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Sneaking Out at Night

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Alchohlics_Anonymous, May 3, 2004.

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  1. Klone

    Klone Senior Member

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    i mean its plain n simple..carry a grocery plastic bag with ur cans in in VA (an prolly other places as well), curfew law is in affect around 12:00 a.m. if your under 18..unless ur coming to or from work..but, just carry around a grocery bag and look homeless..police passs by and wont bother to mess with ya. Just dont look suspicous...oh yeah, keep at least 2 doors in ya crib unlocked..casue I remeber one time I went out and I left through my back door..and i guess my parents got up that night and locked the soon as I got back, I was stuck outside in freakin 45 degree was like 2:45 in the morning..i had to get my bros army canvas bags that sit on the porch and sleep with that the whole night...and as soon as I woke up, I had to play off to my parents that I came outside and locked myself outside..
  2. 757

    757 Senior Member

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    what part
  3. Klone

    Klone Senior Member

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    virginia beach
  4. Chainsaw Gutsfuck.

    Chainsaw Gutsfuck. Member

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    " i walk in the kitchen , flush the toilet "

    YES OF COURSE KOSE. :ph34r:
  5. Mr.Sars

    Mr.Sars Senior Member

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    Leave your paint n shit outside on the night when you're going out.
    If you get caught walking about your house, take off your jacket n shoes (stuff you wouldn't normally wear in your house) and hide them before your parents come out, Then just say you have a headache and you're getting some paracetamol or some shit. :p
  6. Statik

    Statik Member

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    is this seriously a question?
    do this in order....

    1)leave all your paint, markers, etc. OUTSIDE of your house, in your garage or in some bushes near your house before your curfew, then go home. this way you will be light and quiet when you try to escape your house in a few hours.

    1a)if the spot is really isolated, you could probably even leave paint hidden in the bushes near the spot during dusk or something, so if you get stopped that night you wont have any evidence on you.

    2)just go out a window, or be like me and walk clean out the front door.

    2a) IF you have one of those home alarm systems, open the window a crack during the day (when your parents are out, or maybe if its hot out and thier home) and put like a pencil in there or something so it wont go shutting on you.

    3) sneak out. go wild. hot chicks.
  7. Klone

    Klone Senior Member

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    oorrrr u can justtt carry a grocery bag with a towel over ur cans and dress up like a bum? i unno thats what I do..police aren't gonna stop you outta no where and search through ur dont see a police man walkin up outta no where to a mexican askin him/her if he/she has a green card...its against the law to do that.
  8. shifty_ruc

    shifty_ruc Senior Member

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    My parents know I bomb. They dont care, infact they kind of incourage it. Its a hela lot easier that way. And I never get caught because I dont bomb alone. Fuck the popo.
  9. Klone

    Klone Senior Member

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    Imma loner..i always stay solo..i cant trust bein in groupies.
  10. Graz

    Graz Senior Member

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    sneaking is not a problem im a pro..!
  11. shifty_ruc

    shifty_ruc Senior Member

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    i always bomb with people because it sucks having people sneak up on you. :blink:
  12. DKOR

    DKOR New Member

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    when ever i sneak out i put all my shit outside before i actually sneek out so that i dont make more noise than i need to ( cans rattling) also if you live by the highway or like train tracks wait for alot of traffic or a train to pass by your house then get the fuck out. when you come back do the same but its tricky because ur parents might be up and you cant here them walking around or asking if your down there. also if you flush the toilet instead it works pretty good.

    well thats just what i do and it seems to work :)
  13. renegade

    renegade New Member

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    dont be a bitch and run out the front door. i know this cuz im hella sly and im a pimp.
  14. The Ant

    The Ant Member

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    you can always just wait till 4:30 am and just simply walk out....

    then the curfew comes in at ten so try to aviod everycar...which will be a few cause its so early...


    try to stay off the go threw parks n stuff...

    works for me
  15. Guyers

    Guyers Member

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    Hide all your shit just outside and then go after your gone to bed. My parents go to bed pretty early so its not a problem for me. Try and avoid those outside lights cause if they go on people go all suspicious!!
  16. ...uhh

    ...uhh Senior Member

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    first put roofies in ur parents drinks then drag them behind the fridge then smoke some crack and get onto bombing science and make a wack thread then smoke some more crack (so u can run fast) and go out and bomb, for me everyitme,.....haha syke

    for real though i mostly day bomb cuase i am blind at night...thanks genetics...
  17. kila

    kila Senior Member

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    damn yo i need some quik tips on how to get out of the house.
  18. T_R_O_N

    T_R_O_N Senior Member

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    tell them your going out to bomb, being secretive about getting out only does you bad, cus once your caught your parents are in for a double header..might as well give em a heads up.
  19. Steez

    Steez Senior Member

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    Like whoever up there said ^^^... Just plan ahead of time.

    If you plan on goin' bombin' some night, just put your stash in your shack or hide it somewhere where your family wouldn't find it. Wait till it's early morning, then just walk out the back door.
  20. kaiser

    kaiser Senior Member

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    i gota bomb \tag in daytime
    u just gota be careful no ones around
    or run like fuck if u get seen :lol: :p
    ive never got caught
    some near expiriences but i was only taggin so they didnt pay much attention