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Rip Waster12

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GeSuS_KRiST, Dec 17, 2006.

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  1. lagrossedemontreal

    lagrossedemontreal New Member

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    This is from bled, she doesnt have a bombing science account so she asked me to post it on here for her.

    It was just last weekend we were chilling and such. You drew me the bunnie i requested along with other sketches.
    You said you had fun
    It wasnt that great.I was just happy to see you again.
    You inspire many of us.You made me laugh about the oddest shit.
    I love your twisted side. and all those long talks about everything and nothing. Your bunnies i so dearly love, Im getting the one you drew (next to the overdose ) tattooed With Waster12.
    Cause You know how much i love ink.You always wanted us to go painting together, or that camping trip lol we were trying to plan , stay outside for a couple of days and paint all night.You asked me cause you knew i was crazy enough to do it.
    I remember the day Owk introduced me to you.
    Your talent blew me away.
    and still does.
    or the night we slept at terminus longueil, and that party at hangman park you almost got into a fight with some guy.

    Im having a little difficulty with the waterworks but i hope you know that I miss you and love you.
    we all do.And i just cant believe your gone.

    But your art ,your smile , and your words will carry on.forever.
    You might of been dislike but some but that was because they didnt see what we did. You became a part of those who have been graced by your presence.

    I fucken miss you so much..

    i hope you drop by from time to time to visite me, it would be good to see that smile again..

    Yours truly
    or as you called me
  2. ados

    ados Elite Member

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    Rest In Power. waster12
    TCK crew 250
  3. Exploited

    Exploited Elite Member

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    Rest In Peace...mad respect for the one called waster 12
  4. vman

    vman Elite Member

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    I still cant belive it,Its wierd to know that wasters gone.
  5. What Happened to the Letters?

    What Happened to the Letters? Elite Member

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    he was kinda the first person to get me into serious graff, looking at his shit day after day on here when i first saw this site 2 years ago, he improved 50x since then but his old shit i still thought was amazing...

    ...lifes fucked up, Respect to family and anyone who knew him closely
  6. Im Mr Postman  also Mr Toastman

    Im Mr Postman also Mr Toastman Senior Member

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    word, it feels unreal. im so used to waster coming on once in a blue moon and posting a grip of dope flicks.
  7. bosny

    bosny Senior Member

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    uploaded some flicks.
    if i find more ill post em.
    if some one has a better flick post it.
  8. metak

    metak Senior Member

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    shut your fuckin mouth if you aint got nothin smart to say. montreal will miss him for sure
  9. eyesore

    eyesore Senior Member

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    what you're trying to tell me he didn't have beef?
    buddy, he got his ass beat, and has gotten threatened by a ton of people
    dont get me wrong, i love his shit, and i got respect for him, but it doesn't change the fact that alot of people hated him.
  10. metak

    metak Senior Member

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    why are you talking about beef? who gives a fuck about the beef he had. this is passed lets just be nice for once. YOU dont know what he's been through and you dont know what his family is going through. so wish him the best or fuck off.
  11. staek

    staek Senior Member

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    werd bro(metak)
    and by the way almost all of the people who hated him hated him because they we're jalous
    nyways paix
  12. ase

    ase Senior Member

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    RIP Waster.

    I didn't know you or talk to you, but I have mad respect for your work.
  13. Amuse- crewless

    Amuse- crewless Senior Member

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    Who the fuck will answer all my questions now.... That guy had an incredible talent for graff, but he was also a very intelligent man, he always answered the right thing to any question, not just about graff..... I will truly miss you man you will not be forgotten.
  14. TricksForKids

    TricksForKids Elite Member

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    Thanks to the man for inspiring me write more whenever i saw his flicks, he delievered something to the table that few can, and although i never knew him, i respect him

  15. TalibKweli

    TalibKweli Elite Member

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    cri cri
    call me when you get some info about the funeral
    i ll come and pay my respects

    a lil somethin i wrote for Waster and his family/friends

    We're going to miss you when you go
    Your leaving is for the best we know
    Our hurting hearts will never show
    I'll miss that smile that warmed the room
    An eerie sadness will loom
    I think you're leaving much too soon
    I hope somewhere our paths will cross
    With you leaving, we'll all feel the loss
    And at times I know we will be lost
    So I want to wish you all the best
    Just wear that smile, you'll outshine the rest
    And I know for sure you'll handle any test
    Is this a blessing in disguise?
    Is your boss being wise?
    Is he looking through blinded eyes?
    Very soon we'll all know
    The proof will soon start to show
    Goodbyes are so very tough to say
    As someone goes on their way
    A sad ending to any day

    R.I.P Waster12
  16. Asshat

    Asshat Elite Member

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    i remember bullshittin with him when iboardplus was still around.. those were the good times that will always be remebered.

    Relax In Paradise Waster, gone but never forgotten.
  17. Alef_one

    Alef_one Senior Member

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    didn't know this cat...still one of the best yet! rugged and raw talent..
    Rest In Power Waster12
  18. JETc17

    JETc17 Elite Member

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    definitely an for inspiration for me
    never known him personally, but always respected

    RIP waster

    good luck to all crew, family, and friends
  19. Tode

    Tode Elite Member

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  20. plumbererer

    plumbererer Moderator

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