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Small Pleasures

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by vegimite on toast, May 27, 2007.

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  1. Ni-chi

    Ni-chi Member

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    Watching the way smoke from a cig forms into waves and curls.

    Solitude, when I really need it.

    Spontaneous star-gazing.

    Daydreaming about building a moonbase equipped with a oversized laser gun. :)
  2. Speedy

    Speedy Senior Member

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    Psychedelic drugs.
  3. NiL

    NiL Elite Member

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    Don't smoke cigs but I love doing this while smoking joints. Did it today.
    Sitting in the car at a park on a nice afternoon cool breeze comfortable as fuck smoking joints and listening to music to go home and eat eat eat.
  4. LeaksOne

    LeaksOne Elite Member

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    Speeding past slow drivers and mugging the fuck out of them in the process
  5. LeaksOne

    LeaksOne Elite Member

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    Watching old people try to figure out their cell phones
  6. Stigma02

    Stigma02 Senior Member

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    smoking a blunt joint bong pipe ect oh and HOOKAH! and cinnamon rolls ha
  7. PulseWithLife

    PulseWithLife Elite Member

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    Waking up. Remembering a dream. Then driving to the store to buy an energy drink (abit lame but hey i used to be stoned 24/7)
  8. Speedy

    Speedy Senior Member

    • Messages: 474
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    Toking up with people I haven't seen since we were young kids. It just cracks me up thinking that I'm getting high with my old playground buddy. I don't know why.
  9. imported_big_boss

    imported_big_boss Senior Member

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    after taking the bike out for a spin, standing still and everything else is still moving.
  10. IlikePie

    IlikePie Elite Member

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  11. NiL

    NiL Elite Member

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    I find it funny cause I thought they would never smoke it at all.
  12. killroywashere

    killroywashere Senior Member

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    cookies and milk
    delusions of grandeur
    bob marley


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    listening to music while takin a long deuce, me i prefer MGMT indie rokkers for some reason
  14. MFONE

    MFONE Member

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    Putting on a sweatshirt that just came out of the dreyer.

    Getting paid.
  15. otter

    otter Senior Member

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    the sound you hear when you open a can of beer.
  16. unreal180

    unreal180 Elite Member

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  17. anroe

    anroe Senior Member

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    lighting that L at 4 am to the head after droppin fills
    cruisin with the female
    little bit of call of duty
    last but not least..
    gettin sucked off, while watchin a hilarious episode of south park, and tryin not to geek to hard..
    not sure why..but yea
  18. Phillip McDougall

    Phillip McDougall Elite Member

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  19. Tokyo_ROCKABILY-CLub

    Tokyo_ROCKABILY-CLub Senior Member

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    Being nude all day.

    wake up turn on shower crack open a cold beer.
  20. TrandomnesstwO

    TrandomnesstwO Senior Member

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    Cleaning my ears.
    Hitting a bowl after a long day..or anytime.
    Finding a nickel.