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Small Pleasures

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by vegimite on toast, May 27, 2007.

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  1. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    thats ur small pleasure? [/b][/quote]
    when un intelligent ppl dont get ur joaks
  2. lord patrick

    lord patrick Senior Member

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    painkillers, rootbeer, cold showers and LOUD classical music.

    all at the same time....
  3. war terror

    war terror Senior Member

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    being nevours as fuck with mad paint in bags, in pants, and whereever else... walking around, waiting for when that security gaurd walks to the register to fuck with the casheir, and you walk out fast, get in the car, and leave..... aaaaah that feeling is great
  4. whahappen?

    whahappen? Elite Member

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    waking up at 5am and getting up getting ready, then relalizing its not a school day get really happy and go back to sleep
    thunderstorms and rain
    being alone in my house to do what i wanna do as loud as i want
  5. Msfyt

    Msfyt Elite Member

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    i love that
    i do it all the time
  6. Kim Jong Il

    Kim Jong Il Senior Member

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    that is almost exactly what i wanted to say except on the end id add a joint and a ciggarette
  7. bobo9827

    bobo9827 Elite Member

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    word to all that.
  8. boz

    boz Senior Member

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    word to all that. [/b][/quote]
    good shit lol
  9. boz

    boz Senior Member

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    i like big tits but then again they arnt small pun intended lol
  10. tha boy in da corner

    tha boy in da corner Elite Member

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    i love being in an absolutely chill spot and really making an evening out of it...

    you paint a bit walk away check how it came out what you have to correct/extend/level etc... sit back relax hit a puff or two then go back to the wall

    waking up at like 8:30 in the morning with my girl and not getting out of bed before like 1:30 pm

    BIG BIG burnouts... im a gearhead full time and i just cant get enough of burning rubber smell

    Seeing pictures of these crazy germans oulling wholetrains and all that crazy ninja shit...

    being just dizzy on alcohol you know like... not drunk just a little bit intoxicated
  11. unknownbomber

    unknownbomber Senior Member

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    walking home from hittin a dope spot
    buring after work get nice and eye high
    fat ppl fallin
  12. Msfyt

    Msfyt Elite Member

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    i love driking juice straight from the jug
  13. Prince.Gov

    Prince.Gov Senior Member

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    The smell of a carpet after bieng vaccumed
    and looking at a city at night
  14. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    being the first one to stivk ut knife in the jam jar
  15. reka one

    reka one Senior Member

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    seeing phillys skyline everydayy

    chilling with a small group in a basement passin a j around

    being home by myselffff

    when i have nothing to do and a good movie or tv show comes on

    when u walk in an art store and see they got more markers or paint

    not gettin caught rackin those markers or paint

    the smell of a summer rain
  16. mattFOO

    mattFOO Senior Member

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    taking a huge shit...leaving the door open and seeing how long it takes to hit the other ppl in the houses nose.....
  17. runci

    runci Elite Member

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    being able to leave the house with just a teeshirt on in the summer
  18. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

    • Messages: 5,759
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    eating watermelon, snowball fights, wen theres no weed/money for weed and a friend cums by uninvited and smokes u up
  19. scr3w

    scr3w Senior Member

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    clipping my fingernails. -_-
  20. HazeAmaze

    HazeAmaze Senior Member

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    sticking my hand in bags of grain