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Sectra VS TheKid

Discussion in 'Old battles' started by Msfyt, Apr 24, 2007.

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and the winner is...

  1. sectra

    0 vote(s)
  2. theKid

  1. GeSuS_KRiST

    GeSuS_KRiST Moderator

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  2. Spector

    Spector Senior Member

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    The Kid had some nice ass letters and the color is awesome...I got the Kid
  3. Game905

    Game905 Senior Member

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    i still like secras style its so nice. what up with those brownstains on the kids
  4. punkhazard

    punkhazard Member

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    couldnt stand the colors kid used. went against like everyone and voted sectra. although his isnt GREAT.
  5. theKid.

    theKid. Senior Member

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    coffee stains man..
    im mad unorganized..
  6. owenthomas

    owenthomas Member

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    what do you mean by structure? are you talking about the way his letters are laid out?

    if thats the case, I think you're definatly wrong.
    He has good letter style, but all of the imprtant parts of the letters are hidden. The lower parts of the E, C and A are hidden. I dig the letter style, but would like to see some complete letters. try some highlights/3d/force field. That sketch/style has tons of potential.

    I voted The Kid. I love the flow/shape of the sketch from left to right. I'm also not a huge fan fo the solid green, but some color is better than no color.
    MODgrafix had a good point, that TheKids letter looked a little too much like seen. Still a good sketch.
  7. spit_in_your_face

    spit_in_your_face Member

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    sectras style i just like better
  8. Ghostdog221

    Ghostdog221 Member

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    Sectra's piece is ill, but damn look at all the fuckin streaks!
    seriously, its a black book battle, you gotta practice with your markers more

    The Kids' letters are just overall better
  9. b-townbomb

    b-townbomb Senior Member

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    kid gots my vote....he killed.
  10. unknown2

    unknown2 New Member

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    sectra style is dope nice job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D
  11. Degausserr x

    Degausserr x Senior Member

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    the results shocked me...
  12. .Above.

    .Above. Member

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