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Small Pleasures

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by vegimite on toast, May 27, 2007.

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  1. TAGurIT

    TAGurIT Senior Member

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    Good night of taggin
    watching explosions
    good night of sleep

    and killing canadians :)
  2. bobo9827

    bobo9827 Elite Member

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  3. Sumoe

    Sumoe Elite Member

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    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    <_< no.

    and word to that bobo.
  4. GhoSt43

    GhoSt43 New Member

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    making fun of vegetarians
  5. Aska.

    Aska. Senior Member

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    finding money in old jackets/ clothes.
  6. bobo9827

    bobo9827 Elite Member

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    thats gay.
  7. newbornsek

    newbornsek Elite Member

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    getting really baked and being in public when everyone knows your high
    nothing is better
    just chillen with my girl
    after a sports game when your just so tierd and chilln watchin tv
    getting really high and going to the movies
  8. LostYouth

    LostYouth Elite Member

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    I like walking home after a party intoxicated with a smoke contemplating life
    Getting good grades in school so you know your not fucking up
    I like cleaning my room so i know where everything is and it just knowing my room is clean
    I like being in a class at school with cute/pretty girls so you can flirt with them (i hate being in a class with only ugly people lol)
    I love getting music that youve wanted forever or found music that you thought you would never see again
    I like flirting with a pretty girl
    I like day-dreamin....
    And having a good time with the hommies on the weekends
    Its all been said.....
  9. bobo9827

    bobo9827 Elite Member

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    i love listening to music
    music goes with everything
  10. revolt92

    revolt92 Banned

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    Nearly all the time, where ever i am i'm listening to music. At school, at home, on the playstation, when im with freinds, im even listening to it now. I think its safe to say musice is my life B)
  11. cast LI

    cast LI Elite Member

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    this thread still owns

    if i didn;'t say it already

    finding awesome spots covered in pieces

    finding a new spot to bike

    doing a huge ass air and landing mad smooth

    finally listening to a song i've had stuck in my head all day

    ^today it was baby i'm an anarchist
  12. bobo9827

    bobo9827 Elite Member

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    waking up after naps are awesome.
  13. Sumoe

    Sumoe Elite Member

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    lol, just woke up from one, sucks though I didn't wanna sleep for 2 hours.
  14. bobo9827

    bobo9827 Elite Member

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    same here, i didnt wanna fall asleep actually, but now that i woke up i feel nice.
  15. capo93

    capo93 Senior Member

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    I always feel like puking after naps
    probably just me
  16. Cham

    Cham Elite Member

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    getting the top post on a page
  17. e-r

    e-r Member

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    i know golf isnt so popular with this crwd, but:

    when you hit sweet spot and it goes like 240 onto fairway...

    or snow/skateboarding:

    stomping a floaty no-grab backside 1
  18. newera

    newera Member

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    being alone with a girl you like and she looks up at your eyes and you stare back thinking "wow your beautiful" lol
    music is also really pleasuring and relxing
  19. Tagger101

    Tagger101 Senior Member

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    hookin up with an ex after she broke up with you and you fuck the shit outta her and like LATTAAA BITCH
    thats fun

    this made me happy
    i woke up this morning kuz my freind said i had to go to work ( i didnt know it was him at the time) he was bangin on my door and said WEST FARGO POLICE OPEN UP ( my door was locked and cops harrass me all the time) me " WEST FARGO POLICE CAN SUCK MY DICK"

    i found out it wasnt the cops and i was sad
    but saying that made me warm inside and all happy
  20. illin

    illin Senior Member

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    music. all the time.

    and waking up high.