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Sneaking Out at Night

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Alchohlics_Anonymous, May 3, 2004.

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  1. KASE2

    KASE2 Elite Member

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    yea im 15, but lyk that other guy sed, leave a window open, tell ur mom 2 bypass ur window, nd go out thru that,

    nd sumtimes, since im home alone everyday after skool, i go 2 sum chill spots, where only writers go nd go day bombing!!!
  2. comocomo

    comocomo Member

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    wow dude fuck sneaking out every time i do somethin weird happens

    one time i saw a dude in a plain grey shirt sprinting down the street and i heard all these dogs barking, and he stopped under a spotlight but couldn't see me. then he turned around, looked like a deer in headlights. then he said, "Might not wanna go down that way." and sprinted the fuck off. no lie. on the way back from some chicks house i saw a garage door half open on a road where 2 particularily bitchy dogs live.

    then just now i saw some dude by my bros car and all this rustlin and i shook my fence and he slipped off.
  3. adam8023

    adam8023 Member

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    wow dude thats fucked up....
  4. MontanaPainter

    MontanaPainter Elite Member

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    i have absoulutly no problem :p. I put on my shoes walk, downstairs, walk into garage, grab paint, go out side garage door, and go out my fence.....I am a genious. ha...haha
  5. letsg0skate

    letsg0skate Senior Member

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    get a gun shoot yourself then walk out the front door.
  6. PaintThaStreets P.T.S

    PaintThaStreets P.T.S Senior Member

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    ----- first if ur with a freind ------
    you sleep in like the tv room or front room i dono any where not near other people sleeping then you wait up till when u wna go out of if ur going out real late and ur feelin tired set ur alarm on your fone. ok ur alarms gorn off ur awake first wake ur mate up DONT scare the shit out of him coz then his likely guna make noise then ur guna laugh at him.. making more noise. ok now ur both up get in wat ever cloths ur guna wear ( make sure u have them ready first. shoes,shirt,jacket,pants ((< remeber them)) ) now grab paint that u have in ur bag witch u alredi have ready.

    now first time i snuk out was 2oclock i had a full plan going in my back yard sneaking out over the back fence. BUT the best way is bring ur fone (on silent)
    your keys ur going out the front door and should bring them coz ur going out the front door and locking it bhinde u.

    ----- by urself-------
    fall asleep in front of the TV or pretend ur asleep wait to the time u wana go and grab all ur shit as explained above and leave.. OUT THE FRONTDOOR

    thanks hope it helped
  7. Oink.

    Oink. Elite Member

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    man, fuck that bullshit just walk out quit tucking your balls.
  8. uknome

    uknome Member

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    damn this site is so lame...all these toys act hard but arent down to go write after dark cuz there not allowed to...and if thats your case stop bombing cuz when you get caught its just going to be a headache that you could have saved yourself from because half you fools obviously dont have any real dedication
  9. CRN-one

    CRN-one Senior Member

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    here's what I do - ready? get a pen, take notes.

    1) Tell my fiancee I'm going out to illegally draw or paint on other people's shit
    2) get my shit together
    3) get in my car
    4) go buy some coffee
    5) find a place to park
    6) smash shit
    7) drive home
    8) have sex.

    it's not hard, people. really, it's not.
  10. Mr Tasty

    Mr Tasty Banned

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    WOW GREAT TIPS CRN..especialy for people who lice with parents instead of a fiance
    especialy for people who dont have a car
    especialy for people who live with ther parents...unless theyr on some incest sex ...
  11. CRN-one

    CRN-one Senior Member

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    incest is where it's at.

    the point of all my sarcasm was, stop fucking analyzing shit and go do it. we're not performing brain surgery. we're drawing on shit.

  12. [NESTER]

    [NESTER] Senior Member

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    my comp is downstairs so i just stay on it and have my paint in a bag or what not then peace from the downstairs doors and "PaintThaStreets P.T.S" your a fucking idiot....that is the worse plan of getting out. First of all your saying to not make noise.But im sure setting your cell phone alarm is completely silent. Secondly if you live in close quarters leaving out the front door is possibly the noisiest thing you can do.
    and im pretty sure most people on here arent fucking retarded like yourself.
  13. cerex89

    cerex89 Senior Member

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    i live in a 2 story house and im the only 1 who sleeps downstairs so its fucken easy ass hell
  14. CloS

    CloS Member

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    in my case i gotta sneak out like late , very late

    coz 1.- i share room, and that suxs
    2.- my house , when u open a door everyone hears it >.<

    but later on i just go with out a problem , and when i dont have transportation to come back (refering to my friends bringing me back XD) i just gotta wait for a cab with them, not much of them but anyways :p
  15. coser1

    coser1 Senior Member

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    i just say im sleeping over at a friends house and then i go out all night with my crew or just friends
  16. kuso

    kuso Member

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    this is kind of wrong but, when my mom is ready to go to bed she usually gets a drink of water, so i drop a sleeping pill, so she wont wake up, then i put butter on the door hinges and leave.
  17. cerex89

    cerex89 Senior Member

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    what the fuck is wrong with u
  18. adam8023

    adam8023 Member

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    HAHA where do you get the pills?
  19. CRN-one

    CRN-one Senior Member

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    pics of your passed out mom (preferrably naked) or stfu.
  20. MontanaPainter

    MontanaPainter Elite Member

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    fuking toy STFU! and plus ever think about waiting 2-hours damn fuking liar