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Small Pleasures

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by vegimite on toast, May 27, 2007.

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  1. crackula

    crackula Senior Member

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    Watching people fall asleep on the bus and how startled they get everytime they wake up.
    New socks when they are the ones that don't make your feet feel instantly sweaty.
  2. RetroLikeWhoa13

    RetroLikeWhoa13 Elite Member

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    smoking blunts at work while you close.
    knowing everyone in the city by name, face, and occupation even though the city it big.
  3. .aner.

    .aner. Member

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    Chilling out late summer nights, blazing in the parking lot with your friends when they all have their cars out and proper. (I'm a car guy)

    Cruising around at scenic spots

    Ripping around on back roads/touges

    And getting shit for free
  4. massacreman

    massacreman Elite Member

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    Def. getting shit for free like Aner

    Not getting caught
  5. FuckTheFame

    FuckTheFame Elite Member

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  6. PulseWithLife

    PulseWithLife Elite Member

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  7. Awesomefarts

    Awesomefarts Member

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    when you squeeze out a nasty fart and somehow managed to not shit yourself.
  8. FaultO

    FaultO Elite Member

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    yup. your username is basically a big pleasure to me. none of that small pleasure stuff.

    i like when i can get my butthole to stop itching with a nice cracker of a fart.
  9. C H E N Z O

    C H E N Z O Elite Member

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    walking up to the front door of a club blazing out my titties and all the bouncercunt says is "have a good night lads".

    never fails to make me that wee bit merrier.
  10. PREA672

    PREA672 Elite Member

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    pumping a new deco marker for the first time <3
  11. G a z e

    G a z e New Member

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    the sound of shaking cans.
  12. weedeater

    weedeater Senior Member

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    waking up to a half smoked bowl, or a massive roach

    BRAZE-TWO Member

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    I think someones trying to be cool..

    Mine would be, Cherry Fucking Cheesecake
  14. MoF.

    MoF. Senior Member

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    hitting the bong then needing to burd and burping a lil puff of smoke and getting paired up with a fat kid in P.E and knowing ur going to dominate
  15. victim

    victim Member

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    Writing tags with my finger on the damp wall in the shower, then wiping them out and starting over
  16. AKnR

    AKnR Senior Member

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  17. PulseWithLife

    PulseWithLife Elite Member

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    haha. Faultos responce was funny as fuck. I reckon fishing/laying in the sun while fishing is good. Drinking beers straight outta the freezer/eske......BBQs

    EDIT, put this is the Medium pleasures category
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2011
  18. dreisus

    dreisus Senior Member

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    Yes mate! This is the Australian way of doing it.