" but to people who live graff and thats all they know, its probably more like "hey if this person pays me for this wall that I want to paint eitherway, then I can go out and buy some food or paint"

    I think the problem with this though, is that those people who are now 'sell outs' didn't ever do it with the intention of making money off it.

    And now kids are going to think "oh I can do this and then make money off it when I get good enough" and thats a real shitty reason to get into graff.

    Kids need to get in to graff because its like "shit if I don't do something then I'm going to fucking kill myself" then once they go write their name on a wall their like "okay well if I can keep doing this shit I guess life is worth living" and I think thats why so many people live graff and say shit like "graff saved my life"

    Like I said though, it really sucks when people try to 'legitimize' shit and get it accepted by the 'authorities' because that shit makes it harder to do freely.

    Graff shouldn't be a career choice, if your a writer, then make some stupid canvases and sell those to chumps so you can afford to keep writing illegally. Who the fuck cares? The bottom line, no one gives a fuck what your day job, but you can't call yourself a real writer if you don't write on shit regardless of permission.

    I don't know...just my 2cent

    Oh, but uhh, why is everyone acting like this is something new? What about in the '80s when graff was everywhere and first made it into the gallerys. How much has it really changed? Theres always gonna be writers who do it illegally, people who do 'legal graff' and people who do both.